Seema Bisla loses to Sarra Hamdi; crashes out of the event

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Catch LIVE scores from Seema Bisla vs Sarra Hamdi 50kg women's wrestling at Olympics 2021


08:26 (IST)6 AUG 2021

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08:24 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Right then, that brings us to the end of the coverage from the match between Seema Bisla and Sarra Hamdi. 

08:18 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Seema Bisla crashes out of the event as she loses 1 - 3 to Tunisia's Sarra Hamdi. The Tunisian wrestler has the upper hand throughout the game and she performed better than the Indian, which saw her progress to the next round of the event. 

Not another great day for India in Wrestling as Seema Bisla will have to return home without a medal for her country. India's one last hope in the sport is Bajrang Punia, who will be in action very soon. All eyes will be pinned on him as India will be expecting a medal from him. 

08:15 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Match Summary

08:14 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Final Score

08:13 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Seema Bisla tries to catch Sarra's legs, but the Tunisian turns tables and adds another point to her tally.

Sarra Hamdi 3 - Seema Bisla 1

08:11 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Last 30 seconds for the Indian to make a comeback!

08:11 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Seema Bisla again has 30 seconds as activity time, and this time she pushes Sarra Hamdi out of the ring.

Sarra Hamdi 2 - Seema Bisla 1

08:10 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Sarra Hamdi doubles her lead!

Sarra Hamdi 2 - Seema Bisla 0

08:10 (IST)6 AUG 2021

2 minutes to go for the final whistle!

08:09 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Seema Bisla gets an opportunity, but the Tunisian wrestler gets back on her feet and prevents the Indian's move.

08:08 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Period 2 is underway!

08:08 (IST)6 AUG 2021


Tunisia's Sarra Hamdi has the lead at the end of Period 1. The coaches have a chat with their players. 

Sarra Hamdi 1 - Seema Bisla 0

08:07 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Seema Bisla fails to make an activity and thus Sarra Hamdi scores her first point.

Sarra Hamdi 1 - Seema Bisla 0

08:06 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Seema Bisla has 30 seconds for an activity, else she will lose a point. 

08:06 (IST)6 AUG 2021

A tough contest between both players. Now, the referee gives some instructions to Seema Bisla.

08:05 (IST)6 AUG 2021

The referee blows the whistle and gives some instructions to Sarra Hamdi.

08:05 (IST)6 AUG 2021

The two players have started their run in the event, and are trying to put the other player down.

Sarra Hamdi 0 - Seema Bisla 0

08:04 (IST)6 AUG 2021

We're underway!

08:04 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Both players have entered the pitch and are all set to begin their match. 

08:03 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Referee and Judge for today's match between Seema Bisla and Sarra Hamdi

07:58 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Seema Bisla's match is second! She will be seen in action in the next 10 minutes! 

07:46 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Sarra Hamdi vs Seema Bisla

07:38 (IST)6 AUG 2021

The pre-quarterfinal match between Seema Bisla and Sarra Hamdi will take place on Mat B.

07:35 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Seema Bisla's ranks in the last few competitions

07:33 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Sarra Hamdi's ranks in the last few events

07:32 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Seema Bisla won a bronze medal at the 2021 Asian Championships. She qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games by reaching the final of the women's 50kg freestyle at the World Olympic Qualifier in Bulgaria.

07:26 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Women's Freestyle 50kg draw

07:23 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Sarra Hamdi won a silver medal at the 2019 African Games. The Tunisian wrestler has also claimed two silver medals at the African Championships. At the 2018 Ranking Series held in Turkey, she claimed another silver medal.

With a handful of medals to her name, the Sarra Hamdi will be a tough opponent to defeat and is one of the players to watch out for in this category. 

07:21 (IST)6 AUG 2021

If Seema Bisla wins her round 1 bout, she will meet the winner of the bout between Mariya Stadnik of Azerbaijan and Stalvira Orshush of the Russian Olympic Committee in the quarterfinals.

07:18 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Seema Bisla will be in action around 8:10 PM IST!

07:06 (IST)6 AUG 2021

Hello & Welcome to Sportskeeda's live blog for today's pre-quarterfinal match between Seema Bisla and Tunisia's Sarra Hamdi.

Two players will compete in the women's 50kg freestyle category. Seema and Sarra will look to start their campaign on a positive note. A must-win game for both grapplers if they are to make it to the next round of the event. With both players looking to progress to the quarter-final, both players will give it their all to steal a victory.

On that note, stick with us as we have a lot of information coming your way.
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