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  • UFC Vegas 67 Live Results (January 14th)Strickland Vs. Imavov Starts Now

UFC Vegas 67 Live Results (January 14th)Strickland Vs. Imavov Starts Now

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 15, 2023 02:49 GMT

Join us for the UFC Vegas 67 Live Results in what is the first UFC card of the year. Follow the action here:


02:49 (GMT)15 JAN 2023


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02:49 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

02:45 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

02:44 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Great showing in the final round, which was probably too close to call. Overall it looks like a comfortable victory for the American Strickland. we await the judges.

02:42 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Every time Imavov gets something going, Strickland gets in his face and stifles it.

02:40 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Imavov swinging for the fences, but to no avail thus far, as Strickland is being far more accurate.

02:38 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Another 10-9 round for Strickland, and Imavov needs a stoppage in the final round to win. This could get exciting.

02:36 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Imavov is pinned up against the fence with under 2 minutes to go in the third. He is going to have to try something new if he wants to get back into this one.

02:35 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Strickland has started landing with ease, and looks like he has plenty left in the tank.

02:33 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Strickland looks to be ahead on the scorecards, and Imavov's corner has told him as much.

02:30 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Last minute of the third, and things have slowed dramatically. Strickland is still throwing more than Imavov.

02:28 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Strickland's pace is getting testing for Imavov here.

02:27 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

A minute in, and they are trading shots. Things are getting wild.

02:25 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Imavov began handing and scoring at the end of the round, but too little, too late.

02:25 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

The second round is over. Although the numbers are close, Strickland has pressed the action. 10-9 Strickland.

02:23 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Strickland scores a brief takedown, but Imamov gets up with his back to the cage.

02:22 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Strickland lands a good three-shot combo on mid-way through the second.

02:21 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

At 205 pounds, it will be interesting to see if Strickland's usually ever-present cardio will hold-up.

02:19 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Imavov looked as though he may have an easy night in the beginning, but by the end of the round, Strickland may have done enough to secure it. 10-9 Strickland.

02:17 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Strickland looks to have found his feet, and looks much more comfortable going forward in the late first round.

02:15 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Imavov landing hard in the early going.

02:14 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Strickland immediately applies pressure, Imavov retorts with a few stiff leg-kicks.

02:13 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

This bout takes place at 205 due to the short-notice nature of the fight.

01:57 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

01:55 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Strickland Vs. Imavov

It is time for the main event at the UFC Apex.

01:55 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

The second is much more assertive from Ige, who brutally knocks out Jackson with a body-head hook combo that drops his advisory and leaves him unable to continue.

01:49 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

First round complete, 10-9 Ige.

01:48 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Action back under way here, but Jackson still seems to be troubled by the eye that was hurt.

01:44 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Ige pressing the action, but Jackson has the bout stopped momentarily for an eye poke.

01:42 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Ige, almost instantly, walks across the cage and drops Jackson, what a start.

01:34 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Co-Main Event

In the second to last, we have Dan Ige taking on Damon Jackson. This looks set to be a war from the outset.

01:26 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

The Russian though, begins blasting body kicks, and hurts Soriano, which in turn invites Kopylov to pour on a barrage of punches, forcing the referee intervention.

01:20 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

The second round starts frantically, with Soriano beginning to find his range.

01:17 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Kopylov scores a late takedown, but does nothing much with it. Another close round to start the bout

01:16 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Soriano by contrast, is preferring to attack in bursts of four strikes at a time.

01:15 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Kopylov is using his jab much better than Soriano is.

01:14 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Both men look on edge, with a knockout just around the corner at any moment.

01:05 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Next up we have Soriano vs Kopylov at 185. This one looks set for fireworks.

01:03 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Pennington gets the nod in a very close affair.

00:57 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Vieira controlled almost the entire third round, hard to say what the judges have on there ever important scorecards.

00:54 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Vieira has controlled the first two minutes against the cage.

00:52 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

The third round gets underway with an exchange of leg kicks. Close fight and the third round means everything, as Vieira picks up the pace.

00:52 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

As we head into the third, the stats suggest Pennington won the first due to a higher landing rate of strikes (46% to 32%)

00:50 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

As the second round closes, the bout has turned into a more grueling grappling affair. A high effort is being produced by both ladies.

00:47 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Both women are bleeding from the head lightly now.

00:46 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

The fighters seem content to trade punch for punch in the center of the cage to commence round two. 

00:44 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Round one goes by fairly even, although Pennington is lunging a little more as Vieira maintains distances for the most part. Close round.

00:26 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Post-fight, Nurmagomedov called for a bout in March. UFC 286, the much-spoken-of UK PPV return of the UFC takes place on March 18th, and Nurmagomedov could definitely add weight to a promised-to-be-stacked card.

00:24 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

Vieira vs Pennington Up Next!

The bantamweight ladies take center stage next as Ketlen Vieira takes on Raquel Pennington in a ranking changing match-up for these two.

00:21 (GMT)15 JAN 2023

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