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  • UFC 282 Live Results (11th December 2022) A New Champion Crowned In Main Event

UFC 282 Live Results (11th December 2022) A New Champion Crowned In Main Event

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 11, 2022 06:13 GMT

Join us here for the UFC 282 Live Results as well as live updates on all of the action in what is the UFC's final PPV of the year. Follow the UFC 282 Live Results here:


06:13 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Thanks for joining us here at Sportskeeda, join us next week for UFC Fight Night: Strickland vs Cannonier.

06:12 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

06:11 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

And staggeringly, the bout is declared a split draw. This means there is still no champion. This is a strange end to the evening that poses more questions than it gives answers.

06:07 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

06:06 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

From the brink of being stopped with leg kicks, Ankalaev has managed to dominate the last two rounds on the ground with ease, and has put himself in a good position to become the new champion, lets see if the judges agree.

06:04 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Ankalaev managed to take down Blachowicz off a slip, and is controlling him fairly easily. Ankalaev looks happy to try and ride out the remaining minutes from this dominant position.

06:01 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Heading into the last round, the damage is definitely on Blachowicz's side. Will be interesting to see how the judges score it, if they are needed. 2-2 if the commentators are to be believed.

06:00 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Fairly straight forward round. Full control for Ankalaev on the ground, and he has manged to get a round back.

05:57 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Round four gets underway and straight away Ankalaev pressures Blachowicz onto the cage, and after some working in the clinch, scores a takedown and lands in his opponent's guard.

05:54 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Ankalaev scores a late takedown in a round that is hard not to score for Blachowicz due to the clear leg damage caused.

05:52 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

A low knee by Ankalaev forces a break in the action.

05:51 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Ankalaev now noticeably wincing and flinching at these kicks. He now tries to force a grappling exchange.

05:49 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Ankalaev doesn't seem to be able to do much about these kicks as he starts round three being blasted with more of the same. 

05:47 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Round two goes to Blachowicz, and he has given him a real advantage in the rest of the fight by compromising his legs with inside low kicks. Money in the bank.

05:45 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Blachowicz is hurting Ankalaev badly with the leg and body kicks now. 

05:45 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

The second round looks much better for the Polish fighter, who is connecting much easier this round.

05:41 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

05:41 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

A close first round here. Ankalaev looks the looser of the pair, but Blachowicz is throwing hard and finding a home for his kicks. Hard round to score.

05:37 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Blachowicz seems to be focused on calf kicks to open this one.

05:35 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

No glove touch between this pair, what a main event!!

05:24 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Finally, we come to the main event of the evening, as former champion Jan Blachowicz takes on Russian juggernaut Magomed Ankalaev. The vacant light-heavyweight title finds it's new holder tonight, one way or the other.

05:19 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

05:18 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

05:17 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

The judges clearly disagree as the unanimously award Pimblett the 29-28 decision victory.

05:15 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

A close fight, but it would appear that Gordon has done enough to secure it. We go to the judge's scorecards.

05:13 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Nothing much has changed, with Gordon controlling Pimblett against the cage for the entire round thus far.

05:10 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Round three starts and Gordon secures a body lock against the cage, controlling the first minute and a half of action there.

05:08 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Strong finish to round two for the Scouser, who tries to rally the crowd.

05:07 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Pimblett unloads a barrage of strikes on Gordon, but pokes him in the eye and forces a break in the action.

05:05 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Both men are happy to exchange here as they get into a firefight against the cage. Pimblett tries to secure a rear-naked choke, but Gordon manages to stand-up.

05:02 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Pimblett and Gordon look well-matched here, but unless Pimblett puts more emphasis on defence, he looks likely to be dropped at somepoint.

05:00 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Pimblett's striking offense is looking good, but he seems unable to stop Gordon's left hand from getting through. Things are heating up.

04:57 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Gordon has landed three flush punches in the opening minute,

04:53 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

04:52 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

As is now expected, Pimblett's energy levels are off the charts as he makes his way to the cage, to a chorus of " Oh Paddy The Baddy" chants.

04:42 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Next up, Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett takes on Jared Gordon in his biggest test to date. One thing is for sure, the noise levels in the T-Mobile are about to pick up.

04:38 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

04:37 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

04:36 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

PONZINIBBIO KNOCKS HIM OUT!! What a comeback by the veteran.

He rocks Morono with a right hand that looks to have broken his jaw and follows up for the quick stoppage.

04:34 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

The third and final round has gotten underway, and Morono once again wobbles Ponzinibbio with punches.

04:31 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Ponzinibbio is focusing on the body a lot this round and is landing, but the telling moment once again goes to Morono.

04:28 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Morono darts in with a jab/straight combination and scores a second knockdown.

04:26 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Morono scores a knockdown in the dying seconds of the first round. Both men missed with spinning back fists, but Morono caught Ponzinibio on the end of his spin with a punch.

04:22 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Both men tentatively exchange body shots in the center. This is a very tense affair.

04:15 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Alex Morono had only five days to prepare for the fight, but he is never shy in accepting a short-notice bout. He first came to many fans attention with a short-notice win over Donald Cerrone back in 2021 and hasn't lost since.

04:13 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Next up Santiago Ponzinibbio takes on late replacement Alex Morono. The Argentine fighter has been in shaky form since his return from injury, while Morono is coming into his own in the UFC.

04:07 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

04:04 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Darren Till over extends on a punch in the closing minutes and is taken down straight into mount. Du Plessis threw punches, forcing Till to give up his back and securing a quick rear-naked choke.

04:00 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

03:59 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Till is looking the more comfortable on the feet, but seems to be waiting to counter rather than applying pressure. As a result Du Plessis lands another sloppy takedown, and ends the round with an ankle lock on Till.
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