Olympics 2021 Sailing LIVE updates: Vishnu Saravanan in Men's Laser Radial Race 9 & 10 Live score, updates & commentary

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Vishnu Saravanan will look to give it his all in the last two races of the Men's Laser Radial event.


13:52 (IST)30 JUL 2021

That's all from our side for now. Do make sure you tune into PV Sindhu's historic quarterfinal match. Link here

That's all from our side for now. Hope you had a good time.

This is Anurag Bansal signing off.
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13:50 (IST)30 JUL 2021

With that, we come to the end of the Men's Laser Radial sailing event. All 10 races have been brilliant for the Indian considering his young experience.

We're sure he will return much stronger next time around. We wish Vishnu Saravanan the very best and congratulate him for putting up a brilliant show at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

13:46 (IST)30 JUL 2021

A brilliant performance by the 22-year old sailor from India.
He should certainly be pumped with his performance across the 10 races. He's a definite medal hope for India in the next Olympics!

13:44 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Vishnu ends in an overall 20th place with 156 points to his name.

13:42 (IST)30 JUL 2021

India crosses the line in 15th place!

13:41 (IST)30 JUL 2021

We're closing in on the 4th and final mark of the final race!

13:38 (IST)30 JUL 2021

We're sailing once again. Vishnu in 18th place. He crossed the 3rd mark 1:35 minutes behind the race leader.

13:33 (IST)30 JUL 2021

There seems to be a slight disruption once again. Stay tuned!

13:29 (IST)30 JUL 2021

We're moving towards Mark 3 now. India still trailing behind.

13:22 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Germany maintains its lead. Followed by Guatemala.

13:17 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Vishnu crosses Mark 2 in 22nd place. He's 1:15 mins behind the leader of the race.

Can he script a comeback?

13:15 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Vishnu currently stands 21st.

13:11 (IST)30 JUL 2021

India crosses Mark 1 in 20th place.
Vishnu is 59 seconds behind the race leader.

13:08 (IST)30 JUL 2021

The weather is supportive and we're back to racing now!
Germany and Australia are on top.

13:04 (IST)30 JUL 2021

While we wait for the race to resume, check out the list of Indian athletes who still have a shot at winning a medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

13:02 (IST)30 JUL 2021

The weather has turned bad once again!

The race has been stopped and is now delayed again.

13:00 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Approaching Mark 1 soon

12:55 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Croatia and St. Lucia hold the lead. India's Vishnu trailing behind.

12:54 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Current weather conditions

12:51 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Will Vishnu rise up the ranks once again?

12:51 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Top 4 currently

12:49 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Croatia takes the initial lead, Estonia 2nd

12:49 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Race 10 is underway!

12:42 (IST)30 JUL 2021

There's a bit of a delay due to weather conditions. Tokyo weather has been really unsupportive as of late.

But don't lose heart. We expect it to clear out really soon!

12:39 (IST)30 JUL 2021

We'll soon be underway, folks! Stay tuned.

12:34 (IST)30 JUL 2021

12:33 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Vishnu performed brilliantly in Race 9, finishing 3rd. He was just 3 seconds behind 2nd placed Britain and 22 seconds behind race leader, Estonia.

He will definitely look to take confidence from his performance and storm into the Top-15. 

12:32 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Hello and welcome once again!

We're in for a thriller as we progress towards the 10th and the final race of the Men's Laser Radial Race featuring Vishnu Saravanan from India

12:29 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Top-10 in Race 9

12:20 (IST)30 JUL 2021

We now break for a bit and be back in time for Race 10. Can Vishnu repeat his Race 9 heroics and ensure a top-15 finish?
We'll be back in a jiffy!

12:19 (IST)30 JUL 2021

That was a fantastic performance by Vishnu Saravanan as he finishes Race 9 in third place.
He would keenly eye a top 15 finish at the end of the next and the final race of this event.

12:14 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Vishnu can't catch up with Elliot as he reaches mark 4 in 3rd place. A scintillating performance by the Indian youngster!

12:13 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Vishnu is closing in on Britain's Elliot now! Can he jump to 2nd?

Just 3 metres behind!

12:11 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Approaching Mark 4 soon

12:09 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Tough fight at the top between Estonia and Britain!

12:08 (IST)30 JUL 2021

India's Vishnu is just 37 metres behind the race leader as he jumps up to 3rd place

12:05 (IST)30 JUL 2021

India back at 4th! Vishnu is giving it his all today

12:04 (IST)30 JUL 2021

He reaches Mark 3 at 5th place, 36 seconds behind the race leader.

12:03 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Vishnu slips down as we approach mark 3!

12:02 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Vishnu slips down to 4th place as ROC's Sergei grabs 3rd.
Estonia still maintains the lead!

12:00 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Vishnu still holding on to 3rd place. Fantastic performance from the 22-year old.

11:54 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Vishnu maintains his spot at 3rd as the we sail towards Mark 3

11:52 (IST)30 JUL 2021

India's Vishnu crosses Mark in 3rd place! Just 18 seconds behind the race leader.

Brilliant sailing by the youngster today!

11:51 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Visnhu in 3rd place as we approach Mark 2

11:50 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Vishnu currently stands 4th

11:47 (IST)30 JUL 2021

Russia overtakes India. Vishnu slips down to 3rd. Nevertheless, great going by the young sailor

11:46 (IST)30 JUL 2021

He betters it with another jump! India 2nd now with Estonia still in the lead

11:45 (IST)30 JUL 2021

India jumps up to 3rd spot! This is fantastic from Vishnu
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