Vikas Krishan vs Quincy Okazawa Olympics 2021 Boxing LIVE: India loses in the preliminary round

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India's Vikas Krishan lost to Japan's Quincy Okazawa 5-0 in the preliminary round


16:38 (IST)24 JUL 2021

That will be all from this Sportskeeda's live blog. Do join us for the Indian Women's Hockey Team's encounter against the Netherlands. It is scheduled to start from 05:15 PM IST. 

16:32 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Vikas Krishan loses 5-0 in the preliminary round of the men's welterweight division

Quincy Okazawa got his revenge on Vikas Krishan in the Olympics after the latter picked up the win in the 2020 Asia/Oceania Olympics Qualifiers. Vikas Krishan was on the backfoot from the first round as Okazawa landed some clean punches on him. 

The Japanese tried to evade the Indian in the second round and attack on the counter. And, the plan worked once again as Vikas found himself bleeding and required medical attention momentarily. 

The message to Vikas in the third round was clear - Get the knockout. However, he failed to do so as the judges once again favored the round to Okazawa. 

16:24 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Four judges awarded the third round 10-9 to Okazawa as Azerbaijan gave the bout 10-8 against Vikas' favor. 

16:23 (IST)24 JUL 2021

And, Okazawa wins the match via unanimous decision. He advances to the Round of 16 as Vikas accepts the defeat. 

16:21 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Okazawa's celebration after the round indicates he has won the bout. Official confirmation coming soon. 

16:21 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Okazawa gets his jab right and Vikas responds with some unclean punches. And, that will be that. 

16:20 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Okazawa is playing smart. He has maintained his distance and Vikas has struggled to land his punches. 

16:20 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Into the last forty seconds of the game. 

16:20 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Vikas lifts Okazawa on his shoulders. The referee has to stop the bout momentarily. 

16:19 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Okazawa is maintaining distance trying to evade the punches. The referee initiates a standing count to Vikas and he stops at 8. 

16:18 (IST)24 JUL 2021

All five judges award the second round 10-9 to Okazawa. Vikas needs a knockout to win the bout. 

16:17 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Vikas' coach is saying you have to knock him out but you can't do it with one punch. 

16:17 (IST)24 JUL 2021

And, the second round ends. 

16:16 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Vikas is bleeding from underneath his right eye. But, he refuses to give up. 

16:16 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Time break

16:16 (IST)24 JUL 2021

The referee is shouting stop. But, Vikas throws punches from behind nonetheless. 

16:15 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Vikas lands a sweet jab on the face of his opponent before both of them grab each other. They eventually separate on their own without needing help from the referee. 

16:14 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Okazawa evades Vikas by maintaining a distance and when the Indian nears him in the ropes, the Japanese lands some clean punches on him. 

16:13 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Round 2 begins. 

16:13 (IST)24 JUL 2021

All five judges award 10 points to Okazawa. Vikas has been awarded 9 points by all the judges. He needs to up his ante. 

16:13 (IST)24 JUL 2021

There is the bell. The Japanese has his hands in the air. He thinks he has won this round. 

16:12 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Some wild swings from the Japanese and Vikas ducks underneath. It looks like Vikas landed a jab right. 

16:11 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Vikas is defending nicely and slowly and steadily controlling the pace of the game with his footwork as we head into the last minute. 

16:11 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Vikas gives a smile to the Japanese inviting his opponent for a punch. But, he defends himself. 

16:10 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Vikas playing defensive in the first thirty seconds, he goes near the ropes to hold himself as the Japanese punches him on the body. That won't give the Japanese much points though. Judges prefer punches to the face

16:09 (IST)24 JUL 2021

The judges are from Algeria, Cuba, Bulgaria, Mongolia, and Argentina

16:08 (IST)24 JUL 2021

And now, coming out from the blue corner is India's very own Vikas Krishan. 

16:08 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Japan's Okazawa is out. He will be in the red corner. 

16:05 (IST)24 JUL 2021

So, the Dominican Republic wins the match courtesy of his great footwork. Now, next up is Vikas Krishan. 

16:02 (IST)24 JUL 2021

We are into the last minute of the 3rd round between Guyana and the Dominican Republic. 

15:51 (IST)24 JUL 2021

It is going to be Guyana vs the Dominican Republic now in the men's featherweight division. 

15:48 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Mongolia beats Kenya in the men's featherweight category. Just one more bout and then Vikas Krishan will be in action. 

15:42 (IST)24 JUL 2021

15:40 (IST)24 JUL 2021

At the 2012 Olympics, Vikas Krishan won his Round of 16 welterweight bout against USA's Errol Spence Jr initially by a score of 13-11. However, after the protest by the Americans, the decision was overturned. At the 2016 Olympics, he was competing in the middleweight (75kg) category but lost in the quarter-finals to Uzbekistan's Bektimir Melukiziev. Will Vikas Krishan return home with a medal in his third attempt? 

15:36 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Vikas Krishan beat Quincy Okazawa 5-0 in the 2020 Asian Boxing Qualifiers. However, the Japanese qualified nonetheless through the host quota. 

15:31 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Just two more men's featherweight bouts and then we will head into the welterweight division, where Vikas will be up first. 

15:29 (IST)24 JUL 2021

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15:25 (IST)24 JUL 2021

The Bhiwani Boxing Club - or BBC - as it is locally known has produced a plethora of Olympians including Vikas Krishan. Read our article about the famous boxing club from Haryana. 

15:21 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Vikas Krishan will be fighting out of the blue corner while Okazawa will be fighting out of the red. The Japanese will be hoping to make the most out of the home advantage. 

15:15 (IST)24 JUL 2021

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15:02 (IST)24 JUL 2021

What are the rules of this boxing match?

Like any other amateur boxing bout in the Olympics, there will be three rounds of three minutes each with a minute break between each round. The winner of the bout will be decided either by judges' scorecards or by a direct knockout. There will be five judges scoring the contest in a 10-point must system. The boxer who impresses the judge more will be awarded 10 points while the other one gets points between 7 and 9. All the scores from each of the five judges are then added. The one who gets a higher score from the majority of the judges is declared the winner.   

14:56 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's LIVE coverage of today's boxing match between India's Vikas Krishan and Japan's Quincy Okazawa. The match is stipulated to start at 3:54 PM IST. 

The Round of 32 match will take place in the welterweight category (64-69) kg and the loser will be knocked out from the competition. The winner of the bout will cross swords with Cuba's Roniel Iglesias in the second round, who received a bye earlier. 

What do you think of Vikas Krishan's chances in this fight? Do let us know in the chatbox. 
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