India at Olympics 2021 Sailing LIVE updates: Vishnu Saravanan Men's Laser Radial Live Scores, updates & commentary

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Vishnu Saravanan will represent India in the Men's Laser Radial event.


13:50 (IST)25 JUL 2021

The Men's Laser Radial event has officially been postponed.

Vishnu Sarvanan did extremely well to gain 15 places to finish 14th in Race 01. He started brilliantly in Race 02, holding the 2nd spot behind Brazil when the race was interrupted and then postponed.

Will Vishnu hold his nerve in the remaining races to qualify for the medal match? Stay tuned to Sportskeeda to follow all live action from the Tokyo Olympics.

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13:26 (IST)25 JUL 2021

The sudden news coming in from Tokyo is that the race has been postponed!
Just as India was taking the lead, a race interruption has caused postponement!

In most likelihood, it's the drying up of the wind that has caused the race to be postponed.

13:20 (IST)25 JUL 2021

India is in 2nd place now! Vishnu Sarvanan is just 21 meters away from the leading boatman and 5-time world champion, Robert Scheidt, and is only trailing by 15 seconds here.

Vishnu Sarvanan is making a good comeback in the second race!

13:16 (IST)25 JUL 2021

India starts off brilliantly in Race 02

13:15 (IST)25 JUL 2021

India is 3rd! Vishnu Sarvanan has started brilliantly and is just 42m behind the race leader! Huge leap for India from the first race as Vishnu Sarvanan jumps up to 3rd place in the current leaders of Leg 1

13:13 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Race Two for Laser Radial Sailing gets underway. Croatian Stipanovic Tonci is in the lead

13:13 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Welcome back to the live coverage of the Men's Laser Radial race!

13:01 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Meanwhile, follow our live Table Tennis coverage where Manika Batra is turning on the heat after a stunning comeback!

12:58 (IST)25 JUL 2021

That's all for Race 1. Join us shortly after the break as we prepare for Race 2.

Will Vishnu Sarvanan continue his good run? We'll find out soon!

12:52 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Top 15 at the end of Race 01

12:50 (IST)25 JUL 2021

India's Vishnu Sarvanan jumps up by one spot in the final leg. He finishes in 14th place after finishing the race 2 minutes and 24 seconds behind the leading boat

12:48 (IST)25 JUL 2021

THERE IT IS! Jean Bernaz crosses the line first. France takes first place in Race 1. Tapper Karle from Finland finishes second followed by Tomassgaard Hermann from Norway

12:47 (IST)25 JUL 2021

France continues its lead in the 4th Leg. Jean Bernaz from France continues to take the lead as he reaches Mark Four in 48 minutes and 16 seconds. 

12:42 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Top 15 at he end of the 3rd mark

12:40 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Leg 4 gets underway

12:40 (IST)25 JUL 2021

BIG LEAP FOR INDIA! Vishnu Sarvanan advances 10 spots up to 15th place. He took 1 minute and 21 seconds more compared to the leading boat. He can soon get in the top 10 now!

12:39 (IST)25 JUL 2021

France finishes crosses the 3rd mark first. Finland finished 11 seconds behind, in 2nd place.

12:39 (IST)25 JUL 2021

FRANCE CONTINUES TO HOLD ON TO ITS LEAD! Jean Baptiste Bernaz (France) holds onto his top spot, finishing Mark Three in 39 minutes and 46 seconds. 

12:35 (IST)25 JUL 2021

We're approaching the 3rd mark!

It's tight between France and Finland for the top spot! Norway playing catch up here as they advance up to the 3rd place

12:32 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Top 4

12:28 (IST)25 JUL 2021

We saw Nethra Kumanan come back from behind in the Women's event earlier today. Can Vishnu Sarvanan repeat the heroics?

12:27 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Leg 3 gets underway

12:26 (IST)25 JUL 2021

INDIA TAKES THE LEAD! Vishnu Sarvanan advances 4 places at the top to take the 25th position in the table after the end of Mark Two. Baptiste took 25 minutes and 49 seconds. Vishnu Sarvanan was behind by 1 minute and 26 seconds

12:25 (IST)25 JUL 2021

LEAD CHANGE IN THE SECOND MARK!  Jean Baptiste (France) takes the lead in Mark Two and has advanced 3 spots to the first place

12:23 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Vishnu Sarvanan ended 1 minute and 20 seconds late behind the leader of the race. Enrique Arathoon (El Salvador) took the lead in the first leg, finishing Mark One on 16 minutes and 44 seconds

12:18 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Leg 2 gets underway now

12:17 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Top 4 after crossing Mark 1

12:16 (IST)25 JUL 2021

India crosses the Mark 1. Vishnu Sarvanan is at the 29th place at the end of Mark 1

12:15 (IST)25 JUL 2021

France in the lead as we approach Mark 1

12:11 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Peschiera from Peru tumbles for the 2nd time and loses a couple of spots!

12:11 (IST)25 JUL 2021

These are the conditions for the events. The temperature is 28 degrees celsius with the humidity around 68%. The wind speed is at 9 knots per hour at the moment

12:08 (IST)25 JUL 2021

India's Vishu Sarvanan is just behind 5-time champion Robert Scheidt from Brazil!

12:06 (IST)25 JUL 2021

image.png 36.11 KB

12:06 (IST)25 JUL 2021

St. Lucia takes the lead now. Croatia have conceded their lead and have dropped down in the list

12:04 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Croatia continues to hold onto its lead. They are closely followed by Peru by 7 meters

12:01 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Current top-4

12:00 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Croatia is in the lead, followed by Sweden.

11:54 (IST)25 JUL 2021

We hear the honk! The boats are starting to set sail!
We're underway

11:50 (IST)25 JUL 2021

The men's laser race is going to start. Vishnu Sarvanan looks all set and ready to go here.

11:25 (IST)25 JUL 2021

How does the scoring system in Sailing work?

The positions are decided base on the time the leader takes to get to the mark. There are 4 marks, M1, M2, M3, M4.  Once the first sailor crosses the M1 Mark, everyone else's time is based on the first sailor. There are chances that the sailors can gain position, just like in an F1 race.

11:14 (IST)25 JUL 2021

The men's sailing event has been delayed as the Women's sailing event is still going on. We will bring live updates to you as soon as the event starts.

11:08 (IST)25 JUL 2021

How does the event work?

The Laser Radial category in sailing features a single-sailor model. Racers use a dinghy-style small boat during the competition. First introduced during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the laser radial style is usually hailed as one of the toughest competitions as it requires a mix of core strength and tactical expertise.

10:59 (IST)25 JUL 2021

Hello Folks and welcome to Sportkeeda's live coverage of the Men's Laser Radial Sailing race which will feature India's Vishu Sarvanan.

The last event of Sailing which took place featured India's Nethra Kumanan. She slipped down to 33rd place but still gave a tough fight to all those who secured a podium in the end. All eyes now will be on Vishnu Sarvanan, the army sailor from Chennai who will be contesting for India's first-ever medal in the sailing event.

Vishnu Saravanan will compete in the Men's Laser Standard Class at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. The army man has worked extremely hard to win an Olympic spot. His father Ramachandran Saravanan, a retired subedar who couldn't pursue sailing professionally, coached him early in his career. Vishnu Saravanan has been training in Malta for the last two years under Olympian sailor Alexandr Denisiuc.

Vishnu Sarvanan finished second in the Mussanah Open Championship held in Oman to seal a place at the Tokyo Olympics. The sailor will now be aiming to make most of this chance now and will be hoping to end up with a podium finish. This is his maiden appearance at the Olympics. We at Sportskeeda wish him all the best for this event. The event will be taking place at the Enoshima Yatch Harbour.
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