India vs Australia Live Score Updates, 3rd Test Day 2- India bundle out for 163, Australia need 76 runs to win

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India vs Australia Live Score, 3rd Test: Nathan Lyon's spectacular run with the ball has bowled India out for just 163. Lyon has bowled a match-winning spell for his side and Australia is in to win this unless India pulls off something incredible. FollowSportskeeda for IND vs AUS Live Cricket Score.


17:27 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Stay tuned

Thank you for staying with us for the live blog of Day 2 of the 3rd Tes between India and Australia. We hope uou enoyed the coverage. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda as we will bring the live action of Day 3 tomorrow.

17:21 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Australia's Target

India have been bowled out for 163. The target for Australia is 76 runs. India needs a miracle to pull this off tomorrow.

17:10 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Brilliant from Lyon

 Seriously an unreal performance from Nathan Lyon as he picks up 8/64. He has given Australia a strong front hand in this match.

17:08 (IST)2 MAR 2023

India bowled out

 Nathan Lyon picks up his 8th wicket of the match and with it, India have been bowled out for 163 runs!

16:52 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Axar holding it in

 Axar Patel is fighting a lone battle here as only the final wicket is remaining for India. The score is 163-9.

16:41 (IST)2 MAR 2023

End of 58 overs

 India is 156-9. They lead by 68 runs with Siraj, and Patel at the crease.

16:37 (IST)2 MAR 2023

10-wicket haul for Lyon

 Lyon has picked up hi 7th and the 10th wicket of his match! He gets Umesh Yadav and the score reads 155-7.

16:29 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Pujara gets out!

A massive moment in the game as Pujara gets dismissed. Nathan Lyon has been India's biggest headache as he gets his 6th wicket. India is 155-8.

16:24 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Score Update!

After 56 overs, India is 155-7. They lead by 67 runs.

16:20 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Pujara goes huge!

What a way to bring up 150 for the Indian team! Pujara gets one nicely on the bat.

16:06 (IST)2 MAR 2023

51 done

At the end of 51 overs, India is 144-7 with a lead of 56 runs.

15:58 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Score update

After 50 overs of play, India stands at 142-7 with a lead of 54 runs.

15:48 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Score update

 After 48 overs, India is 140-6. They lead by 52 runs.

15:43 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Pujara gets to fifty

 A fine haf-century comes up for Cheteshwar Pujara. He has been the one sticking right from the start and he needs to be there till the end for India.

15:23 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Crisp from Ashwin

A beautiful stroke from Ashwin gets four added to India's tally. Its 125-6.

15:14 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Lyon gets his fourth

 Another one bites the dust as Bharat has to go back to the pavilion. India gets 6 down for 118 runs.

15:12 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Khawaja takes a blinder

 A stunning catch by Khawaja has Shreyas Iyer walking back. India loses their 5th wicket at the wrong time. Its 113-5.

14:48 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Shreyas goes massive

 A boundary and a maximum has got India up and running. Its 111-4.

14:44 (IST)2 MAR 2023

100 up!

India gets to hundred for the loss off 4 wickets. India lead by 12 runs.

14:42 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Big over for India

A four off the bat of Pujara, and a six from Iyer gets India past Australia's score. They lead by three runs and its 91-4.

14:39 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Play resumes

 The players are out as the game resumes for the last session of the day. 

14:26 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Stay tuned

 We'll be back in 15 minutes as players take Tea. Stick with us for the final session on Day 2.

14:24 (IST)2 MAR 2023

End of session 2

After 32 overs, India is 79-4 with Iyer, and Pujara in the middle. They trail by 9 runs at Tea. 

14:16 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Iyer walks in

 Its Shreyas Iyer who is the next to take the center stage and he has Pujara at the other end. Its 79-4 and India still trail by 9 runs. 

14:10 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Nathan gets Jadeja

 An LBW appeal was turned down by the umpire but Smith was adamant to take a review which showed all three reds in favor of Australia. Jadeja walks back after a struggle. India is 78-4.

13:59 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Score update

After 29 overs into the innings, India is 75-3. They are trailing by 13 runs.

13:57 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Pujara in a different mode

The usually defensive player Pujara is in a different feel today as he has been playing at a faster and better pace. He has hit some gorgeous boundaries too.  

13:43 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Two boundary to Pujara

 Cheteshwar Pujara pounces on the opportunity offered by  Kuhnemann as he bowls a loosner on the shorter side. He adds it up with another on the last delivery. Good over for India as the score reads 69-3.

13:36 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Jadeja in at number 5

The all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja is in to bat next for India. He has Pujara at the other end. 

13:32 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Virat goes back!

A huge blow to India as Virat Kohli has been dismissed and its Kuhnemann, the star of the first innings for Australia who has done it. Its 54-3.

13:25 (IST)2 MAR 2023

India reach 50 runs!

India have scored 50 runs and they still trail by 38 runs. Virat, and Pujara are battling it out with the bat for the hosts. 

13:22 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Virat, and Pujara rebuilding

With 2 wickets down and still trailing by 40 runs, Inia have a lot to do. Good thing is that the two experienced players Pujara, and Virat are forming a partnership slowly in the middle.

13:15 (IST)2 MAR 2023

19 done

 After 19 overs in the innings, India is 44-2. They trail by 44 runs.

13:13 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Virat comes in

 At number 4, Virat joins Pujara at a critical stage of the game. 

12:58 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Rohit gone LBW!

Nathan Lyon has spun his web and its the Indian captain who has to go! Its 32-2 and India is in a big spot of bother.

12:45 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Score update

 After 12 overs, India is 25-1. They trail by 63 runs.

12:44 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Cheteshwar in at no. 3

Cheteshwar Pujara is the new man in at nunber 3 for India and he has some work to do alongside Rohit Sharma.

12:20 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Gill gets dismissed

Nathan Lyon does it again for Australia as he picks the first wicket and its Shubman Gill who has to walk back.

12:19 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Second session begins

The second session has started and we're in for an action-packed round of cricket.

11:40 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Be right back

 As players take lunch, the game is still drifted in favor of Australia at the moment. Can India play good cricket in the next session by keeping their wickets? Stay tuned to find out as we'll be back in 40 minutes!

11:38 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Session in a glimpse

Session 1, Day 2: 54 runs and 6 wickets

11:37 (IST)2 MAR 2023

India moving steadily

 With 13-0 after 4 overs, India is moving ahead cautiously. Rohit, and Gill have faced trouble from the spinners but were able to keep their wickets intact. Its Lunch on Day 2.

11:27 (IST)2 MAR 2023

India come out to bat

 The Indian openers Rohit, and Gill are out in the middle with 88 runs to get past through to gain the lead over Australia.

11:16 (IST)2 MAR 2023

We'll be back

Stick with us as India get ready to bat in their 2nd innings. 

11:16 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Top performers

 For Australia, Khawaja top scored with 60 which was supported by Labuschagne's 30. India's spinners picked up 7 wickets as Jadeja took 4 while Ashwin got 3 wickets respectively. Umesh ended with a 3-wicket haul as well which turned detrimental for Australia. 

11:13 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Good turnaround

 India have fought back hard as it seemed like Handscomb, and Green will take Australia quite ahead. They still hold a 88-run lead which is big for a low scoring game where the bowlers are ruling the batsmen. India need to start strong in their second innings as they have a steep mountain in front of them. 

11:10 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Dramatic twists

The last 30 minutes have been nothing less of drama as Australia lost 6 wickets for just 11 runs to get dismissed for 197 and it all happened because of Yadav, and Ashwin's terror. 

11:09 (IST)2 MAR 2023

Ashwin finishes things!

 The last nail in the coffin goes down as Ashwin gets his third and Australia have been bowled out for 197! They lead by 88 runs.
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