PBL 2020 Schedule

Last Modified Feb 10, 2020 12:12 IST

Full PBL Schedule 2020

Venue - Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai

MatchDateTime (IST)
Chennai Superstarz vs Hyderabad Hunters20-Jan-20207:00 PM
North Eastern Warriors vs Bengaluru Raptors21-Jan-20207:00 PM
Chennai Superstarz vs Mumbai Rockets22-Jan-20207:00 PM
North Eastern Warriors vs Awadhe Warriors23-Jan-20207:00 PM
Chennai Superstarz vs Bengaluru Raptors24-Jan-20207:00 PM

Venue - Babu Banarasi Das Academy, Lucknow

MatchDateTime (IST)
Pune 7 Aces vs Mumbai Rockets25-Jan-20207:00 PM
Awadhe Warriors vs Hyderabad Hunters26-Jan-20207:00 PM
Pune 7 Aces vs Bengaluru Raptors27-Jan-20207:00 PM
Awadhe Warriors vs Mumbai Rockets28-Jan-20207:00 PM

Venue - Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad

MatchDateTime (IST)
Hyderabad Hunters vs North Eastern Warriors29-Jan-20207:00 PM
Pune 7 Aces vs Chennai Superstarz30-Jan-20203:30 PM
Mumbai Rockets vs North Eastern Warriors30-Jan-20207:00 PM
Hyderabad Hunters vs Bengaluru Raptors31-Jan-20207:00 PM
Pune 7 Aces vs North Eastern Warriors1-Feb-20203:30 PM
Awadhe Warriors vs Chennai Superstarz1-Feb-20207:00 PM
Hyderabad Hunters vs Mumbai Rockets2-Feb-20207:00 PM
Awadhe Warriors vs Pune 7 Aces3-Feb-20207:00 PM
North Eastern Warriors vs Chennai Superstarz4-Feb-20203:30 PM
Bengaluru Raptors vs Mumbai Rockets4-Feb-20207:00 PM
Hyderabad Hunters vs Pune 7 Aces5-Feb-20207:00 PM
Bengaluru Raptors vs Awadhe Warriors6-Feb-20207:00 PM
North Eastern Warriors vs Chennai Superstarz7-Feb-20207:00 PM
Bengaluru Raptors vs Pune 7 Aces8-Feb-20207:00 PM
North Eastern Warriors vs Bengaluru Raptors9-Feb-20207:00 PM

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