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  • WWE Night of Champions Live Results (May 27, 2023): Roman Reigns attacked by Bloodline member

WWE Night of Champions Live Results (May 27, 2023): Roman Reigns attacked by Bloodline member

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 27, 2023 20:18 GMT

Find out what happened live on WWE Night of Champions!


20:18 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

Thank you for joining us today! Join us again for NXT Battleground! 

20:18 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

20:18 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

20:15 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

20:14 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

20:13 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

20:12 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

20:11 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

Jimmy Uso takes out Roman Reigns with another superkick. KO and Sami Zayn attack a distracted Solo Sikoa. The referee comes around while Zayn pins Sikoa for the win. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens def. Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa

20:09 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

Kevin Owens hits Reigns with a spear and clears the announcers' tables outside the ring. The Usos appear out of nowhere and accidentally superkick Solo Sikoa. An irate Reigns threatens Jey Uso while Jimmy Uso superkicks The Tribal Chief. 

20:06 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

Sami throws Sikoa into the turnbuckles followed by a helluva kick. He attempts a pin which is broken up by Roman Reigns. He backtalks the referee, as Zayn gets up to his feet. Sami Zayn dodges a spear by The Tribal Chief who takes out the official. Zayn mocks Roman Reigns' signature superman punch move and knocks him out. 

20:04 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

20:04 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

20:02 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

Kevin Owens powerbombs Roman Reigns, followed by a pin, but the champion kicks out. Solo Sikoa attempts to hit Owens but receives a superman punch from the Tribal Chief. He trash-talks Owens lying flat on the mat and is booed by fans. Roman Reigns gears up for the spear, which is countered into a stunner by KO. 

19:59 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

Sami Zayn gains strength and hits Sikoa with a tornado DDT. As Roman Reigns is tagged in, Zayn reaches and tags in KO. They brawl outside the ring, and Owens hits The Tribal Chief with a clothesline. They roll back into the ring and he hits the WWE Champion with a superkick to the face. Sikoa tries to intervene but Owens fights him off. Roman Reigns counters and hits Owens with a vicious clothesline.

19:57 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

The Enforcer is tagged in again and tries to wear Sami Zayn down using a pressure point in the shoulder. Zayn rolls out of the ring and attacks Reigns, who attempts to use the distraction to his advantage. The Canadian star crawls to tag in Owens, but Sikoa prevents him and hits KO with a superkick to the face, knocking him off the apron. 

19:55 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

19:55 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

The Tribal Chief is tagged in and flings Zayn around the ring before attempting a pin. Sami Zayn gets up to his feet and fights back before knocking him out with a punch to the face. The WWE Champion mocks Zayn asking him if he is the 'nature boy'. He continues to taunt Owens from outside the ring. 

19:52 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

Kevin Owens is tagged into the match and charges at Solo Sikoa. He hits him with a punch that almost knocks him out. Owens attempts a cheap shot at Roman Reigns in the corner but he dodges. Sami Zayn tags himself in and Reigns continues mind games, keeping the tag team champion distracted as Sikoa attacks him from behind. As the referee is distracted, the WWE Champion hits Zayn with a cheap shot through the ropes. 

19:49 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs. Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa: Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens are in the ring, but Sami Zayn tags himself in. The Tribal Chief claims Zayn would be no one without him and tags Solo Sikoa into the match. The Enforcer shoves Zayn into the turnbuckle. The tag team champion fights back but is found himself on the receiving end of vicious hits by Sikoa. 

19:37 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

19:32 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

19:28 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

19:25 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

19:25 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

19:23 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

19:21 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

Brock Lesnar attempts another pin but Cody Rhodes kicks out. He puts The American Nightmare into the kimura hold again. Cody Rhodes passes out as the referee calls for the bell to conclude the match. Brock Lesnar def. Cody Rhodes. 

19:18 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

As Cody Rhodes attempts a third Cross Rhodes, The Beast counters it into the kimura lock. Cody Rhodes prevents a tap-out and dodges a pin. The American Nightmare grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. He manages to hit his opponent with a third Cross Rhodes and attempts a pin, but The Beast kicks out, much to his surprise. 

19:14 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

Cody Rhodes gets the upper hand and launches himself onto The Beast through the middle ropes outside the ring. The Beast seems unaware of his surroundings and struggles to get back up to his feet. The 37-year-old sets him up for the Cross Rhodes as The Beast looks stunned. Cody Rhodes hits him with a second Cross Rhodes.

19:11 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

Brock Lesnar vs. Cody Rhodes: Cody Rhodes has his left arm bandaged up as The Beast seemingly plays minds games and mocks him. The American Nightmare ducks out of the ring and a chase pursues around the ring. Brock Lesnar hits Cody Rhodes into the turnbuckles and flings him across the ring via a suplex. 

19:06 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

19:03 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

19:01 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

19:01 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

18:58 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

Rhea Ripley vs. Natalya: Rhea Ripley dominates the match as soon as it commences. Dominik Mysterio distracts her by taunting her. Natalya is barely able to get up to her feet before The Eradicator hits her with the riptide and pins her to retain the title. Rhea Ripley def. Natalya. 

18:49 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

18:48 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

Asuka spits the mist in her hand and blinds Belair as the official is distracted and pins her to win the RAW Women's Championship. Asuka def. Bianca Belair. 

18:45 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

The two women take their brawl outside the ring but roll back in as the referee starts the ten count. Belair dodges Asuka attempting to spray mist in her face. She sets her up for the kiss of death but Asuka counters it into an armbar.

18:43 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

18:43 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

During commentary Corey Graves seemingly references James Ellsworth with 'any man with two hands has a fighting chance' 

18:41 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

The former champion taunts Belair and uses her braid against her. She continues to target the champion's left arm. Bianca Belair builds up the momentum and hits Asuka with a suplex. The champion pushes her opponent into the corner but Asuka counters. Belair gets ready to suplex Asuka off the top rope but she trips and is met with a drop kick. 

18:36 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

The champion rolls back into the ring and Asuka hits her with a german suplex before setting her up with the arm bar. Belair continues to nurse her arm. Asuka wears her opponent down and attempts multiple pins but is unsuccessful. 

18:34 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

Bianca Belair vs. Asuka: Asuka pounces on Bianca Belair as soon as the bell rings. The two women hit each other with vicious punches. Belair dodges Asuka with a leap frog but is met with a kick mid air. The champion gains the upper hand and hits her opponent with a dropkick before she rolls out of the ring. Asuka uses Belair's braid to throw her into the steel steps. 

18:28 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

18:26 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

18:24 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

The Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions are spotted backstage, seemingly strategizing their upcoming match. An irate Kevin Owens claims he is tired of Roman Reigns and vows to defeat Reigns and Solo Sikoa. 

18:22 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

18:21 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

18:21 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

As Gunther gets back up to his feet, Ali attempts to hit him with a 450 splash but his opponent counters. He powerbombs Ali and pins him to retain the title. Gunther def. Mustafa Ali. 

18:19 (GMT)27 MAY 2023

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