KPL 2019 Auctions - Live Updates | Players retained, most expensive players - 27th July

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 27, 2019 17:48 IST

Manish Pandey goes unsold, Krishnappa Gowtham joins Ballari Tuskers for Rs. 1.90 lakh.


17:48 (IST)27 JUL 2019

That's it from Sportskeeda's live coverage of the KPL 2019 player auction as in behalf of my co-commentator Karthik Raj, this is Prasen Moudgal signing off!

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17:44 (IST)27 JUL 2019

The 'Right to Match' card, which added some extra spice to the auction brought about some wise purchases as Mohammed Taha (₹5.70 lakh, Hubli Tigers), Amit Verma (₹5.20 lakh, Mysuru Warriors) and CA Karthik (₹4.70 lakh, Ballari Tuskers) were the three biggest buys through the exercising of the RTM card.

17:42 (IST)27 JUL 2019

That brings us to the end of the player auction as part of the Karnataka Premier League 2019! 

A day that saw the likes of Pavan Deshpande (₹7.30 lakh) Aniruddha Joshi (₹7.10 lakh) and Rongsen Jonathan (₹6 lakh) earn the fattest contracts while Karun Nair (₹25,000) and Krishnappa Gowtham (₹1.9 lakh) had to settle for severe pay cuts. 

Shreyas Gopal was unlucky to miss out from a contract altogether while Manish Pandey (₹2 lakh) was re-signed by the Belagavi Panthers. 

17:32 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Fourth buy in a row for Mysuru Warriors as they sign Dega Nischal for Rs 25,000.

17:30 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Kishan Bedare will feature for the Mysuru Warriors at a base price of Rs 20,000.

17:30 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Ram Sarikh Yadav and Jayesh Babu join the Warriors squad for their base prices. 

17:29 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Karun Nair will play in KPL 2019! Mysuru Warriors sign their man for Rs 25,000.

17:28 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Suraj Reddy and Sharana Basawa join Ballari Tuskers for Rs 20,000 each.

17:25 (IST)27 JUL 2019

BU Shivkumar joins Mysuru Warriors for Rs 20,000.

17:25 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Hubli Tigers make yet another signing as Dheeraj Shashidhar joins them for Rs 20,000.

17:24 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Bengaluru Blasters sign Aditya Goyal for Rs 20,000.

17:24 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Sharath Srinivas joins the Ballari Tuskers for Rs 30,000.

17:21 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Parikshith Shetty joins the Hubli Tigers for Rs 20,000 while Sankalp Shettinavar joins the Mysuru Warriors for his base price.

17:19 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Zahoor Farooqui joins the Belagavi Panthers for Rs. 2.05 lakh!

17:18 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Mysuru Warriors sign Manjesh Reddy for Rs 20,000.

17:18 (IST)27 JUL 2019

One more addition to Bengaluru Blasters' roster as Rishi Bopanna joins them for Rs 20,000.

17:16 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Bengaluru Blasters sign Kuldeep Kumar for Rs 20,000.

17:14 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Manjunath SP is also signed by the Shivamogga Lions, who procure his services for Rs 1.80 lakhs.

17:13 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Shivamogga Lions make yet another signing as Sujith N Gowda joins them for Rs 1.3 lakh.

17:12 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Bijapur Bulls sign Rajoo Bhatkal for Rs 1.80 lakh!

17:11 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Shivaraj S will turn out for the Shivamogga Lions as he is procured for Rs 20,000.

17:11 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Gaurav Dhiman signs for the Ballari Tuskers while Darshan Machaiah will turn out Belagavi Panthers, both signed on base prices.

17:10 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Jaswath Acharya and Lochan Appanna find bidders as they join the Bijapur Bulls and Belagavi Panthers respectively.

17:09 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Leg-spinner Kishore Kamath joins the Bengaluru Blasters for Rs 20,000.

17:08 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Vishnu Priyan and Pradeep Gangadhar join the Ballari Tuskers and Shivamogga Lions respectively, for their base prices.

17:05 (IST)27 JUL 2019

No interest for middle-order batsman Karun Nair as he remains UNSOLD!

17:04 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Ravikumar Samarth joins the Belagavi Panthers!
The opening batsman finally finds a bidder or two as the Panthers sign their man at Rs. 2.1 lakh.

17:04 (IST)27 JUL 2019

No bids for Shreyas Gopal either as he remains UNSOLD.

17:00 (IST)27 JUL 2019

No bids for Ronit More as he remains UNSOLD.

16:58 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Manish Pandey finally attracts some interest as he is re-signed by the Belagavi Panthers for ₹2 lakh!

16:56 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Massive bid for Prasidh Krishna as he will join the Ballari Tuskers for a whopping sum of Rs. 5.80 lakhs!

16:47 (IST)27 JUL 2019

The bidding for unsold players from Pool A is set to get underway

16:34 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Belagavi pick Darshan MB!
Belagavi Panthers have added Darshan MB to their squad for Rs 1,30,000

16:32 (IST)27 JUL 2019

SL Akshay joins Bijapur Bulls!
The well-known medium pacer will ply his trade for a new team in the form of Bijapur Bulls as they sign him for a massive Rs 2,00,000

16:27 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Suraj Kamath is picked up by Bijapur Bulls for a sum of Rs 50,000

16:26 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Muthanna Chandrasekhar joins Bengaluru Blasters for Rs 20,000

16:25 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Santok Singh signs up for Ballari Tuskers. The team paid Rs 45,000 to get him

16:25 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Hubli Tigers land Abhilash Shetty!
Abhilash Shetty will play for Hubli after the team bought him for Rs 1,00,000

16:23 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Mysuru Warriors get Saurabh Yadav for Rs 20,000

16:20 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Hoysala K has been signed up by Shivamogga Lions for Rs 20,000

16:19 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Ruchir Joshi joins Ballari Tuskers for Rs 20,000

16:17 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Ballari Tuskers bag Bhavesh Gulecha's services
Gulecha will play the upcoming KPL season for Ballari after the team signed him for Rs 1,40,000. The medium pacer has done really well for the past two years

16:15 (IST)27 JUL 2019

HS Sharath joins Shivamogga Lions
Experienced Karnataka fast-medium bowler HS Sharath has been bought by Shivamogga for Rs 2,25,000

16:12 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Mysuru Warriors get Devaiah KS!
Devaiah doesn't come at a cheap price because Mysuru have to pay Rs 1,80,000 to get him

16:05 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Mohammad Niyas Nizar joins Ballari Tuskers
Ballari have paid  Rs 1,80,000 to get Nizar in their side

16:00 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Hubli Tigers sign Vidyadhar Patil!
Hubli have bought Patil for a sum of Rs 2,45,000. He is part of the India U19 team which is involved in a tri-series in England now

15:54 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Up Next----> Final Category of Pool B, medium pacers

15:53 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Shoaib Manager--> Mysuru Warriors
Shoaib Manager had a terrific 2018 KPL season and he is rewared for that as Mysuru Warriors shell out Rs 4,65,000 to get him back

15:43 (IST)27 JUL 2019

R Praveen Kumar joins Bijapur Bulls for Rs 30,000

15:41 (IST)27 JUL 2019

Bharath Dhuri sold for Rs 3,85,000!
Yet another Bharath pockets a big amount to showcase his talent as Bharath Dhuri joins Bengaluru Blasters for Rs 3,85,000
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