PV Sindhu vs Chen Yufei, Live Badminton Score and Updates, French Open Super Series 2017 Quarter-finals

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Sindhu def Yufei, 21-14, 21-14 to enter the semi-finals


21:27 (IST)27 OCT 2017

India can have more semi-finalists today as Srikanth Kidambi, HS Prannoy and the men's doubles team of Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty will play later in the day.

Follow Srikanth's match LIVE HERE and Prannoy's match LIVE HERE.

21:24 (IST)27 OCT 2017

What a clinical performance that was from Sindhu! Revenge was clearly on her mind and she came fully prepared! She did not repeat the mistakes she made last week at the Denmark Open Superseries.

The backhand that she has newly added to her repertoire of shots, was a weapon in the initial part of the match as she repeatedly twisted and turned the teenager to put her out of place. Sindhu was lethal at the forecourt today and her net game was a treat to watch. Granted that Chen was way off her game today, she could not do anything even when she had the lead in the second game. And later on, she just became clueless in front of the Sindhu barrage.

21:19 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Sindhu is the first Indian to book a semi-final berth at the French Open Superseries this year.

21:18 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Final score: Sindhu def Yufei, 21-14, 21-14

21:21 (IST)27 OCT 2017

This time Sindhu converts!!!!! 


21:20 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Sindhu makes a mistake at the net.....20-14

21:19 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Seven match points for Sindhu...20-13

21:19 (IST)27 OCT 2017

This time Chen manages to pull back one....13-19

21:18 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Great finish at the net from Sindhu....19-12

21:17 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Body smash from Sindhu....18-12

21:17 (IST)27 OCT 2017

It's a 17-11 advantage for the Indian now

21:16 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Sindhu falters at the net....16-10

21:15 (IST)27 OCT 2017


Chen struggling with the pace and accuracy

21:14 (IST)27 OCT 2017

15-9 is the lead for the Indian now

21:14 (IST)27 OCT 2017

And Hawkeye deems it OUT!

21:13 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Challenge from Chen as her shot, that landed on the baseline, was called out

21:12 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Sindhu still has the upper hand.....12-9

21:10 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Sindhu sends the shuttle back and it floats over the net....11-7 at halftime.

21:09 (IST)27 OCT 2017

The second seed has advanced to 10-7 now

21:08 (IST)27 OCT 2017

What defence from both! 9-6 for Sindhu

21:07 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Sindhu has extended her lead to two points.....8-6

21:06 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Sindhu inches ahead to 7-6 

21:06 (IST)27 OCT 2017

And 6-6 it is even though Sindhu has lot a bit of her sharpness

21:05 (IST)27 OCT 2017

All level at 5-5

21:05 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Chen is blocked by the net after a brilliant rally.....Sindhu trails 4-5

21:04 (IST)27 OCT 2017

And Sindhu is coming back here.....trails 3-4

21:03 (IST)27 OCT 2017

4-1 is the lead for the Chinese

21:02 (IST)27 OCT 2017

3-0 is the lead for Chen

21:01 (IST)27 OCT 2017


Chen opens up a 1-0 lead

20:58 (IST)27 OCT 2017

And Sindhu takes the first game, 21-14

20:58 (IST)27 OCT 2017

What accuracy from Sindhu! Forehand smash into the corner!

20:57 (IST)27 OCT 2017

What a smash from Sindhu!!!!! 19-14

20:56 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Makes it 14-18

20:56 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Chen comes forward and kills it! 13-18

20:55 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Sindhu 18-12

20:55 (IST)27 OCT 2017

A frustrated Chen sends a backhand wide! Sindhu 17-12

20:54 (IST)27 OCT 2017

16-12 is the lead for the Indian now

20:54 (IST)27 OCT 2017

And Chen fumbles at the net....lags behind 11-16

20:53 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Sindhu hits it wide! 15-11

20:52 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Big miss from Chen.....sends Sindhu up 15-10

20:52 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Clever play from Sindhu.....throws a lob to keep her on the backfoot

20:51 (IST)27 OCT 2017

This time Sindhu finds the corner smash! Up 13-10

20:50 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Sindhu was able to twist and turn Chen with brilliant angles before halftime. It's not happening anymore. Chen looking a bit more comfortable currently.

20:49 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Chen is slowly coming back....9-12

20:49 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Chen has reduced the deficit.....trails 8-12

20:48 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Chen pulls one back....7-12

20:48 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Sindhu looking so confident at the net.....12-6

20:47 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Chen barely misses the sideline....Sindhu up 11-6 at the interval.

20:46 (IST)27 OCT 2017

And the Indian finds a down the line winner for 10-6

20:45 (IST)27 OCT 2017

Sindhu sends the shuttle long....9-6
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