Durand Cup 2019: Bengaluru FC vs Jamshedpur FC, Live Commentary and Updates

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(Augustine, Wangjam x 2) Bengaluru FC 3-3 Jamshedpur FC (Vimal, Dave, Rabha)


17:10 (IST)17 AUG 2019

That's it from Abhishek Kundu here. In the other game of Durand Cup between Real Kashmir vs FC Goa, it has finished 0-0. The Srinagar-based side advances to the semi-final courtesy of better goal difference. So, we have our semi-final line-ups confirmed. It will be East Bengal vs. Gokulam Kerala and Mohun Bagan vs. Real Kashmir. Four I-League teams in action as the reserve sides of ISL clubs are sent home packing. Do login to Sportskeeda to get the latest Durand Cup, CFL, and other Indian Football related updates.  

17:00 (IST)17 AUG 2019

FT| PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! And, the referee's whistle comes right away. It has finished Bengaluru FC 3-3 Jamshedpur FC. Who would have thought we would see something like that after Jamshedpur FC had a 3-1 cushion in the 80th minute of the game. But, as the say, the game is not over until the referee blows the final whistle. Bengaluru FC showed enough resilience and their never-say-die attitude have proved anything can happen in football.

The 'Man of the Match' has been awarded to Jamshedpur FC's Vimal. But, if the organizers had waited for a minute or two more, they would have given it to Leon Augustine. The boy scored one and won two penalties for his side. Apart from that, Bengaluru FC were very mediocre in the second half and Jamshedpur FC should have walked away comfortably with the three points. 

16:54 (IST)17 AUG 2019

90+4' GOAL! Bengaluru FC 3-3 Jamshedpur FC

And, Bengaluru FC has stolen a draw from the jaws of defeat. The 'keeper stays still but Wangjam blasts the ball in his right. It's late drama here at Kolkata but Bengaluru FC isn't going home without a point. 

16:53 (IST)17 AUG 2019

90+4' And, Bengaluru FC wins another penalty in the final minute of the full-time whistle. Leon Augustine is one-on-one with the 'keeper and beats him. But, the 'keeper takes him out and Leon has won a penalty for his team. 

16:53 (IST)17 AUG 2019

90+4' Pukhruamban who has provided two assists in the game so far goes for glory here by taking a shot from outside the edge of the box. It had too much venom and less of precision. 

16:51 (IST)17 AUG 2019

90+2' GOAL! Bengaluru FC 2-3 Jamshedpur FC

The 'keeper guessed correctly but Suresh Singh Wangjam blasts the ball past him to make the scoreline 2-3. 

16:50 (IST)17 AUG 2019

90+1' And, Bengaluru FC get a penalty! Captain Billu Telli instead of clearing the ball tries to take the ball forward. Leon Augustine steals it and the captain brings him down to give Bengaluru a glimmer of lifeline. 

16:49 (IST)17 AUG 2019

89' Sairuat Kima shows his frustration here. He brings down the Man of the Match Vimal Kumar in a needless challenge when he was going away from the goal. Lucky not to go into the book. 

16:46 (IST)17 AUG 2019

86' One word. Disappointing. Suresh Singh tries another variation but it looks like Naorem Roshan Singh has forgotten his duty and Jamshedpur FC defenders come ahead and nullify the danger. 

16:45 (IST)17 AUG 2019

85' Leon Augustine wins a foul on a dangerous position. Can they make a comeback here?

16:39 (IST)17 AUG 2019

80' GOAL! Bengaluru FC 1-3 Jamshedpur FC

That's it! It is game over for Bengaluru FC. Nabin Rabha gives them a two-goal cushion. Substitute Boxer Pradhan carves out the entire Bengaluru defense with a splitting pass to Pukhramban. He is one-on-one with the 'keeper on the right-wing but seeing an unmarked Nabin Rabha, he puts it on the final platter for him, who delivers the final blow. 

16:38 (IST)17 AUG 2019

79' Leon Augustine makes a 35-yard dash from the right-wing to the center of the pitch on the counter but his final pass is poor and Jamshedpur FC wins the ball back. 

16:35 (IST)17 AUG 2019

75' And, Jamshedpur FC makes their final change. Aakash Dave who had an excellent game comes off due to his tired legs. 

On- Sohrav Akhtar
Off- Aakash Dave

16:33 (IST)17 AUG 2019

73' Gursimrat Singh Gill with a curling delivery from the left-wing searching for Advait Shinde but the Jamshedpur FC defender sticks out his leg and averts the danger. 

16:30 (IST)17 AUG 2019

70' CHANCE! Naorem Roshan Singh breaks on the counter. He lays it back for Biswa who does a one-two with Suresh to see himself in a one-on-one position but miscues his effort. 

16:29 (IST)17 AUG 2019

69' Leon Augustine once again shows what he is made of. In the right-wing, he sashays past his marker and takes a shot. But, his finishing has let him down once again. I am telling you, if he improves in his finishing, he can give tough competition to Udanta for a spot in the starting line-up for Bengaluru FC. 

16:27 (IST)17 AUG 2019

68' Bengaluru FC break on the right wing but Jamshedpur FC defender sticks out his leg and the 'keeper collects the ball. Leon releases Suresh Singh Wangjam but instead of taking the aerial route, he takes the grounded one and Jamshedpur had no problem there. 

16:26 (IST)17 AUG 2019

67' Jamshedpur FC make their second change now.

Off- Sandip Mandi
On- Basit Hansdah

16:24 (IST)17 AUG 2019

64' Bengaluru FC makes their second change as a frustrated Edmund Lalrindika comes off by kicking his foot in the air.

Off- Edmund Lalrindika
On- Akashdeep Singh

16:21 (IST)17 AUG 2019

62' Bengaluru FC's captain Naorem Roshan Singh goes down the left channel and bobs a cross but Jamshedpur FC take control of the proceedings and pounce on the counter. Lalboilen goes all the way in the midfield but his eventual diagonal pass is stray and Bengaluru FC 'keeper collects the ball.  

16:19 (IST)17 AUG 2019

60' Leon Augustine gallops down the right-wing and delivers a deadly low ball but Jamshedpur FC defender sticks out his leg to clear the danger. 

16:18 (IST)17 AUG 2019

59' Interesting piece of footwork in the center of the park here. Bengaluru FC's captain Naorem Roshan Singh wriggles past three midfielders with his close-knitting skill but loses the ball. 

16:16 (IST)17 AUG 2019

58' Bengaluru FC makes their first change

On- Advait Shinde
Off- Emanuel S

16:15 (IST)17 AUG 2019

56' And, Jamshedpur FC make their first change.

On- Boxer Pradhan
Off- Marchstarfield

16:10 (IST)17 AUG 2019

51' GOAL! Bengaluru FC 1-2 Jamshedpur FC 

Aakash Dave 
breaks frenetically on the counter on the right-wing. He cuts in past the defender, takes the ball to his weaker foot, and unleashes a first-time shot. The 'keeper commits himself to one side but an untimely deflection from Sairuat Kima means he is wrong-footed and can only watch the ball bundle into the back of the net. 

16:09 (IST)17 AUG 2019

50' Jamshedpur FC breaks on the break frenetically but Sairuat Kima blocks Vimal Kumar's path and the 'keeper comes out of the line to collect the ball. 

16:08 (IST)17 AUG 2019

47' Jamshedpur FC's 'keeper Amrit Gope receives a treatment for a timely save which otherwise would have put Bengaluru FC on the lead. One of Jamshedpur's defender stays up and Edmund Lalrindika is onside. He tries to reach there but the 'keeper comes out of his line to force a sliding tackle and the danger is averted. 

16:04 (IST)17 AUG 2019

46' PEEP! Well, the second half begins. And, Bengaluru FC start with a corner. They try to do a similar set-piece variation but Parag Shrivas flies a first-time effort. 

15:53 (IST)17 AUG 2019

Halftime thoughts: Bengaluru FC should have been ahead by at least three goals but the crossbar has rescued Jamshedpur on that many occasions. They need to be aware of the counter-attack, though. Leon Augustine should make his way into the senior team now. He has been their man to go in the last three matches and deservedly got the lead. He won't be guaranteed of a regular place in the starting line-up as Udanta Singh plays in the right-wing but should see some crucial game time as a substitute or when Udanta gets injured. 

15:50 (IST)17 AUG 2019

45+2' Well, Jamshedpur FC does have a chance here just before the referee blows the final whistle but the shot goes over the bar and the teams head into the tunnel. 

15:49 (IST)17 AUG 2019

45' We have two minutes added on. 

15:45 (IST)17 AUG 2019

44' GOAL! Bengaluru FC 1-1 Jamshedpur FC

And, who other than Leon Augustine to restore parity for them! Bengaluru FC takes a short corner as Suresh Singh passes the ball to Parag Shrivas. The entire Jamshedpur FC defense comes ahead but Parag lobs the ball forward for Sairuat Kima. Seein an unmarked Leon, he heads it toward for him, who makes no mistake in slotting the ball past the 'keeper's legs. A very typical Bengaluru FC set-piece variation which we see from their senior side and the reserves have perfected it here. Carles Cuadrat must be impressed. 

15:43 (IST)17 AUG 2019

42' A brilliant corner-kick taken from Karandeep Singh and the Bengaluru FC defense fails to read the outswinging curler to the second post. However, a Jamshedpur FC player heads the ball into one of his own players' back and Bengaluru FC clear the danger.  

15:41 (IST)17 AUG 2019

40' CLOSE! Jamshedpur FC breaks on the counter. Naresh Singh timely releases the ball with a backheel for Akash Dave, who takes a first time shot from just outside the box. But, the ball rolls away for a goal kick.  

15:40 (IST)17 AUG 2019

39' Not a bad effort, I would say. Namgyal Bhutia takes the effort trying to curl the ball through the outside of the wall but it curls a little late and the ball goes out for a goal-kick. 

15:38 (IST)17 AUG 2019

38' And, Bengaluru FC have a free-kick from a dangerous position. A nasty foul from Billu Telli on Edmund Lalrindika and he is lucky to not go into the book. What can they produce here? 

15:37 (IST)17 AUG 2019

37' We see some quick silky ground ball game here at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata but mispasses from both the ends mean the chances come to nothing. 

15:31 (IST)17 AUG 2019

29' WOODWORK! And, Bengaluru FC is third-time unlucky here. They break on the counter quickly. Leon Augustine moves further up on the pitch quickly and lays it off for captain Naorem Roshan Singh. He makes a 25-yard run from the center of the pitch to the outside of the box and takes a piledriver. But, Jamshedpur FC's twelfth man for the day, the woodwork, rescues them. 

15:28 (IST)17 AUG 2019

22' WOODWORK! And, Noushad Moosa, Bengaluru FC coach, is in complete disbelief because his team has hit the bar again. Biswa Dorjee goes past his marker in the right-wing and delivers a cross from the byline. Edmund Lalrindika connects it but the ball hits the upright before continuing to be played.  

15:26 (IST)17 AUG 2019

21' SHOT! Edmund Lalrindika does the hard part of outplaying the defender and getting past him but his shot is misconnected and the ball goes out for the goal-kick. 

15:25 (IST)17 AUG 2019

20' Bengaluru FC need to be careful while Jamshedpur FC are on the counter. Vimal Kumar and Aakash Dave are finding acres of the space in the right-wing. Left-back Parag Shrivas needs to do his job properly. 

15:21 (IST)17 AUG 2019

17' SHOT! Jamshedpur FC break on the counter and Aakash Dave makes an effort from outside the box instead of going in. As a result, Dipesh Chauhan makes a comfortable save here. The tempo is set. Bengaluru FC will play by passing the ball around. Whereas, Jamshedpur FC will pounce on the counter. 

15:18 (IST)17 AUG 2019

15' WOODWORK! And, Bengaluru FC comes close again to level things here.
Emanuel who makes his Durand Cup debut sees the 'keeper out of his line and takes a first-time shot from 30-yards out. The shot is very similar to the one Biswa Dorjee took in the tenth minute but it rattles the frame of the goal this time. 

15:17 (IST)17 AUG 2019

14' Edmund Lalrindika takes his first shot of the game here. Bengaluru FC dispossesses Jamshedpur FC in the final third and the ball ends up in Edmund's feet. He twists and turns his body to swivel past two players but his eventual shot is miles away. 

15:12 (IST)17 AUG 2019

10' CHANCE! What an effort that was from Biswa Dorjee of Bengaluru FC!

The young Manipuri makes space for himself from just outside of the box and takes a shot. It had plenty of venom in it but Jamshedpur FC keeper Amrit Gope tips it off for a corner to ensure they keep the lead. 

15:08 (IST)17 AUG 2019

6' OFFSIDE! Pukhrambam finds Aakash Dave through on the left end of the pitch and carves out the entire Bengaluru FC defense with a single pass but the Jamshedpur FC #10 mistimes his run and the assistant raises his flag. 

15:06 (IST)17 AUG 2019

5' And, Bengaluru FC finally have their first chance. Leon Augustine cuts in silkily in the right-wing to deliver a low ball from the outside of the box. It is intended for captain Suresh Singh but he skews his effort and the ball goes out for a goal-kick. 

15:02 (IST)17 AUG 2019

2' GOAL! Bengaluru FC 0-1 Jamshedpur FC

And, Jamshedpur FC has taken the lead! #30 Pukhrambam goes past two Bengaluru FC defenders with ease and puts a low ball for Vimal Kumar who is completely unmarked and makes no mistake in slotting the ball into the roof of the empty net. 

15:01 (IST)17 AUG 2019

1' PEEP! Jamshedpur FC's Akashdeep Dave kicks us off here. 

14:58 (IST)17 AUG 2019

The teams are out from the tunnel. Bengaluru FC are wearing their away whites with stripes of blue whereas Jamshedpur FC are wearing their home reds with stripes of blue. The match should kick-off anytime from now. 
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