Pro Kabaddi Season 5 / PKL auction 2017 Live updates, commentary and highlights here

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After two days, the auction is done and dusted.


23:29 (IST)23 MAY 2017

And with this, we end our coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 5 auction. It was an enthralling two days that saw some major surprises along the way. It was great fun presenting the action to you and we hope you enjoyed the updates. See you soon!

23:28 (IST)23 MAY 2017

We have the final list of all the players bought at the auction.

Pro Kabaddi 2017 Season 5: Full List of players bought by all the teams

17:54 (IST)23 MAY 2017

Before the New Young Players were included, this his how the teams lined up. The starting lineups are quite clear for a few teams, while some need a closer look. Here are the lineups. 

15:55 (IST)23 MAY 2017

Stay tuned for the updated team squads. 

15:54 (IST)23 MAY 2017

We are done with the live blog. The New Young Players are still remaining in the auction and will go under the hammer. 

15:39 (IST)23 MAY 2017


Umesh Mhatre to Pune for 15L
Vikash Khandola to Haryana for 15.2L
Pawan Kumar to Gujarat for 13.8L
Tushar Patil for 15.2L

15:24 (IST)23 MAY 2017

Now we're on to the raiders

15:24 (IST)23 MAY 2017


Kuldeep Singh to Bengaluru for 8L
Sunil Kumar to Gujarat for 30.4L
Muruthu M. to Tamil Nadu for 8L

15:14 (IST)23 MAY 2017


Pradeep Narwal to Bengaluru for 8.80L
Viraj Vishnu to Delhi for 8L
Vijin T. to Tamil Nadu for 10.20L.

15:08 (IST)23 MAY 2017


Jeeva Gopal to Haryana for 8L
Rakesh Singh Kumar to Haryana for 11L
Santosh to UP for 8L

15:06 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Navjot Singh bought by Bengaluru for 20L. 

15:01 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Virender Singh goes to Patna for 12.2L

14:58 (IST)23 MAY 2017


Shashank Wankhede to Bengal for 8L
Parvesh Bhainswal to Gujarat for 25L
Sandeep to Patna for 17.8L

14:45 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Another services player is sold. Satish goes to Patna for 26.8 lakh. 

14:38 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Services player Vijay Kumar is sold for 10.5 lakhs!

14:33 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Bengal Warrior buy Rahul Kumar for 8 lakh, the base price.

14:32 (IST)23 MAY 2017

And the category is done! Just two players sold. Now we have the defenders.

14:30 (IST)23 MAY 2017

No player sold so far after Rupesh.

14:26 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Delhi pick up Rupesh Tomar for 8 lakhs!

14:24 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Parmod Narwal is sold to Haryana for 11.2 lakhs!

14:16 (IST)23 MAY 2017

14:16 (IST)23 MAY 2017

Category C will be first, followed by cat D and then all the unsold players left.

14:14 (IST)23 MAY 2017

We're back! We start with category C players.

13:43 (IST)23 MAY 2017

2 PM is when we will return. Stay tuned!

13:30 (IST)23 MAY 2017

Apologies, Gurvinder Singh was bought by the Bulls and not by Haryana. 

13:17 (IST)23 MAY 2017

All the players afterwards have gone unsold. We'll be back at 2 after lunch. 

13:13 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Kamal Kishore to the Panthers for the base price of 12 lakhs!

13:12 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Nilesh Salunke goes for 49 lakhs to the Titans!

13:09 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Gurvinder Singh to Haryana for 16.2 lakhs!

13:07 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Gurvinder Singh is bought for 16.20 lakhs by Haryana!

13:03 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOOOOOLD! Wazir Singh goes to Haryana for a huge 44 lakh!

12:58 (IST)23 MAY 2017


Pawan Kumar for 13 lakhs
Sombir to Tamil Nadu for 12 lakhs
Mahesh Goud to UP for 15 lakhs

12:52 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Dange Sultan is snapped up by Gujarat for 16.50 lakhs!

12:48 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Patil Anand, a rookie raider, is bought by Delhi for 20.5 lakhs!

12:45 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Deepak K Dahiya goes to Haryana for 12 lakhs!

12:44 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Bengal Warriors pick up Deepak Narwal for 25.50 lakhs!

12:42 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! For the base price of 12 lakhs, Amit Om Prakash Rathi goes to Gujarat.

12:41 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Raider Surender Singh goes to UP for 28.5 lakhs!

12:36 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Rohit Baliyan, the ex-Titan and Bull, goes to Delhi for 35 lakhs!

12:31 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Prashant Kumar Rai, the former Delhi and Telugu man, goes to Haryana for 21 lakhs!

12:27 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Youngster Sachin goes to Gujarat for a huge 36 lakhs!

12:18 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Services man Vikas is bought by Telugu Titans for 25 lakhs. 

12:15 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Vikas Kumar goes to the Titans for 12 lakhs.

12:13 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Rohit Kumar Choudhary goes to Puneri Paltan for 28.50 lakhs!

12:08 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Bengal pick up Services man Maninder Singh for 45.50 lakhs!

12:06 (IST)23 MAY 2017

HUGE SALE! Dabang Delhi pick up raider Suraj Desai for a whopping 52.50 lakh!

11:59 (IST)23 MAY 2017

Sahil goes unsold.

11:57 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! M. Thivakaran goes to Tamil Nadu for 12.40 lakhs.

11:52 (IST)23 MAY 2017

And after two more players going unsold, we are through with the defenders. On to the raiders now!

11:51 (IST)23 MAY 2017

SOLD! Sunil goes to Delhi for 21 lakhs.
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