Manchester City vs Liverpool Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Champions League 2017-18 MCL vs LIV

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Full time: MCFC 1-2 LIV (Jesus 3' Salah 56' Firmino 77') AGG 1-5


02:05 (IST)11 APR 2018

Peep, peeeeeeeeep, peeeeeeeeeeeep! Full time! Manchester City are out! Liverpool are in the semifinal! A 5-1 win over Manchester City on aggregate! What a dominant display!

02:03 (IST)11 APR 2018

90+1' Liverpool have been worth the win tonight. City were dominant in the first half but didn't take their chances. Liverpool knew they had a simple gameplan to implement; stop City and hit them on the break and they did it brilliantly. 

02:01 (IST)11 APR 2018

90' Two minutes to be added on...

02:01 (IST)11 APR 2018

89' Mo Salah is off for Danny Ings. What a finish that was by the way. Didn't write enough about it... 

02:00 (IST)11 APR 2018

88' Another cross from the right, another clearance. Boy have Liverpool defended well over the course of the two legs.

01:58 (IST)11 APR 2018

86' All about keeping their composure at the back and seeing out another win against Manchester City, Liverpool have been impressive in the second half, City have been woeful. A sense of Deja Vu, huh? Another loss after leading...

01:56 (IST)11 APR 2018

84' The game seems a drab contest now. Elsewhere, Barcelona are three goals down and are going out on away goals to AS ROMA!

01:54 (IST)11 APR 2018

82' Klavan is on for Firmino. More defensive solidity with Ragnarock at the back. JK. Let's see how he does...

01:52 (IST)11 APR 2018

81' Sane passes it to Jesus for a goal but it's has been rightly ruled out for offside again! The German has just been too eager tonight. Could have had a few...

01:51 (IST)11 APR 2018

81' Gundogan has been pretty involved since coming on. He tries a shot but it's easily blocked by Lovren. 

01:50 (IST)11 APR 2018

79' Allez Allez Allez go the Liverpool fans as it has been another European night to remember.

01:49 (IST)11 APR 2018

Cool and calm from the Brazilian. Never panicked after pressing Otamendi and winning the ball and smartly sidefooted it past a helpless Ederson. Fair to say the tie is over. City need to wake up or lose three on the trot...

01:47 (IST)11 APR 2018

77' GOAAAAAAAAAAAL! Bobby Firmino!

01:47 (IST)11 APR 2018

75' City are peppering the Liverpool box with a lot of crosses, something they did in the first leg, and it isn't working. You don't have Ibra in the box anymore Pep...oh wait, even he isn't on the pitch!

01:45 (IST)11 APR 2018

73' Gini breaks forward but he's stopped by Sterling of all people! The former Liverpool man manhandled the towering Dutchman! Incredible...

01:43 (IST)11 APR 2018

71' City are still attacking, but it's mostly for pride. They know they can't score four from here. Liverpool managed to hold it at 1-0 and have reaped the rewards of defending staunchly. 

01:41 (IST)11 APR 2018

70' Silva sprints on the right and lays it off for Laporte who's playing a more forward role. He tries to shoot, but it's nearly deflected for an own goal! Corner!

01:40 (IST)11 APR 2018

68' Silva has looked silky smooth on the night but that final pass has deserted him all night. Again, he gets into a decent position, but his cross is easily collected by Karius. 

01:38 (IST)11 APR 2018

67' Straight away, El Kun is involved with a nice outside of the foot pass that was deflected for a corner. From the setpiece, Karius again comes out emphatically and manages to give his team some breathing space. 

01:38 (IST)11 APR 2018

66' Aguero is on for David Silva

01:37 (IST)11 APR 2018

65' Van Dijk is booked for his reaction to going down to a Sterling challenge, a bit petulant.

01:36 (IST)11 APR 2018

64' Mane had the chance to seal the tie with another driving run on the right, but the final ball was missing. Salah was waiting for the tap in...

01:35 (IST)11 APR 2018

63' City win a corner but Sane's delivery is too deep. City again win the second ball but Karius comes out bravely and collects. Assured performance from the custodian again. 

01:34 (IST)11 APR 2018

62' Liverpool are now combining well in the City half. The hosts have lost their shape that worked like a charm (off the ball) in the first half. 

01:32 (IST)11 APR 2018

61' De Bruyne takes aim and shoots with his left foot, but it's straight at Karius and is pretty tame. 

01:31 (IST)11 APR 2018

59' Firmino nearly makes it 2-1 to Liverpool! Ederson came out in time to smother the chance. The Brazilian was picked out well by Salah. Liverpool are looking good on the counter now. 

01:30 (IST)11 APR 2018

58' City have been shellshocked and the energy seems to have gone now. Scoring four more goals is daunting from here. Liverpool are now seeing more of the ball...

01:29 (IST)11 APR 2018

Chipped over Ederson! Wow, massive goal! It didn't look dangerous until the OX picked Salah with a good pass. The Egyptian then picked out Mane on the right and the Senegalese's driving run took out Laporte. Otamendi came back to put in a tackle, but Salah picked up the loose ball and calmly slotted it past Ederson! City now need four more!

01:27 (IST)11 APR 2018


01:26 (IST)11 APR 2018

54' Liverpool are bailed by Firmino! Risky, but it worked. They broke with TAA down the right but he was dispossessed by Sane who set City on the counter. It was Jesus on the ball through the middle, in a 2v2 situation, but Firmino came back to win the ball! Fantastic shift. 

01:24 (IST)11 APR 2018

53' City's intensity has dropped a bit in the second half. The rythm seems to be missing. Liverpool have become a bit more aggressive at the same time...

01:23 (IST)11 APR 2018

52' City have made such good use of the wide players, something that didn't work last time as Liverpool had the numerical advantage in midfield. That hasn't been the case tonight...

01:22 (IST)11 APR 2018

We've got Rahul asking me about the Sane decision. Well, I've got to say Liverpool got away with one there. The goal looked fine and the German looked onside. 

01:21 (IST)11 APR 2018

50' Sane takes a tumble with the faintest of touches from TAA. Liverpool get a goal-kick.

01:20 (IST)11 APR 2018

49' City shift the ball well and keep it in the Liverpool half, The ball falls to De Bruyne who tries to pick out Sane with a lifted throughball, but Karius reads it well and collects the ball...

01:18 (IST)11 APR 2018

47' Liverpool need to avoid the start they had in the first half. Right now, they are in the City half. Better start so far...

01:18 (IST)11 APR 2018

46' A bit of geggenpress from Liverpool but City soon get the ball. Sane is found in an offside position. City will throw everything at Liverpool...

01:16 (IST)11 APR 2018

Peeeeeeeeeeep! The second half is underway. Liverpool get us started, kicking from left to right. 

01:16 (IST)11 APR 2018

The teams are out! The Spanish ref had a bit if a previous with Guardiola and it's safe to say they don't see eye to eye. He'll be watching the game from the stands..

01:09 (IST)11 APR 2018

Guardiola has been sent off to the stands for excessive complaining during the half time interval! Wow. This just got even tenser. What else does this game need? 

01:02 (IST)11 APR 2018

Peeeeeeeeeeeep! Halftime! Aaaan breathe. Wow! What a half we've had! City have been dominant and perhaps unlucky not to score more than one. Liverpool haven't been allowed to play, to be honest. This is tense, this is drama. This is the Champions League knockouts, so don't expect anything less!

01:01 (IST)11 APR 2018

45' Chamberlain had the chance to score! A brilliant one-two with Salah but the Englishman's shot was way over in the end from a tight angle. A tough chance that. 

00:59 (IST)11 APR 2018

44' De Bruyne tries to smash one in with his weaker left foot but it is blocked by a heap of red shirts on the edge of the box. 

00:59 (IST)11 APR 2018

43' Salah is dispossessed in the City half and the hosts break. This is unrelenting. The ball has perpetually been in the City half...

00:58 (IST)11 APR 2018

42' The ball ends up in the back of the net but Liverpool escape after Sane fouled Karius, Wow. Liverpool are barely hanging on...

00:57 (IST)11 APR 2018

42' SHOT! POST! Bernardo Silva! Wow! That would have been a howitzer! 

00:56 (IST)11 APR 2018

41' Chamberlain finally gets forward and tries to shot another long-ranger. The shot lacks power and is saved by Ederson!

00:55 (IST)11 APR 2018

40' Liverpool break but City manage to clear it away as Salah's pass was just not good enough for Firmino. There's that counter that City need to worry about...

00:54 (IST)11 APR 2018

39' Jeez! Bernardo nearly curls one in from the right! Robertson did well to get a deflection and City only get a corner.

00:54 (IST)11 APR 2018

37' Liverpool have defended so much that you can't help but think there's a mistake in them. But the longer this goes, the more confident they'll become. 
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