PBL 2020: PV Sindhu vs Gayatri Gopichand live score, commentary and match updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 20, 2020 22:13 IST

PV Sindhu wins swiftly against Gayatri Gopichand in 15-5, 15-5.


22:13 (IST)20 JAN 2020

However, the Chennai Superstarz has already won the tie for the day. We will now await the Men's Doubles tie. 

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22:12 (IST)20 JAN 2020

PV Sindhu delivers as the Captain of the Hyderabad Hunters side and gets 2 points on the table for their side. 

22:11 (IST)20 JAN 2020

Gayatri nets her return and Sindhu has it really easy. The Hyderabad Hunters win 15-5, 15-5 in Tie 4.

22:10 (IST)20 JAN 2020

Sindhu stumbles, Gayatri gets back her service only to lose it. Sindhu leads at 14-5.

22:10 (IST)20 JAN 2020

Sindhu is just two points away from victory, she leads at 13-4.

22:10 (IST)20 JAN 2020

The Hyderabad Hunters have not won a single tie this evening. Looks like Sindhu's match could be the first win for them this season. 

22:09 (IST)20 JAN 2020

Sindhu seems to be flying away with the match. She hurries to take a 11-4 lead. 

22:07 (IST)20 JAN 2020

Sindhu has a four-point lead against the 16-year-old Gayatri. The World Champion hasn't broken much sweat today in this Trump match. 

22:05 (IST)20 JAN 2020

Sindhu attacks and steals back her service and takes charge. Sindhu leads 7-4. 

22:05 (IST)20 JAN 2020

She trails just one point behind Sindhu now. Tags along at 4-5. 

22:05 (IST)20 JAN 2020

Gayatri FINALLY manages to hold on to her service, collects two points on the trot.

22:02 (IST)20 JAN 2020

However, Sindhu wins back her service yet again. Sindhu leads 3-1. 

22:02 (IST)20 JAN 2020

It seems like Gayatri has decided to step up her game now. She levels 1-1 at the start of the the second game. 

21:59 (IST)20 JAN 2020

Sindhu has it really, really easy. She wins the first game 15-5. Onto the second now. 

21:58 (IST)20 JAN 2020

A couple of wide returns from Sindhu grants Gopichand the points. Sindhu still leads the way at 13-4. 

21:56 (IST)20 JAN 2020

Once again, Sindhu steals back service and smashes her way to a 12-2 lead. 

21:56 (IST)20 JAN 2020

Sindhu falters with her return and Gayatri gets her second point. 

21:55 (IST)20 JAN 2020

However, her triumph is short-lived. Sindhu races away to 10-1 lead. 

21:54 (IST)20 JAN 2020


21:53 (IST)20 JAN 2020

The match does look one-sided and one cannot blame the 16-year-old PBL debutant as she squanders away points to the World Champion who her father has trained. 

PV Sindhu leads 8-0.

21:51 (IST)20 JAN 2020

So far, so smooth. Gayatri is really giving it her all here. She is combining a variety of shots but Sindhu is just too powerful for her. 

Sindhu leads at 6-0. 

21:49 (IST)20 JAN 2020

PV Sindhu gets the first point really easy. Gopichand minutely steps up her own game to engage the World Champion in a rally. However, Sindhu gets her way as Gopichand's return meets the net. 

Sindhu leads 3-0 now. 

21:47 (IST)20 JAN 2020

The players are on the court and are ready to begin. Here we go! 

21:47 (IST)20 JAN 2020

The young Gayatri, who is just 16, is the daughter of Sindhu's coach, Pullela Gopichand which makes this tie so interesting. 

21:46 (IST)20 JAN 2020

This is the TRUMP MATCH for the Hyderabad Hunters and the Captain has come out to save some grace. 

21:45 (IST)20 JAN 2020

Notwithstanding that, PV Sindhu will now take to the court in the penultimate match of the day. 

21:45 (IST)20 JAN 2020

It has been a nail-biting affair so far. Lakshya Sen just helped Chennai Superstarz to win their side of the tie as the Chennai side lead at 4-0.

21:44 (IST)20 JAN 2020

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Hyderabad Hunters vs Chennai Superstarz Tie 4 clash where P V Sindhu will go up against Gayatri Gopichand!

20:58 (IST)20 JAN 2020

The first day of the PBL has begun in full force with the Hyderabad Hunters taking on former Champion's Chennai Superstarz. With the first leg of the season taking place in Chennai, a 21-day league is a star event on the badminton calendar. To get things rolling and exciting right from the first day, we will have 2016 Rio Olympics silver medalist and reigning World Champion, P V Sindhu taking on rising badminton star Gayatri Gopichand, who also happens to be the daughter of Sindhu's coach, Pullela Gopichand. 

For now, it is very important that Sindhu wins her Trump match against Gopichand and get Hyderabad Hunters on the board at least. 
The Chennai Superstarz have led the way all evening. It's time for the Hyderabad's side captain to step up and play for her team. 

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