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  • NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 Day Two Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Wrestle Kingdom 14 (5th January 2020)

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 Day Two Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Wrestle Kingdom 14 (5th January 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 05, 2020 16:39 IST

Who will walk out with both the IWGP Intercontinental and Heavyweight Championships?


16:39 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Here's the detailed results for Day 2 of Wrestle Kingdom 14!

15:58 (IST)5 JAN 2020

And that concludes this year's Wrestle Kingdom! Thank you all for joining us on the live commentary. 

15:54 (IST)5 JAN 2020

BUSHI comes out to drive away Kenta and helps his leader Naito to get on his feet and then helps him to walk away from the ring as the show closes off.

15:52 (IST)5 JAN 2020

15:50 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Kenta drops Naito with the Go To Sleep!

15:49 (IST)5 JAN 2020

OMG! Kenta attacks Naito from behind!

15:49 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Naito delivers a promo to the fans at Tokyo Dome and promises to take LIJ to new heights.

15:46 (IST)5 JAN 2020

15:46 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Okada walks away from the ring but Naito takes the mic and calls him out. He says to do the match yet again one year from now! Okada agrees!

15:44 (IST)5 JAN 2020

15:43 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Result: Tetsuya Naito defeated Kazuchika Okada to become the IWGP Intercontinental and Heavyweight Champion.

15:42 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Naito has made history and is now the IWGP Intercontinental and Heavyweight Champion! 

15:41 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Naito hits the Destino and gets the pinfall this time around!!!

15:40 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Naito takes to the skies and delivers his old finisher Stardust Press on Okada to get a near fall!

15:39 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Okada hits Naito with a Rainmaker but holds onto Naito's wrist but Naito hits a Destino and gets a two count! That split second hesitation from Naito delayed the count.

15:37 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Okada once again smashes Naito's knee into the mat. Does a second time too. Things look bleak for El Ingobernable.

15:36 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Naito once again spits in the face of Okada.

15:35 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Naito kicks out of a second Rainmaker at two and a half count and Okada can't believe it! 

15:35 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Okada with a sudden Rainmaker lariat! Goes for a second, Naito looks to counter with a Destino but Okada drops Naito with a Tombstone!

15:34 (IST)5 JAN 2020

They are now on their feet and still going at each other with the strikes.

15:32 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Okada and Naito are holding each other up and exchanging strikes. None of them are willing to give up!

15:31 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Both men are down on the floor and referee Red Shoes is checking on both of them.

15:30 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Okada goes for the Rainmaker but Naito has him locked for a move. Okada reverses and hits him with a dropkick but Naito bounces back with the Destino finally!! Gets a near fall! incredible series of moves.

15:28 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Naito drops Okada with a Poisonrana from the top! Goes for the Destino but Okada elbows Naito to stop him.

15:27 (IST)5 JAN 2020

The LIJ fans are going wild for El Ingobernable yet again!!

15:27 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Naito bounces back with a massive DDT and takes Okada down!

15:26 (IST)5 JAN 2020

15:24 (IST)5 JAN 2020

He again drives Naito's knee on the announcer's table! Will Naito be even able to continue fighting?

15:23 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Okada now smashes Naito's injured knee into the floor outside! My God! Okada is desperate.

15:22 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Okada drops Naito to the outside with a picture-perfect dropkick!

15:20 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Naito drops Okada to the mat with a Superrana from the top rope. The LIJ and CHAOS fans are both chanting for their favorites.

15:19 (IST)5 JAN 2020

15:18 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Okada drives Naito's neck on his knee with the modified neckbreaker. The Rainmaker makes it look so easy...

15:16 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Naito goes back to work on Okada's neck with a lock but Okada breaks out. Naito spits on Okada and taunts him.

15:13 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Naito with a neckbreaker and gets a two count.

15:11 (IST)5 JAN 2020

The Intercontinental Champion fights back with an arm drag and a dropkick!

15:10 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Okada with the advantage early on in the match as he now has Naito down to the mat with a chin lock.

15:08 (IST)5 JAN 2020

The match begins with both men locked in a shoulder lock.

15:08 (IST)5 JAN 2020

The bell rings and vocal fans of Naito and Okada battle it out to out chant each other. Absolutely marvelous.

15:08 (IST)5 JAN 2020

15:03 (IST)5 JAN 2020

The commentator mentions the fact that Okada will be one of the torchbearers for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

15:01 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Kazuchika Okada now makes his way to the ring dressed in the same white gear that he wore last night. 

15:00 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Naito looks dashing in a white suit. 

14:58 (IST)5 JAN 2020

Out comes first the IWGP Intercontinental Champion and Los Ingobernables de Japon's leader Tetsuya Naito.

14:57 (IST)5 JAN 2020

14:56 (IST)5 JAN 2020

All right folks! It's main event time as IWGP Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion Tetsuya Naito squares off against IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada in a Double Gold Dash match. This means the winner of this match will walk out holding both the IWGP Intercontinental and Heavyweight Championship!

14:54 (IST)5 JAN 2020

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