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TNPL 2018: Dindigul Dragons Vs Ruby Trichy Warriors Live Score, Commentary & Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 11, 2018 22:45 IST

Trichy Warriors win a thriller to kickstart TNPL 2018 with a win.


22:45 (IST)11 JUL 2018

What a thrilling encounter at the ICL cricket ground in Tirunelveli to kick start the 2018 TNPL! Couldn't have asked more. Hope there are many more thrillers in the tournament. This is Vignesh Ananthasubramanian from Tirunelveli and Srihari from Bangalore signing off. Good bye!

22:45 (IST)11 JUL 2018

WOOOOF! Another six by Suresh Kumar and Warriors win the game by four wickets. 

22:43 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Yet another six, this time from Suresh Kumar's bat. This brings the equation down to five runs off two balls. 

22:42 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Six off the second ball and MS Sanjay brings the equation down to 12 runs off four balls. 

22:40 (IST)11 JUL 2018

R Rohit concedes just seven off the penultimate decision to bring the equation down to 19 runs off six balls. Can Sanjay lead Warriors to victory?

Warriors 154/6 after 19 overs

22:35 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Ashwin with an important breakthrough! Sonu Yadav is stumped by Jagadeesan for a 17-ball 30. 10 runs and a wicket off R Ashwin's last over. Warriors need 26 runs to win off the last two overs. We are in for a thriller here.

Sonu Yadav st N Jagadeesan b R Ashwin 30 (17)
Warriors 147/6 after 18 overs

22:32 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Warriors back the two 11-run overs with 20 runs off the 17th over bowled by Aditya Arun. Suresh Kumar joins the party for Warriors. 50 partnership between the pair.  

Warriors 137/5 after 17 overs. 

22:27 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Yet another 11-run over for the Warriors. Seems like we are in for a thriller here. At least the fans here are hoping for that to happen. Sonu Yadav holds the key for Warriors here. 

Warriors 117/5 after 16 overs.

22:23 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Finally, a good over for Warriors as Sonu Yadav hits a six and a four in Aditya Arun's third over that conceded 11. Will there be a change in fortune here in Tirunelveli? For that to happen, Warriors will want more of this.

Warriors 106/5 after 15 overs

22:18 (IST)11 JUL 2018

M Abhinav bowls yet another brilliant over as he conceded just six off his third. He is piling the pressure on the Warriors batsmen. 

Warriors 95/5 after 14 overs

22:14 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Wickets are falling like nine pins here! Mani Bharathi lofts one straight to Trilok Nag for 3. Warriors are losing their way here.

Mani Bharathi c Trilok Nag b Aditya Arun 3 (6)
Warriors 89/5 after 13 overs

22:09 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Three wickets in no time for Ruby Trichy Warriors as the game is slowly slipping away from their reach. Mani Bharathi and Suresh Kumar have to do something exceptional to bring them back in the game. 

22:08 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Yet another wicket for Dragons! Debutant M Abhinav strikes!

The well-set S Aravind tries to hit a flick and ends up offering M Mohammad at easy catch. His steady knock of 19 comes to an end.

S Aravind c M Mohammad b M Abhinav 19 (22)
Warriors 85/4 after 12 overs

22:03 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Two wickets in two overs! R Ashwin strikes!

Ashwin gets his first wicket after C Ganapathy skies one straight to NS Chaturved for 5.

C Ganapathy c NS Chaturved b R Ashwin 5(5)

22:00 (IST)11 JUL 2018

A successful over from Trilok comes to an end. He conceded just six runs and took the important wicket of Bharath Shankar. 

Warriors 76/2 after 10 overs

21:59 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Trilok Nag strikes! Bharath's luck runs out as he is caught by Dragons skipper R Ashwin for 39. N Jagadeesan will be a relieved man now. 

K Bharath Shankar c R Ashwin b Trilok Nag 39 (31)

21:54 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Yet another dropped catch is helping Warriors' cause, this time, M Abhinav drops S Aravind at long-on. Dragons should look to hold on to the catches to make a comeback in this game. 

Warriors 70/1 after nine overs. 

21:50 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Bharath continues his good form as he smashed Trilok over the mid-wicket for a huge six before he offered a regulation catch to wicket-keeper Jagadeesan, who failed to hold on to the catch and gave the batsman a life. Very crucial reprieve for Bharath. 

Warriors 66/1 after eight overs

21:44 (IST)11 JUL 2018

After conceding 12 runs in his first over, R Ashwin did well to come back in his second over but ended up conceding seven runs, thanks to a boundary from the bat of Bharath. 

Warriors: 57/1 after seven overs. 

21:39 (IST)11 JUL 2018

R Ashwin into the attack

21:39 (IST)11 JUL 2018

After an expensive over from Trilok Nag, R Rohit pulled things back by conceding just six off the sixth over. 

Warriors 50/1 after six overs. 

21:37 (IST)11 JUL 2018

50 up for the Warriors in 5.4 overs. A pretty decent start but they need to continue the way they are batting to reach the target. 

21:34 (IST)11 JUL 2018

K Bharath Shankar continues his good form as he takes Trilok Nag to the cleaners in his very first over. He is some form here in Tirunelveli. 

Warriors 44/1 after five overs

21:28 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Abhinav Mohan, the leg-spinner was introduced into the attack, and he's started off really well for the Dragons, conceding just two runs off that over. 

Warriors are 30/1 in 4 overs. 

21:23 (IST)11 JUL 2018

OUT! What a comeback from M Mohammed and that means Indrajith has to go. After hitting a six off the previous ball, he goes for another swipe but he misses this time and his stumps are castled.  Indrajith 14 (9)

Warriors 28/1 after 2.5 overs

21:20 (IST)11 JUL 2018

M Mohammed into the attack and he is welcomed with an elegant flick off his legs from Indrajith. What a shot!

21:18 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Excellent comeback from the Dragons and R Rohit as the second over goes for just four runs.

Warriors 16/0 after 2 overs

21:15 (IST)11 JUL 2018

R Rohit from the other end so it will be trial by spin and now pace for the Warriors.

21:14 (IST)11 JUL 2018

On the pads and Bharath shankar just lofts Ashwin over mid-wicket and kickstarts the Warriors run chase with a massive six. He follows that up with a boundary through the off-side and already the Warriors are off to a great start.

Warriors 12/0 after 1 over

21:11 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Ravichandran Ashwin has the new ball for the Dragons. Will he go for some leg breaks to begin with?

21:10 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Bharath Shankar and Baba Indrajith are the two openers for the Trichy Warriors.

21:08 (IST)11 JUL 2018

The Dragons walk out to the middle after the two umpires. This should be an interesting chase.

21:06 (IST)11 JUL 2018

This is Dindigul Dragons' second highest total in TNPL history. But will they be able to defend that? Join us in a bit to find out.

20:56 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Dindigul Dragons post 172/8

Excellent final over from Sonu Yadav and the Dragons finish on 172/8 from their 20 overs. Vignesh drops another as Mohammed goes for a pull shot but ultimately that only costs them a couple. Despite three forties and at one point, looking set for a total close to 200, Dragons will be disappointed that they finished with just 172. But they got there courtesy of a captain's knock from Ashwin.

20:52 (IST)11 JUL 2018

OUT! But Sonu gets the wicket as Adithya goes for a big shot but is dismissed for a duck. Simple catch for the Warriors skipper at cover.

DD 167/8 after 19.3 overs

20:50 (IST)11 JUL 2018

NOT OUT! And he strikes first ball or does he? Short ball from Sonu Yadav and M Mohammed tries to pull him over square leg but he was hitting into the wind and all he does is find the fielder K Vignesh at deep square leg. But a misjudgment means that a simple catch isn't taken. 

DD 167/7 after 19.1 overs

20:46 (IST)11 JUL 2018

The final over will be bowled by Sonu Yadav.

20:46 (IST)11 JUL 2018

An excellent penultimate over from D Kumaran. Despite giving away a boundary off the second ball of the over, he gives away just six runs in that over and also picked up the crucial wicket of R Ashwin.

DD 166/7 after 19 overs

20:44 (IST)11 JUL 2018

OUT! R Ashwin is gone. He goes for another big one but this time, it goes a long way in the air and it is a simple catch for the fielder at long on. Ashwin is the third Dragons batsman to fall agonizingly short of a well-deserved fifty. 

DD 165/7 after 18.4 overs

20:42 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Two overs to go, both batsmen striking the ball well. How much can the Dragons get?

20:41 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Ashwin is just toying with the bowlers here. After a couple of big hits down the ground, he uses his deft touch to guide one to the third man boundary. That was a big over for the Dragons. 16 came off it.

DD 160/6 after 18 overs

20:39 (IST)11 JUL 2018

SIX! In the slot again and this time it is Ashwin who stands up and smashes that over mid-wicket. Length ball at the death is just asking for trouble and trouble is just what that ball got as that sails into the stands.

20:37 (IST)11 JUL 2018

SIX! What a shot from M Mohammed. That was in the slot and he has decided to clobber that over mid-wicket. That was an over both sides wouldn't mind as the Dragons got a couple of boundaries and the Warriors took a wicket.

DD 144/6 from 17 overs

20:33 (IST)11 JUL 2018

OUT! NS Chaturved has to go after hitting a boundary off the first ball. He tries to flick it into the leg side but he only ends up giving a simple catch to the fielder at square leg. Soft dismissal as far as the Dragons are concerned.

136/6 from 16.2 overs

20:31 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Four overs to go, Ashwin is starting to get a move on. Can he guide the Dragons to a total in excess of 170? Or will the Warriors pick up some crucial wickets?

20:31 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Ashwin is keeping the Dragons' flag flying. Back-to-back boundaries to finish the over that went for 12. Much-needed boost for the Dragons as they look to finish with a flourish.

DD 132/5 after 16 overs

20:26 (IST)11 JUL 2018

An excellent spell from Sanjay comes to end. He finishes with figures of 2/30 from his four overs.

DD 120/5 from 15 overs

20:25 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Quicker one from MG Sanjay and both the bowler and the keeper think they got Vivek there but the umpire is unmoved. Not for the lbw or the caught behind. But he didn't have to worry as he gets him the following ball. Going for the big shot, all Vivek gets is a top edge to short third man and Sanjay has his man. Vivek 1 (3)

DD 119/5 from 14.5 overs

20:22 (IST)11 JUL 2018

Six overs to go and the Dragons are losing wickets at key intervals. But they still have Ashwin and the big-hitting Vivek who just walked in.

20:21 (IST)11 JUL 2018

OUT! What a catch by Lakshmi Narayanan. Excellent slower ball and the batsman just tries to guide it down the ground but the bowler dives to his left and holds onto a brilliant catch. Anirudh 8 (11)

DD 116/4 after 14 overs
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