South Africa vs Australia Third T20I

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The third T20I between South Africa and Australia will be played at Newlands, Cape Town.


00:58 (IST)27 FEB 2020

Aaron Finch is the man of the Series player

00:57 (IST)27 FEB 2020

Mitchell Starc gets the Man of the Match award for his 3/23 bowling figures.

00:51 (IST)27 FEB 2020

Australian Cricket hit a low here last year on this ground 2 years ago. To come back and win a series here just goes on to show that Australia's management including Justin Langer, Aaron Finch and Tim Paine in tests have led their recovery well. Classic case study for teams looking to get out of lows of cricket.

00:48 (IST)27 FEB 2020

South Africa never looked in the chase. They lost de Kock and du Plessis early on in the innings and never recovered from there. Starc was lethal in the beginning and Spinners slowed down South African innings in the middle. Agar was once again pick of the bowler and almost got a second hat-trick of the series. Dussen and Klassen did share a 34 runs stand but it was never going to enough to win the match. once again, Australian bowlers bowled many slower balls to make the most of the surface.Starc and Agar shared three wickets each to humiliate the hosts' second time in the series. Warner and Finch set the tone for the tourists as the duo shared a 120 runs stand for the first wicket.

00:43 (IST)27 FEB 2020

From #ProteaFire to #ProteaAshes SA Cricket in moving in only one direction. Another series defeat for SA. Boucher and De Kock have lots of thinking to do in terms of team selection and combinations.

00:42 (IST)27 FEB 2020

Australia beat SA by 97 runs to clinch the series 2-1.

00:41 (IST)27 FEB 2020

15.3 Starc to Rabada, OUT! A ruthless inswinging Yorker to trap a tailender in front of the wicket. Ruthless. Yes, that's the word to describe Australia's performance tonight. 

00:41 (IST)27 FEB 2020

15.2 Starc to Rabada, down the leg

00:40 (IST)27 FEB 2020

15.1 Starc to Shamsi, just a single. The crowd just cheered a single by a no. 11 batsmen. They have crossed the stages of disappointment now and have slipped into the sarcasm mode

00:39 (IST)27 FEB 2020

Couple of wickets for Agar and SA on brink of another defeat.0

00:39 (IST)27 FEB 2020

14.6 Agar to Shamsi, single to end the over

00:38 (IST)27 FEB 2020

14.5 Agar to Shamsi, No run

00:38 (IST)27 FEB 2020

14.4 Agar to Shamsi, He survives. Shamsi denies Agar another Hat Trick. Blocked back to bowler

00:36 (IST)27 FEB 2020

14.3 Agar to Ngidi, BOWLED HIM! Ngidi swings and misses. Agar is just bowling at the stumps and collecting wickets for fun. He is on Hat Trick for the third time in this series

00:35 (IST)27 FEB 2020

14.2 Agar to Nortje, OUT! Australia are running over SA without any resistance. Agar delivers what looked like an arm ball on the stumps, Nortje is caught in front of stumps rying to reverse sweep

00:35 (IST)27 FEB 2020

14.1 Agar to Nortje, no run

00:34 (IST)27 FEB 2020

13.6 Marsh to Nortje, single to end the over

00:33 (IST)27 FEB 2020

13.5 Marsh to Nortje, swing and miss

00:32 (IST)27 FEB 2020

Marsh bowling for the first time in the series. Finch feels comfortable enough to experiment and rightly so!

00:32 (IST)27 FEB 2020

13.4 Marsh to Rabada, edged and a single

00:32 (IST)27 FEB 2020

13.3 Marsh to Nortje, another slow ball 

00:31 (IST)27 FEB 2020

13.2 Marsh to Nortje, No run

00:29 (IST)27 FEB 2020

13.1 Marsh to Pretorius, SA REVIEW! Off cutter onto the pads. Pretorious misses it. Looked plumb and the umpire has no hesitation in raising the finger. Pretorious decides to gamble the review away. Three Reds. Gone!

00:28 (IST)27 FEB 2020

Aussies are just completing the overs now. they probably realise its just a formality now

00:28 (IST)27 FEB 2020

12.6 Cummins to Rabada, slower ball to end the over

00:25 (IST)27 FEB 2020

12.5 Cummins to Miller, OUT! Half Hearted uppish drive from Miller and the ball finds home in Finch's hand at extra cover who just had to move a few inches forward to grab it. Insurance wicket this, As Miller was SA's last hope

00:25 (IST)27 FEB 2020

12.4 Cummins to Pretorius, single to mid-off

00:24 (IST)27 FEB 2020

12.4 Cummins to Pretorius, 

00:24 (IST)27 FEB 2020

12.4 Cummins to Pretorius, too high

00:23 (IST)27 FEB 2020

12.3 Cummins to Pretorius, SIX! Massive hit! Waist height short delivery. enough for Pretorious to pull it over deep mid wicket. Consolation Six 

00:22 (IST)27 FEB 2020

12.2 Cummins to Miller, cuts it for a single

00:22 (IST)27 FEB 2020

12.1 Cummins to Miller, takes a couple

00:21 (IST)27 FEB 2020

Spinners have tightened up and now asking rate is touching 15.0

00:20 (IST)27 FEB 2020

11.6 Zampa to Miller, single to end the over

00:20 (IST)27 FEB 2020

11.5 Zampa to Pretorius, another single

00:20 (IST)27 FEB 2020

11.4 Zampa to Miller, reverse sweeps it for a single

00:19 (IST)27 FEB 2020

11.3 Zampa to Pretorius, sanother single

00:18 (IST)27 FEB 2020

11.2 Zampa to Pretorius, Stumping Check! Not Out

00:17 (IST)27 FEB 2020

Can Miller pull a rabbit out of his hat or will this be another meek surrender by SA

00:17 (IST)27 FEB 2020

At the end of power play, the word for SA was hope. After 6 overs of spin thereafter, the word they will now be looking for is "miracle"

00:17 (IST)27 FEB 2020

11.1 Zampa to Miller, single to deep mid-wicket

00:16 (IST)27 FEB 2020

Agar and Zampa have stopped boundaries .0

00:16 (IST)27 FEB 2020

10.6 Agar to Miller, just five singles from the over

00:15 (IST)27 FEB 2020

10.5 Agar to Pretorius, another single 

00:15 (IST)27 FEB 2020

10.4 Agar to Pretorius, straight to short mid wicket

00:15 (IST)27 FEB 2020

10.3 Agar to Miller, cuts it for a single

00:14 (IST)27 FEB 2020

10.2 Agar to Pretorius, single to sweeper cover

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