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  • RCB vs LSG Live Score Updates, IPL 2024, Match 15: RCB, LSG square off at Chinnaswamy Stadium in search of second win

RCB vs LSG Live Score Updates, IPL 2024, Match 15: RCB, LSG square off at Chinnaswamy Stadium in search of second win

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 02, 2024 23:55 IST

RCB vs LSG Live Score IPL 2024 Match Updates: Get the RCB vs LSG live score for today's IPL match and follow Sportskeeda for the top-notch ball-by-ball commentary from the M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru for Live Score Updates


23:55 (IST)2 APR 2024

That's it from us in terms of coverage of the Indian Premier League for today. We'll be back again tomorrow evening as the Delhi Capitals host the Kolkata Knight Riders - both teams coming into the clash on the back of big wins. Join us right here on Sportskeeda for our coverage of it, and a lot more! This is Rajarshi Das, signing off on behalf of Shashwat Kumar. Good night - see you tomorrow!

23:50 (IST)2 APR 2024

Two successive losses at home for RCB - they've had their fair share of problems with the middle-order, and the alarm bells must have set off after tonight's game. Once their top-order - Kohli in particular - was back in the shed, RCB were always going to be up against it, and a stormy Mayank Yadav spell blew them away. They'll be hitting the road now - RCB head to the west of India to take on Rajasthan Royals on Saturday next. 

The Lucknow Super Giants, on the other hand, are picking up quite a bit of momentum going forward. KL Rahul returned as captain and keeper, de Kock found some runs, and while the runs stemmed in between, Pooran applied the finishing touches. Mayank Yadav's introduction to the IPL has made their bowling attack look 10 times better - opposition batting line-ups can't catch a break even after getting off to fliers in the powerplay! While they have issues to address, things are looking good for the Sanjiv Goenka-owned franchise as they head back home - their next game being against the Gujarat Titans on Sunday.

23:33 (IST)2 APR 2024

Mayank Yadav has been adjudged Player Of The Match! Here's what he has to say: Feels really good to have won back-to-back Player Of Matches, but it feels better to win the game. My aim is to serve the country for as long as I can. Feel this is the start, long way to go. Cameron Green's wicket was my favourite from today. To bowl at this speed, one needs a lot of things - diet, sleep, training, have to be perfect in a lot of aspects if you're bowling quick. I'm focusing more on my diet and recovery, taking ice baths and all. That's helping me a lot currently.

23:32 (IST)2 APR 2024

KL Rahul, Lucknow Super Giants captain: Overall, a really good performance. Was very obvious that it was a tricky wicket, slightly on a sticky side, helpful for the seam bowlers. Having said that, we got off to a really good start, by the time the opposition found which the good lengths were, we had gotten away with the game. That was what helped us at the back-end though they bowled really well at the back-end. The chat was very simple, there's a bit of help off the wicket, try and use it, not go for the yorkers. Playing in Chinnaswamy, the pressure can come onto you really quickly, important to stay calm and trust the wicket to help. (On keeping to Mayank Yadav) One ball hit me really hard, but so happy to see Mayank bowling so well over the last couple of games. He's quietly waited in the dugout over the last two seasons, missed the last season due to injury. Really good to see professionals looking after his body. Enjoying seeing him bowl from 20 yards behind the stumps, that's where I'd like to be when he's bowling. Every time I come to the ground and we have our meetings, the coach and analysts ask me what I want to do in the toss, we're tempted to say we bowl first because it's the trend in T20 cricket. Our record speaks differently. The good thing I'm doing is losing tosses, we're batting first, if the results go sideways, no one's going to blame me for taking a wrong decision at the toss. How I see our performances - if we get bowled out, or if the opposition blasts us out of the game, there's something to go back and think about. We don't really stress too much about it. The first game was one such game where we tried too hard, but they bowled better than us. I think we've bounced back really well, this is generally how we play our cricket and will continue to do so. We've gone spin in this game, there's an obvious match-up against RCB, we tried it and it worked. We'll simply try and find ways to get those wickets in the powerplay and see how we can improve.

23:18 (IST)2 APR 2024

Quinton de Kock: It is always nice to go out and score runs for your team, especially batting first here, because it is difficult. You never know what is a good score. When I walked off, I was worried 180 was not enough but in the end, it was. (On the pitch) I think it was holding and bouncing. The nature of where the game was, I could not play as freely as I wanted, had to take control of the innings and bat longer. We lost wickets at bad times, hence had to bat longer. (On Mayank Yadav) Glad to have him in our team. He is bowling rockets at the moment, bowling really well. He is keeping things simple. Lot of times, guys with pace can get caught up with things. (On Pooran and his batting at the end) That is why he gets paid the big bucks (laughs). When I am playing at the Chinnaswamy or anywhere in the world, your job is to assess the conditions.  It (the conditions) is never quite the same, and that (assessing the conditions) is the job we have to do as openers. 

23:15 (IST)2 APR 2024

Faf du Plessis, Royal Challengers Bengaluru captain: (On the drops)Two very good players (QDK and Pooran that we dropped), probably about 60-65 extra runs (we gave away). Mistakes like that could really cost you in a tournament like the IPL. (On Mayank Yadav) When you are young and are coming through, it is about a new action that you have not faced. It takes batters a few times just to see how the ball is coming out of the hand. Really impressive to see his pace but also his ability to control and bowl with some good discipline. Speed, coupled with good accuracy. (On the score) It was a little above what we would have wanted to chase. I think we were not great with the ball. We gave away easy boundaries in the powerplay, giving away boundaries where the batters were strong. There were pleasing signs towards the back end to bring it back to that score. (On the chase faltering) You need partnerships, as basic as that. We never got that. Disappointing to not do it with the bat. Need a few strong characters to put their hands up and get us back on track.

23:10 (IST)2 APR 2024

Match summary:

Lucknow Super Giants win by 28 runs

Quinton de Kock 81(56) | Mayank Yadav 3/14 (4)
Mahipal Lomror 33(13) | Glenn Maxwell 2/23 (4)

RCB's middle-order woes were laid bare by the Lucknow Super Giants bowling attack tonight. Then again, there might not be too many teams who possess a middle-order capable of scoring quick against a maverick of Mayank Yadav's kind - the Royal Challengers Bengaluru line-up seemed to wilt like a plant starved of water on an immensely hot day! Mayank Yadav sure did bring the heat along, completely stemming the flow of runs in those middle overs.

KL Rahul's decision to bowl left-arm spin from either end against RCB's opening duo of Virat Kohli and Faf du Plessis seemed sensible, particularly with the kind of start Manimaran Siddharth had, but once there was width on offer, the runs began to flow along. The opening duo got RCB to a total of 40 within the fifth over before Siddharth struck gold - he enticed Kohli into a false shot with a loopy delivery that broke away from a length.

Then began the Mayank Yadav show. Faf du Plessis, having been rushed by a rapid, full delivery, was keen on scurrying to the non-striker's end having hit it straight to Padikkal at mid wicket, but ended up paying a hefty price. Glenn Maxwell and Cameron Green, two prolific strikers of the cricket ball against pace, seemed sitting ducks against Mayank Yadav as the rookie speedster from Delhi rushed both of them for sheer pace - he got Maxwell to mistime one towards Padikkal, and cleaned Green up with a peach in his second over.

Scoring runs seemed a task in itself in those middle overs as Rawat and Patidar struggled to find a way out. While Patidar got going briefly, Rawat didn't - Stoinis bowled one over and accounted for the RCB wicket-keeper. Patidar turned out to be Mayank Yadav's third scalp of the night - the Indori middle-order batter perished trying to take a short ball on, and was held by Padikkal at deep square.

Mahipal Lomror, sent in as an impact sub, looked to keep the game alive with a belated assault, but the fall of wickets at the other end did not help his and RCB's case one bit. Once Lomror picked out Pooran at long off and departed for a 13-ball 33, the game was up, and LSG succeeded in bowling RCB out with two balls to spare - a first in this year's IPL. Presentations to follow...

23:09 (IST)2 APR 2024

Pooran rolled over for a third time for the cameras - he had all the more reason, that was a sensational catch to end the match!

23:08 (IST)2 APR 2024

19.4 Naveen-ul-Haq to Mohammed Siraj

WHAT A CATCH TO FINISH THINGS! Slower ball on a full length on middle and off. Siraj backs away and swings for the hills. Cloths it off the bottom part of the bat and it arrows towards long on. Pooran eats up ground to his left, and then flies, snaffling up a very sharp chance while almost being horizontal to the ground! LSG win by 28 runs, and RCB slip to their second consecutive defeat at home!

Mohammed Siraj c Nicholas Pooran b Naveen-ul-Haq 12 (8b, 0x4, 2x6)

23:07 (IST)2 APR 2024

19.3 Naveen-ul-Haq to Mohammed Siraj

sharp back of a length delivery that pitches on off and nips back in with the angle. Siraj is cramped for room and does not lay bat on ball

23:07 (IST)2 APR 2024

19.2 Naveen-ul-Haq to Mohammed Siraj

off-pace, hung up on a hard length outside off. Siraj has a massive swing at it but makes no contact

23:06 (IST)2 APR 2024

19.1 Naveen-ul-Haq to Reece Topley

hard length on off. Topley backs away and taps it towards extra cover to bring Siraj back on strike

23:06 (IST)2 APR 2024

Naveen-ul-Haq (3-0-24-1) will bowl the final over of the match

23:05 (IST)2 APR 2024

Ah yes. Two clean hits - that'll make Siraj feel really good! The referral turned out to be a grand success! 30 needed off the last over...

23:05 (IST)2 APR 2024

End of over 19 (14 runs), Royal Challengers Bengaluru 152/9

Mohammed Siraj 12(5)
Reece Topley 2(5)
Ravi Bishnoi 33/0

23:05 (IST)2 APR 2024

18.6 Ravi Bishnoi to Mohammed Siraj

SIRAJ GOES BACK TO BACK! Slightly shorter but still within Siraj's arc. He opens up his stance and demolishes this over the bowler's head!

23:04 (IST)2 APR 2024

18.5 Ravi Bishnoi to Mohammed Siraj

CLEAN STRIKE! Floated up into the slot outside off. Siraj swings through the line and crunches it over long off!

23:03 (IST)2 APR 2024

While Bishnoi mostly bowls googlies, Siraj had no idea about this one. He plays down the wrong line, seems to have been caught in front... isn't. Siraj will get to bat a few more deliveries!

23:03 (IST)2 APR 2024

18.4 Ravi Bishnoi to Mohammed Siraj

LOUD SHOUT AND THE FINGER GOES UP! Beautifully-disguised googly that pitches on a length just outside off. Rips back sharply and Siraj has no clue about it. Gets pinned on the front pad and the umpire raises his finger. Siraj has reviewed it, although it looks like more in hope. Clear gap between bat and ball. Ball Tracking comes up now...and it shows the ball would have gone over the stumps. Siraj stays!

23:02 (IST)2 APR 2024

18.4 Ravi Bishnoi to Mohammed Siraj

angled down leg. Called a wide. Not great bowling by Bishnoi

23:02 (IST)2 APR 2024

18.3 Ravi Bishnoi to Mohammed Siraj

length outside off. Siraj gets fully forward and plays the textbook defensive stroke

23:01 (IST)2 APR 2024

18.2 Ravi Bishnoi to Reece Topley

shortish outside off. Topley goes back and jabs it towards deep cover point

23:01 (IST)2 APR 2024

18.1 Ravi Bishnoi to Reece Topley

googly on a length outside off. Topley goes back and stabs it towards the bowler

23:01 (IST)2 APR 2024

Ravi Bishnoi (2-0-19-0) returns into the attack

23:01 (IST)2 APR 2024

Yash Thakur delivers the killer blow eventually! He took a bit of beating off Lomror in his previous over, had his man this time! Wasn't the best of deliveries, though - Lomror didn't get all of it.

23:00 (IST)2 APR 2024

End of over 18 (2 runs), Royal Challengers Bengaluru 138/9

Mohammed Siraj 0(1)
Reece Topley 1(3)
Yash Thakur 38/1

23:00 (IST)2 APR 2024

17.6 Yash Thakur to Mohammed Siraj

slower ball on a back of a length outside off. Siraj goes feeling for it and sees the ball sneak past the outside edge

23:00 (IST)2 APR 2024

Mohammed Siraj, RHB, is the last man in

22:59 (IST)2 APR 2024

There you go! The final nail in the coffin has been smashed in! Pooran sees this one all the way into his palms, snatched at it a bit, but had it covered!

22:59 (IST)2 APR 2024

17.5 Yash Thakur to Mahipal Lomror

LOMROR FALLS NOW, AND THAT SHOULD BE THAT FOR RCB'S HOPES! Full and wide outside off. Could be counted as another slot ball but Lomror cannot quite get under it fully. Slams it flat but straight to long off, where Pooran holds on!

Mahipal Lomror c Nicholas Pooran b Yash Thakur 33 (13b, 3x4, 3x6)

22:58 (IST)2 APR 2024

17.4 Yash Thakur to Reece Topley

back of a length outside off. Topley drops it into the off side and this time, Lomror responds. Would have been out with a direct hit

22:57 (IST)2 APR 2024

17.3 Yash Thakur to Reece Topley

slower ball on a length outside off. Topley tries to tip and run to backward point but Lomror sends him back

22:57 (IST)2 APR 2024

17.2 Yash Thakur to Reece Topley

short and sharp outside off. Zips off the surface and whistles past the outside edge of Topley's bat

22:57 (IST)2 APR 2024

Reece Topley, RHB, comes to the crease

22:56 (IST)2 APR 2024

Whoops! Plenty happened there, for sure! While Pooran ends up accounting for the wrong man having run in late for the catch, it sure was a awe-striking throw! Didn't need to throw the stumps down though - Dagar was on his back three-quarters away from safety, having slipped trying to get Lomror back on strike!

22:56 (IST)2 APR 2024

17.1 Yash Thakur to Mahipal Lomror

STRAIGHT UP BUT IT LANDS SAFELY! BUT THERE IS A RUN OUT HERE! CHAOS AT THE CHINNASWAMY! Slower ball on a length outside off. Lomror has a massive mow across the line and slices it on the bounce to long off. Dagar wants the second but Lomror has not moved a muscle at the other end. Dagar, in trying to turn back, slips mid-pitch and then watches agonizingly as Pooran's throw from the deep smashes into the stumps at the batter's end!

Mayank Dagar run out (Nicholas Pooran) 0 (1b, 0x4, 0x6)

22:55 (IST)2 APR 2024

Just as it seemed RCB were clawing their way back in it, Naveen delivered a telling blow! Karthik was struggling for timing today, and it is all down to Lomror now to win it for his side.

22:54 (IST)2 APR 2024

End of over 17 (13 runs), Royal Challengers Bengaluru 136/7

Mayank Dagar 0(1)
Mahipal Lomror 32(11)
Naveen ul Haq 24/1

22:54 (IST)2 APR 2024

16.6 Naveen-ul-Haq to Mayank Dagar

back of a length delivery well outside off. Dagar throws his hands at it but only connects with fresh air

22:53 (IST)2 APR 2024

Mayank Dagar, RHB, comes to the crease

22:53 (IST)2 APR 2024

Naveen exults! He got this one to skid onto Karthik from well wide of the crease, Karthik was done by the angle, looked to pull, the ball took a top edge and lobbed onto Rahul.

22:52 (IST)2 APR 2024

16.5 Naveen-ul-Haq to Dinesh Karthik

NAVEEN OUTWITS KARTHIK! Another slower ball, into the track on leg stump. Karthik, like Lomror earlier in the over, is way too early on the pull but cannot change his stroke as adeptly. Swings at it and the ball pops up off the glove, straight to Rahul behind the stumps!

Dinesh Karthik c KL Rahul b Naveen-ul-Haq 4 (8b, 0x4, 0x6)

22:52 (IST)2 APR 2024

16.5 Naveen-ul-Haq to Dinesh Karthik

slower ball that goes awry and slides down leg. Some more exercise for the umpire

22:51 (IST)2 APR 2024

16.4 Naveen-ul-Haq to Mahipal Lomror

off-pace on a full length just outside leg. Lomror swings and misses, and the ball trickles off the pads towards the keeper. Karthik sneaks in a leg bye

22:50 (IST)2 APR 2024

Ohhh, tremendous! Sensational presence of mind from Lomror there! Make no mistake - he misread the change of pace initially, but the adjustment that he did after that was admirable!

22:50 (IST)2 APR 2024

16.3 Naveen-ul-Haq to Mahipal Lomror

WHAT A SHOT! Slower bumper that finishes outside off. Lomror is deceived by it initially but then, somehow, manages to change his stroke in time to ramp it over the keeper's head, with the back leg coming up for theatrical effect!

22:49 (IST)2 APR 2024

16.2 Naveen-ul-Haq to Mahipal Lomror

LOMROR WITH ANOTHER HUGE SIX! Proper slot ball outside off. Lomror sits deep in his crease and gives it all he has, launching it a mile over long on!

22:48 (IST)2 APR 2024

16.1 Naveen-ul-Haq to Dinesh Karthik

slower ball on a back of a length outside off. Karthik jabs it out towards deep point

22:48 (IST)2 APR 2024

Naveen-ul-Haq (2-0-12-0) is back into the attack
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