India vs New Zealand Olympics 2021 hockey LIVE score: India off to winning start, beat New Zealand 3-2 in thriller

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LIVE updates from India vs New Zealand Olympics 2021 hockey Pool A men's match


08:38 (IST)24 JUL 2021

India defeat New Zealand 3-2

It is a big win for the young Indian side. PR Sreejesh and Harmanpreet Singh stood out for the Men in Blue with crucial contributions.

Kane Russell opened the scoring of the game with a brilliant Penalty corner. India then equalized the score, courtesy of Rupinder Pal's splendid penalty stroke.

The Manpreet Singh-led side despite a struggling second quarter found the net for the second time. Harmanpreet sent the ball past Leon Hayward to make it 2-1. He then scored his second to take the tally to 3-1. 

New Zealand showed some fighting spirit after Jennessen goal but they fell short by a goal.PR Sreejesh made some crucial saves in the final quarter.

India are now second behind Australia in Pool A.

08:37 (IST)24 JUL 2021

08:25 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Final seconds!

Can New Zealand score from the PC?

A brilliant trap but PR Sreejesh keeps it out. Wow!! What a legend of the sport.

08:23 (IST)24 JUL 2021

PR Sreejesh motivates players

Sreejesh motivating the youngsters to stick together for dying minutes and take crucial points in the opening game.

08:21 (IST)24 JUL 2021

First gold of Olympics

Meanwhile, Shooting-China's Yang wins the first gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics.


08:20 (IST)24 JUL 2021

08:18 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Biggggg  Save!

PR Sreejesh shows his class. Saves India twice in a span of 60 seconds to keep the score at 3-2.

Final 1 minute

08:11 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Penalty Corner!

New Zealand awarded second PC but Manpreet Singh claims the ball hit his stick and not the foot.

It's Video Referral time. 

It is a tense atmosphere now. Final 3 minutes left, and while India would hope for the decision to go in their favour, Kiwis will be banking on another PC to equalize the score.

New Zealand get PC.

08:09 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Leon Hayward saves the day

Now India switch into top gear to find the net once more but Leon Hayward saves the day.

And New Zealand win Penalty corner. The Black Sticks using their experience.

08:05 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Calm before storm?

India try to keep possession now. Will they go for another goal or waste the final few minutes?

5 minutes to go

08:02 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Final 10 minutes!

India is just holding their ground as New Zealand begin an all-out attack to equalize the score. 

07:58 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Video Referral!

India keep their referral but won't get a PC. The video umpire could not come to a final conclusion.

07:55 (IST)24 JUL 2021

07:54 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Australia beat Japan (Group A)

Aussies defeated the home team Japan 5-3 to register the first points in Hockey at the Olympics. The Men Down Under are in the same group (Pool A) as India and New Zealand.

07:54 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Third Quarter Ends! Score 3-2

India held their ground for the majority of the penultimate quarter. Kept the possession and also created chances.

But relentless New Zealand stuck to the basics. Nick Wilson started the move from the right flank and then dragged the ball past Birender Lakhra. Stephen Jenness finds the ball and sends it past PR Sreejesh brlilliantly.

Final 15 minutes!

07:47 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Game On!

New Zealand score. Steven Jenness finishes brilliantly to close the lead. 

Score: 3-2

07:42 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Video Referral!

India have been quite accurate with their referrals today. Can they get another PC?

India keep the referral as the video umpire could no clear evidence. And the play resumes.

07:40 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Dominant India!

India look better in midfield compared to the second quarter. They are more composed, moving the ball better. 

New Zealand are now starting to feel the pressure.

07:38 (IST)24 JUL 2021

07:37 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Japan vs Australia

Meanwhile, in another match, both the teams are on a scoring spree. Australia lead 5-3 with ongoing fourth-quarter.

07:37 (IST)24 JUL 2021

07:31 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Penalty Corner!

A chance for India to extend their lead. GOOOOOOOOAL!

Harmanpreet and Rupinder Pal working in sync. What a sweet set-up by Rupinder and Harmanpreet converts it with precision.

SCORE: 3-1

07:28 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Third Quarter Begins!

07:28 (IST)24 JUL 2021

07:22 (IST)24 JUL 2021

End of Quarter 2 - Score: 2-1 (Half Time)

New Zealand started strongly and dominated the majority of the second quarter. But India despite losing possession in the midfield kept their composure.

Manpreet Singh came close to taking the lead but Leon Hayward helped the Black Sticks survive.

India, though, continued to show its variety in PC. Harmanpreet Singh scored in the 13th minute of the second quarter to help India take lead.

07:17 (IST)24 JUL 2021

07:12 (IST)24 JUL 2021


India score in Penalty Corner. Harmanpreet Singh drags the ball hard against a strong defensive New Zealand side to help India take lead.

Score 2-1

07:07 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Black Sticks dominate

New Zealand is dominating play now as India struggle with possession. India will need to keep the ball in midfield more to create chances.

07:05 (IST)24 JUL 2021

07:03 (IST)24 JUL 2021


Manpreet Singh almost scored for India but New Zealand's Leon Hayward just did enough to keep the score level.

07:00 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Action So Far!
Black Sticks dominate

06:58 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Second Quarter Begins!

06:58 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Meanwhile, in an another match, Japan have made a stunning comeback after being 2-0 down to lead 3-2 against Australia. If Japan wins, it would a tale for years!

06:56 (IST)24 JUL 2021

End of first quarter! Score 1-1

It was pretty evenly matched the first quarter. India started strongly, winning a penalty corner in the first 5 minutes. Rupinder Pal missed finding the net by a whisker.

In the 6th minute, New Zealand won their first PC and Kane Russell flicked the ball past PR Sreejesh with precision to take the lead.

India continued their press and Rupinder Pal equalized with a brilliant penalty stroke.

06:54 (IST)24 JUL 2021

06:52 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Third Penalty corner for New Zealand!

PR Sreejesh pulls off a blinder, India on the counter but the Black Sticks manage to defend.

2 minutes to go for the first quarter.

06:50 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Referal Taken!

This is close. But a superb save by PR Sreejesh. New Zealand claim the ball crossed the line. It's a close call.

No GOAL! New Zealand get another PC.

06:47 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Penalty Corner! New Zealand

Great block by India but the ball remains in the D. Another one for Black Sticks.

06:46 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Penalty Stroke! India equalize

Rupinder Pal drags the ball to the right and sends Leon Hayward to the wrong side. India level score 1-1.

06:46 (IST)24 JUL 2021

06:43 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Chance for India!

India win its second penalty corner. Can they equalize?

Earlier, Mandeep Singh had a chance. He controlled the ball well but has the time to aim and shoot but it just goes over.

06:42 (IST)24 JUL 2021

New Zealand scores! 1-0

New Zealand wins its first penalty corner and Kane Russell hits the ball hard past India's PR Sreejesh.

The Men in Blue will have to be careful not to concede a lot of penalty corners. The Black Sticks are amongst the best with converting PCs.

06:40 (IST)24 JUL 2021

06:37 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Playing XI

INDIA XI: PR Sreejesh (GK), Rupinder Pal Singh, Surender Kumar, Harmanpreet Singh, Amit Rohidas, Manpreet Singh (C), Hardik Singh, Nilakanta Sharma, Dilpreet Singh, Mandeep Singh, Shamser Singh.

COACH - Graham Reid.

NEW ZEALAND XI: Leon Hayward (G), Dane Lett, Nic Woods, Kane Russell, Blair Tarrant (C), Shea McAleese, Nick Ross, Hugo Inglis, Sam Lane, Stephen Jenness, Nick Wilson.

COACH - Darren Smith.

06:32 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Strong Start
India wins its first penalty corner.  Unlucky. Rupinder Pal caught it as sweet as you like but the ball was flicked too hard and hit the post.
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