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  • IPL Auction 2019: Rajasthan Royals (RR) Auction Live Updates, Players list, price details & more

IPL Auction 2019: Rajasthan Royals (RR) Auction Live Updates, Players list, price details & more

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 18, 2018 21:34 IST

Welcome to the Live coverage of IPL Auction 2019. Stay tuned for all the latest updates


21:34 (IST)18 DEC 2018

That's it guys - Many thanks for joining us. Wishing you all an advance happy christmas and a great new year ahead!

21:11 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Royals make three quick buys at the end - Last minute shopping for them. - Vohra, Turner, Parag for Royals

21:09 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Riyan Parag - goes to Royals..RR have the last laugh - Royals end the auction with the final pick! 

21:09 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Ashton Turner - 50L - Royals bag him - Hugh says third time lucky - And Turner is 

21:08 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Manan VOhra gets a bid - Royals bag Vohra at 20L

21:00 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Rajasthan buy Shubham Ranjane

20:35 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Royals have gone quiet

20:27 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Yuvraj goes to Mumbai Indians!

20:15 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Livingstone - allrounder from England

20:14 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Royals bid for Liam livingstone - some quick buys in the last 15 minutes 

20:06 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Seems a clear strategy to fill the squad with rookies

20:06 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Shashank Singh - RR gets him for 30L

20:04 (IST)18 DEC 2018

But backs out - RCB gets him

20:04 (IST)18 DEC 2018

RR go for a rookie - Darshan Nalkande

19:58 (IST)18 DEC 2018

19:56 (IST)18 DEC 2018

But they back out, RCB get Himmat Singh for 65L

19:55 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Royals get themselves in for Himmat Singh - Young 21-year-old batsman 

19:52 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Oshane Thomas sold to RR - 110L

19:52 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Big West Indian fast bowler - Oshane Thomas - Shikhar Dhawan would certainly remember the name - Quick but erratic at times...

19:51 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Royals enter bid for Oshane Thomas

19:48 (IST)18 DEC 2018

That's an interesting tweet from Royals: Yuvi, Hales or Tiwary?

19:48 (IST)18 DEC 2018

19:34 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Welcome back after the break....

18:37 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Royals have spent quite a few on two pacers - Unadkat and Aaron - Vinay Kumar goes unsold

18:33 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Rajasthan relatively quiet...

17:57 (IST)18 DEC 2018

" People called me zero" - The CV Varun story here for you guys!

17:56 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Royals went hard for Varun but then had to back out..

17:42 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Royals back out at 6.8Cr... KKR bid Rs 7 cr

17:41 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Kings XI has it with 6Cr

17:40 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Royals enter bid.. 540L for Varun

17:39 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Chennai lad Dinesh Karthik bids for another TN cricketer - Varun -- KKR in...

17:36 (IST)18 DEC 2018

CV Varun name is in - Chennai boy

17:33 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Did Royals enter the bidding? Kings XI enter now...

17:31 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Shivam Dubey in - Big-hitting allrounder , Will the Royals bid for him?

17:23 (IST)18 DEC 2018

6 Indians and 3 overseas to pick - Already two Indians picked - 7 more left

17:21 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Welcome back after the break...

17:10 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Unadkat is now reaping the rewards for being a left-arm pacer in India! #InDemand #LeftarmPacers

17:09 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Royals have picked two pacers - Unadkat and Aaron. Unadkat is the biggest buy so far with 8.4cr

16:57 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Royals 200L, Delhi 220L, Royals with 240L, Aaron will wear the Royal Blues in 2019 IPL!

16:56 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Royals discuss - Delhi bid 130L, Royals hit back, Delhi 150L, Aaron would be a thrilled man by now. The timing of the World Cup is playing a major part in this auction. 180L with the Royals. 

16:54 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Rajasthan bid for Varun Aaron

16:50 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Royals back out of Shami, Kings XI in now 

16:49 (IST)18 DEC 2018

RR bid for Shami as well.. 

16:47 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Mumbai bid for Malinga - Player-turned-mentor-turned-player ...SSSSHHHH!!! #AuctionDynamics

16:46 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Lasith Malinga in now...

16:46 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Delhi buy Ishant  - Royals back out in the end

16:45 (IST)18 DEC 2018

Royals enter bid for Ishant - In a spree to buy Indian pacers
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