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UFC 285 Live Results (4th March) Jon Jones Wins !!

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 05, 2023 05:51 GMT

UFC 285 Live Results, live from Las Vegas as two title fights head a stacked card. Live Results:


05:51 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

05:51 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Jones Submits Gane!!!

Jones submits Gane with a guillotine and cements his legacy as the G.O.A.T.


05:49 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

After a quick groin kick stoppage, Jones pressures Gane and scores an early takedown.

05:43 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

The introduction is complete, it's time to get it underway. 

05:39 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Jon Jones enters the cage to "The Champ Is Here".

05:24 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

05:23 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Jon Jones vs. Cyril Gane

Main-event time, as the heavyweight title is up for grabs.

05:23 (GMT)5 MAR 2023


Grasso leaps onto Shevchenko and latches onto a rear-naked choke that catches the champion off guard. She tries to fight it off, but to no avail, and submits, making Grasso the new champion.

05:17 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

A lot of jostling for position this round.

05:14 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

05:13 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

We head into the championship rounds.

05:13 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Valentina scores another takedown to open the round, and maintains until being stood up, but takes her down again.

05:07 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

The pair make it back to there feet, but after some circling, the champion scores another takedown. We go into the third.

05:04 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Shevchenko scores a takedown and gets Grasso into a crucifix, not good with 3 minutes to go.

05:02 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Round two gets underway.

04:59 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Grasso has cracked the champion twice now, and her boxing looks crisp.

04:58 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Shevchenko looks very comfortable striking to start this one. Landing a lot of leg-kicks.

04:55 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

And we are underway.

04:45 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

04:43 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Valentina Shevchenko (c) vs. Alexa Grasso

UFC Womens Flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko looks to retain once again, this time against Alexa Grasso.

04:41 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

04:32 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Neal hurts Shavkat badly, but be manages to survive.

04:30 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Probably 2-0 to Rakhmanov, but Neal is still very much a live horse in the race.

04:27 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Neal has tagged Rakhmanov a few times, whenever he gets to last with his guard. He has though, maintained control.

04:24 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Both men look eager as round two begins.

04:24 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Rakhmanov is pouring it on, but Neal manages to catch him with one of his own as the bell sounds.

04:22 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Rakhmanov lands a huge headkick, and splits Neal wide open. He is currently fighting without a mouthpiece.

04:20 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Neal is finding early success with his boxing, but gets caught with a couple of hooks.

04:19 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Rakhmanov opens with a head kick, followed by a clinch attempt against the cage. Neal reverses position though.

04:16 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Neal missed weight for this one by 5lbs.

04:03 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Geoff Neal vs. Shavkat Rakhmonov

Next up is the return of highly touted Kazahk prospect Shavkat Rakhmanov, as he takes on knockout artist Geoff Neal.

04:02 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

03:58 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Turner attempts a flying knee but ends up being clinched against the cage for his troubles. Gamrot trips him into full mount to end the fight. A probable victory for the Pole.

03:56 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Gamrot is controlling Turner against the cage with very little coming from Turners direction.

03:54 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Turner is pressing the action, but Gamrot manages to score a huge takedown in the middle of the octagon.

03:53 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

We make it to a third.

03:52 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Both rounds are incredibly hard to score here, close to impossible.

03:51 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Gamrot though manages to perfectly time a takedown in the center of the cage and gets the crucifix position. Good sequence for the Polish delegate.

03:50 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Turner is taking over here.

03:50 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

The fight is opening up, and both men catch each other within seconds.

03:49 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Gamrot has been attacking the calf, and it is starting to slow Turner down.

03:47 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

The second round gets underway.

03:45 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Turner drops Gamrot with a left hand, but Gamrot lands on top of him and moves to half-guard.

03:44 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Both men get back to there feet.

03:43 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Gamrot manages to score a takedown. Turner works to get to the fence. His shorts appear to be coming off as well.

03:42 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Gamrot starts off attacking the legs, with Turner throwing hard, straight punches as his weapon of choice.

03:41 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Turner is noticeably larger than Gamrot in the cage.

03:40 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

03:30 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

Jalin Turner vs. Mateusz Gamrot

Next up, we have a fight with huge implications in the lightweight division.

03:29 (GMT)5 MAR 2023

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