India vs South Africa Hockey World Cup 2023: India beat South Africa 5-2

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India 5 - South Africa 2 (Full-Time)


20:58 (IST)28 JAN 2023

That's all we have for you this evening.  This is Subhashish signing off.

Do join us for the Finals of the 2023 Hockey World Cup to be played between Germany and Belgium at the Kalinga Stadium at 1900 IST on Sunday (January 29)

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20:56 (IST)28 JAN 2023

20:54 (IST)28 JAN 2023

Full-Time:  India 5 - South Africa 2 (India finishes in joint 9th place along with Argentina!!)

Harmanpreet Singh assisted Abhishek to score early in the fourth minute

Harmanpreet Singh doubled the lead for the Indians off a PC in the eleventh minute

Shamsher Singh gets his name on to the scoresheet from open play in the 44th minute

Jarmanpreet Singh helps Akashdeep score in the 48th minute while Samkelo reduces the deficit seconds later

Sukhjeet Singh adds one more to India's tally in the 58th minute before Mustaphaa Casseim scores off a penalty stroke to beat Sreejesh in the final minute of play!!

All played out in front of a jam-packed Birsa Munda Stadium

Clearly, they love the Men in Blue, win or lose, as the Indians wave to the crowd in Rourkela

20:46 (IST)28 JAN 2023

59' India 5 - 2 South Africa

Casseim beats Sreejesh with the penalty stroke!!!!

20:45 (IST)28 JAN 2023

Penalty stroke stands - chance for South Africa to reduce the deficit!!

20:44 (IST)28 JAN 2023

59' Dayaan Casseim down in the Indian circle after a scorching run!!!!! Sreejesh who was involved looks on - penalty stroke on the line!!

20:43 (IST)28 JAN 2023

58' India 5 - 1 South Africa

A diving Sukhjeet Singh scores off a rebound after Akashdeep Singh's shot is saved!!!!!!!!!!!!

20:41 (IST)28 JAN 2023

57' The South African defenders being kept busy by the Indian strikers, who are unable to get the ball in the striking circle

20:39 (IST)28 JAN 2023

55' Jarmanpreet Singh has a crack at goal - ball saved by the SA goalie!!!

20:37 (IST)28 JAN 2023

53' Jarmanpreet Singh loses the ball after being triple teamed near the back-line.  SA launch an attack and earn a long corner but waste the opportunity

20:36 (IST)28 JAN 2023

Varun's drag flick is way way off target!!

20:35 (IST)28 JAN 2023

52' Jarmanpreet Singh earns a PC for the Indians who are down to ten men

20:34 (IST)28 JAN 2023

50' Sukhjeet Singh gets a yellow card - Varun has a go at goal - India have a long corner

20:32 (IST)28 JAN 2023

Padded away by the SA goalie - Harmanpreet on target but fails to score!

20:31 (IST)28 JAN 2023

49' India have PC for an SA body obstruction in the circle!!!!!!!!

20:31 (IST)28 JAN 2023

48'  India 4 -1 South Africa

Samkelo scores for the first goal for the South Africans after Sreejesh is beaten all ends up!!!!!!!!!

20:29 (IST)28 JAN 2023

48' India 4 - 0 South Africa

Akashdeep Singh taps one in after Jarmanpreet Singh angles one in!!

20:26 (IST)28 JAN 2023

47' Akashdeep and Abhishek in the danger zone, but was there a stick or a foot????? Free out and SA breathe a sigh of relief!

20:24 (IST)28 JAN 2023

46' The South Africans use the width of the pitch, enter the striking circle, Sreejesh saves and Dayaan Casseim skies the deflection

20:22 (IST)28 JAN 2023

End of Q3:  India 3 - 0 South Africa

Shamsher Singh gets his name on the scoresheet in the 44th minute

South Africa earn a flurry of PCs but Dayaan Casseim fails to beat Krishan Pathak

Can the Indians increase the lead in Q4??

Stay tuned

20:20 (IST)28 JAN 2023

44'  India 3 - 0 South Africa

Shamsher Singh deflects one in after a great run from Abhishek!!!!!!!!!

20:19 (IST)28 JAN 2023

43'  Ntuli in the Indian circle, is dispossessed, feels he is obstructed, the umpire has other ideas!! 

20:18 (IST)28 JAN 2023

42' India lose the ball after attempting a quick counter, Dayaan Casseim tries to get past the Indian defensive wall, fails to make headway

20:16 (IST)28 JAN 2023

41' Varun takes a shot on goal, no real power in the effort though and no damage done to the SA goal!!!

20:15 (IST)28 JAN 2023

40' Akashdeep Singh holed up in a pocket, Nilakanta gets a green card even as Mandeep Singh fails to control the ball in the attacking circle

20:13 (IST)28 JAN 2023

39'  Lalit takes a tumble on the edge of the SA circle, no infringement says the umpire

20:11 (IST)28 JAN 2023

38'  India have the ball upfield even as the South Africans to little to extract the advantage of having one man extra as compared to the Indians

Abhishek has two chances to take a shot - Gowan Jones with a super save!!

20:09 (IST)28 JAN 2023

37' Wasted crash ball into the Indian circle, but SA earn a long corner, unable to penetrate the Indian defence 

20:07 (IST)28 JAN 2023

36'  India counter after the PC is saved -  the Men in Blue in the attacking third despite being a man down!!

20:06 (IST)28 JAN 2023

SA earn a PC as Amit Rohidas gets a yellow card for throwing his gear on an SA player!!!

20:04 (IST)28 JAN 2023

34' Samkelo takes a tumble in the circle after the PC which Pathak saves yet again!! SA go upstairs asking for another PC

20:02 (IST)28 JAN 2023

33' Dayaan Casseim with the flick - Pathak saves with his stick - SA have another PC!!!!

20:01 (IST)28 JAN 2023

32' South Africa earn their first PC conceded by Varun!!!

20:00 (IST)28 JAN 2023

31' Quick attack by the South Africans - too quick for the strikers as well who fail to control the ball in the Indian circle!!

19:59 (IST)28 JAN 2023

A roar from the crowd at the Birsa Munda Stadium signals the start of Q3!!!

19:55 (IST)28 JAN 2023

19:53 (IST)28 JAN 2023

Half-Time:  India 2 - 0 South Africa

Harmanpreet found Abhishek who found the mark early in the fourth minute

Harmanpreet who failed to get his drag flicks right in the group stages, is on target in the classification games and scores in the eleventh minute

Four PCs for the Indian with one conversion - none for South Africa

The Indians dominate with Krishan Pathak and Sreejesh being called into action on rare occasions.

Ntuli has been the livewire for South Africa but has found little support in the circle while goalkeeper Gowan Jones denied the Indians twice

Stay tuned for action from the the second-half!!!

19:49 (IST)28 JAN 2023

28' Sreejesh called into action after Ntuli scampers into the Indian circle - SA continue to wait for an opening goal

19:47 (IST)28 JAN 2023

27'  Delectable stick skills from Abhishek in the attacking circle, but Jarmanpreet Singh's shot is wide off target!!!

19:46 (IST)28 JAN 2023

25' Gowan Jones saves the day for the South Africans - Harmanpreet fails to score!!

19:45 (IST)28 JAN 2023

25' India have a PC - again, can they score!!!!!

19:43 (IST)28 JAN 2023

24'  Varun fails to get the flick right as the ball sails over the post of an SA stick!!! The Indians still in the attacking third though!

19:42 (IST)28 JAN 2023

23' India want a PC for an obstruction in the striking circle - they get exactly what they want!!

19:41 (IST)28 JAN 2023

23' Lightning shot by Akashdeep from the edge of the circle - Gowan Jones has his goal covered but the effort is wide off target

19:39 (IST)28 JAN 2023

Varun takes the flick - well run down by the SA PC defence though!!

19:39 (IST)28 JAN 2023

21' Quick one-two between Vivek and Akashdeep - Mandeep in the circle earns a PC for India!!

19:37 (IST)28 JAN 2023

19' Julius Ryan finds Ntuli who wants a PC - umpire not impressed!!!

19:36 (IST)28 JAN 2023

18' Ntuli gets the cross right this time, but no White Shirts in front of the Indian goal!!

19:35 (IST)28 JAN 2023

18'  Superb run from Ntuli from the left flank, all by himself, enters the circle but fails to angle that one in!!

19:33 (IST)28 JAN 2023

17' Keenan Horne shoots wide after entering the Indian circle totally unmarked.  What a miss!!!!!!!!
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