Denmark Open 2018 Men's Singles: Kidambi Srikanth vs Lin Dan Live score & Updates | 18th October 2018

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Lin Das 21-18 17-21 16-21 Kidambi Srikanth (Srikanth wins 2-1)


01:37 (IST)19 OCT 2018

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01:36 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Kidambi Srikanth progresses to the next round afer a hard fought win over Chinese great Lin Dan in three straights.

The Indian shuttler will face off against fellow countryman Sameer Verma in the quarterfinals.

01:35 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Kidambi Srikanth wins the third game with a great disguised drop down the line.

Dan 21-18 17-21 16-21 Kidambi Srikanth

01:34 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Long from Srikanth as Dan leaves the lob.

Dan 21-18 17-21 16-20 Kidambi Srikanth

01:34 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Dan pulls one back with a good return after being off balance

Dan 21-18 17-21 15-20 Kidambi Srikanth

01:33 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Match point for Srikanth after Dan commits an error.

Dan 21-18 17-21 14-20 Kidambi Srikanth

01:32 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Srikanth leaves the lob well and gets an easy point. The next two points sees Lin Dan do the same thing judging the Indian's lobs well.

Dan 21-18 17-21 14-18 Kidambi Srikanth

01:31 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Dan produced a superb cross court net shot after forcing Srikanth to dive for his smash at the other side. Dan adds another point as he scores with a quick shot over Srikanth's head.

Dan 21-18 17-21 12-17 Kidambi Srikanth

01:30 (IST)19 OCT 2018

A couple of errors from both the players as the gap stays at six with Kidambi leading the race in the third game.

Dan 21-18 17-21 10-17 Kidambi Srikanth

01:29 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Dan's backhand fails him as the shot hits the net and gives Kidambi a good advantage in the game. Dan produces a superb return and keeps the deficit at six.

Dan 21-18 17-21 9-15 Kidambi Srikanth

01:27 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Srikanth misses a jump smash and the shot hits the net. he keeps the lead over Dan as he leaves the lob which goes wide.

Dan 21-18 17-21 8-14 Kidambi Srikanth

01:26 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Dan forces Srikanth into an error as his smash goes wide. Srikanth counters back with a delicate drop near the net after forcing Dan backwards,

Dan 21-18 17-21 6-13 Kidambi Srikanth

01:24 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Good close play from Srikanth as he forces Dan to go low as he is unable to pick up the drop. Another strong smash from the Indian as he takes a comfortable 6 point lead now.

Dan 21-18 17-21 5-11 Kidambi Srikanth

01:23 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Dan fights his way back into the game after forcing a few errors from Srikanth whose lob goes long. 

Dan 21-18 17-21 5-9 Kidambi Srikanth

01:22 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Dan finally gets one smash right as Srikanth is unable to return his cross-court shot. The following point sees a good rally between the two but Srikanth's smash hits the net.

Dan 21-18 17-21 4-8 Kidambi Srikanth

01:21 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Dan misses another smash as he has allowed Srikanth to take a 8-2 lead in the match.

Dan 21-18 17-21 2-8 Kidambi Srikanth

01:20 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Good play from Srikanth as he keeps forcing errors from Lin Dan in the decisive third game. The Indian leads by four points now.

Dan 21-18 17-21 2-6 Kidambi Srikanth

01:19 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Lin Dan loses a challenge after a lob by the Chinese shuttler goes long. Srikanth adds two more points after forcing errors from Lin Dan,

Dan 21-18 17-21 1-4 Kidambi Srikanth

01:18 (IST)19 OCT 2018

The two go back and forth after good smashes cross court. A point a piece for the two shuttlers.

Dan 21-18 17-21 1-1 Kidambi Srikanth

01:17 (IST)19 OCT 2018

The third game is about to begin.

01:15 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Dan closes down the gap by one after a good backhand return. But Srikanth Kidambi gets the game after a crosscourt smash of his own catching Dan unaware.

Dan 21-18 17-21 Kidambi Srikanth

01:14 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Dan is unable to handle Srikanth's strong smash as the Indian has a game point now.

Dan 21-18 16-20 Kidambi Srikanth

01:14 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Dan wins a good point after a smash cross court after the jump. He does well to add another point as he rushes to the net and hits the smash.

Dan 21-18 16-19 Kidambi Srikanth

01:13 (IST)19 OCT 2018

A great overhead drop from Dan as Srikanth is unable to return the shot. Dan misses the backhand after the smash from Srikanth is deflected after hitting the net tape.

Dan 21-18 13-19 Kidambi Srikanth

01:12 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Dan's smash hits the net as Srikanth keeps adding to his lead in the second game. Seven point lead for the Indian now.

Dan 21-18 11-18 Kidambi Srikanth

01:11 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Srikanth wins an easy challenge after Dan's lob goes long to the right side of the court. The Indian adds another point as he gets the point after a strong smash down the line.

Dan 21-18 11-16 Kidambi Srikanth

01:10 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Srikanth's shot hits the net tape and Dan is left helplessly watching it fall. Srikanth extends his lead with a strong smash down the centre.

Dan 21-18 11-14 Kidambi Srikanth

01:09 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Srikanth wins the battle at the net as the return loops high and he smashes it for the points. Dan forces an error from the Indian whose smash goes out of bounds towards the sideline.

Dan 21-18 11-12 Kidambi Srikanth

01:07 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Dan gets the winner after his shot falls straight down Kidambi's side after hitting the net tape. He adds another point with a good drop from near the net.

Dan 21-18 10-11 Kidambi Srikanth

01:06 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Srikanth produces a stunning smash down the line as Dan is unable to get to the shot. Srikanth leads by three points now in the second game of the match.

Dan 21-18 8-11 Kidambi Srikanth

01:05 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Srikanth has luck on his side as his shot falls to Dan's side after hitting the tape and the Indian shuttler apologizes. Dan is back at it with a strong overhead shot to the wrong side of Srikanth.

Dan 21-18 8-10 Kidambi Srikanth

01:04 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Srikanth is unable to lift Dan's drop near the net after it hits the tape of the net. Dan lets a lob from Srikanth go long and again uses his judgement well to close down the gap to one.

Dan 21-18 7-8 Kidambi Srikanth

01:03 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Lin Dan judges well to let Srikanth's lift go long after a good rally between the two players. Srikanth comes back with great reflexes after Dan had returned from near the net.

Dan 21-18 5-8 Kidambi Srikanth

01:01 (IST)19 OCT 2018

A strong smash from Lin Dan after a faceoff at the net sees Srikanth go for the lift but the Chinse was ready with the shot. Srikanth comes back with a great overhead drop to keep the lead to two.

Dan 21-18 4-6 Kidambi Srikanth

01:00 (IST)19 OCT 2018

The momentum is broken after an error by Srikanth after his return goes out of bounds. Dam adds another point after a good battle at the net.

Dan 21-18 3-5 Kidambi Srikanth

00:59 (IST)19 OCT 2018

A bit of luck for Srikanth as the shuttle bounces on the tape and gives him the point. He keeps the run going with a smash that is not returned by Lin Dan properly and hits the net.

Dan 21-18 1-5 Kidambi Srikanth

00:57 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Srikanth scores a good winner after a smash cross-court past the Chinese shuttler. He keeps the momentum going and wins the next point as well after a good rally.

Dan 21-18 1-2 Kidambi Srikanth

00:56 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Dan wins the first point of the second game after Srikanth's drop fails to cross the net.

Dan 21-18 1-0 Kidambi Srikanth

00:55 (IST)19 OCT 2018

The second game begins shortly.

00:54 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Lin Dan wraps up the first game as Srikanth's return hits the net from deep into his court. The first game took 22 minutes.

Dan 21-18 Srikanth

00:53 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Srikanth saves two game points after a stunning rally for the second one as he gets the winner with a drop from near the net.

Dan 20-18 Srikanth

00:51 (IST)19 OCT 2018

An intense rally from the players but Srikanth slips during his return after a great pickup from Dan. Game point for Lin Dan.

Dan 20-16 Srikanth

00:50 (IST)19 OCT 2018

A rare miss from Srikanth as his return hits the net after a good rally from the two players. The Chinese adds another point as he scores a cross-court overhead smash and takes the lead to three.

Dan 19-16 Srikanth

00:48 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Dan gets the point with a good smash down the centre. But an error in the next point keeps the gap at just one point.

Dan 17-16 Srikanth

00:47 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Srikanth scores a remarkable backhand cross-court winner as Dan fails to reach it. Srikanth adds another point with a delicate drop from near the net.

Dan 16-15 Srikanth

00:46 (IST)19 OCT 2018

A good rally from the two players but Dan gets the winner with an overhead smash down to Srikanth's right side with great power.
The next point is won by Srikanth after Dan's pickup shot hits the net.

Dan 16-13 Srikanth

00:45 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Dan keeps the pressure on Srikanth with his delicate play but the Indian is up for the challenge as he scores a smash down the line.

Dan 14-12 Srikanth

00:44 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Lin Dan counters with a cross-court drop to the left but Srikanth is back in the mix with a great cross-court smash.

Dan 13-11 Srikanth

00:43 (IST)19 OCT 2018

Srikanth continues to close down the gap as he wins a point with a delicate shot near the net.

Dan 12-10 Srikanth

00:42 (IST)19 OCT 2018

A superb drop from Srikanth after a deep backhand from Lin Dan. Srikanth wins another forcing a wayward return after his smash and closes the gap to three.

Dan 12-9 Srikanth
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