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WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results: NXT 2.0 Updates & Highlights (23rd November 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 24, 2021 09:05 IST

What will happen on this week's NXT?


08:36 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Thanks for following along with Sportskeeda for NXT 2.0! This is Matt Serocki, signing off!

08:36 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Full Results for November, 23rd, 2021.
Tommaso Ciampa defeats Grayson Waller by pin.
Kacy Catanzaro/Kayden Carter defeat Indi Hartwell/Persia Pirotta by pin.
Santos Escobar defeats Mailk Blade by pin.
Cora Jade defeats Mandy Rose by pin.
Ivy Nile defeats Yulisa Leon by submission.
Brooks Jensen/Josh Briggs defeat GYV.
Carmelo Hayes defeats Pete Dunne and Johnny Gargano by pin.

08:31 (IST)24 NOV 2021

08:30 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Ciampa helps Gargano up just as Bron Breakker comes out. He gets to say "WARGAMES" as the two squads end the show by beating the tar out of each other. Good setup for the match. 

08:29 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Williams and D'Angelo try to shake hands for helping each other out but Knight and Waller's brawl continues to the ring. The crowd chants WarGames as the new breed stomps on Dunne, Gargs, and Knight. Williams puts Gargano's head in a chair but he can't do anything since Ciampa comes out to even the score.

08:26 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Dunne and Gargs both land kicks to Hayes' head. Hayes lands a move, planting Dunne on top of Gargs. He gets two. Dunne gets control, stomping on Hayes' hand. He goes to Gargs but gets hit with a poison rana. Gargano knocks Hayes down and then hits a Lawn Dart. He kicks Williams in the head. Dunne throws Hayes out and tries to pin Gargs but Tony D'Angelo comes out to break up the pin. Hayes hits his flying leg drop on Gargano for the win.
Result - Carmelo Hayes defeats Johnny Gargano and Pete Dunne by pin.

08:24 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Dunne kicks Gargs in the head on his way to landing a kick to Hayes in the corner. He then locks in an armbar but Gargs breaks it up. He hits a slingshot spear on Hayes. Dunne goes for the Bitter End but it is countered into a DDT by Gargs. Two count.

08:23 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Melo is the only competitor with a second out for the match. There's that AND the fact that Tony D'Angelo was taking bets and said Hayes was winning. . . . 

08:19 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Gargs then lands a Hurricanrana to Dunne on the outside before the last commercial break.

08:19 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Dunne locks in Single Leg Crabs on both. Trick Williams pulls Melo out of the submission. Gargs also escapes. Gargano lands offense on both guys, including a DDT off a kick. He hits suicide dives on both sides of the ring. AEW must be jealous.

08:16 (IST)24 NOV 2021

A lot of back-and-forths early on as usual. Gargs locks in GargaNoEscape but Dunne counters out of it.

08:15 (IST)24 NOV 2021

08:09 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Dakota Kai and Kay Lee Ray will face off in the advantage ladder match for WarGames next week. Since WarGames works better with the heels having the advantage, it looks like Kai may win that match.

08:07 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Jensen evens it up with a move. Gibson makes the tag to Drake, and Drake cuts Jensen off from making the tag. Jensen suplexes Drake and tags in Briggs. He hits a bunch of kicks and moves before Drake appears to have rolled his knee. The youngsters don't buy it and they hit a High/Low for the win.
Result - Brooks Jensen/Josh Briggs defeat GYV by pin.

08:04 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Jensen and Briggs work on James Drake early on. Jensen does some punches and dances after striking Drake. Drake and Gibson use a distraction to confuse Jensen. In comes Gibby. 

08:03 (IST)24 NOV 2021

A brief vignette airs with Boa sitting in Mei Ying's chair. He says her spirit has been passed on to him but he can't control it. They are shelving the Tian Sha gimmick. Up next is Briggs and Jensen vs. GYV. They like to fight and drink beer if you haven't gotten that impression in their time in the reboot.

07:59 (IST)24 NOV 2021

07:58 (IST)24 NOV 2021

GYV is walking around backstage and bump into a guy. They steal his wallet. Right away, Knight and Waller continue their brawl backstage. This will lead to a street fight for WarGames.

07:56 (IST)24 NOV 2021

NIle counters out of a pin attempt into a Dragon Sleeper for the win.
Result - Ivy Nile defeats Yulisa Leon by submission.

07:55 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Ivy Nile is in the ring taking on Yulisa Leon. Nile does pushups on the back of Leon. She hits a clothesline off the rope before locking in headscissors. She does situps in the pose.

07:53 (IST)24 NOV 2021

MSK continues its quest to find the Shaman. They get pulled over with their "not drugs" but keep going. They were only going seven miles per hour.

07:48 (IST)24 NOV 2021

07:48 (IST)24 NOV 2021

07:47 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Gacy makes a case that the Cruiserweight Championship is built on exclusivity, which it sorta is. Since they have released a ton of smaller guys, maybe they should make it an Openweight belt?? Roddy challenges Gacy for WarGames. Bivens tells the Goober Brothers, er, Creeds to take out the garbage, but Harland shows up to make them think twice.

07:44 (IST)24 NOV 2021

LA Knight comes out for his match with Joe Gacy but Grayson Waller blindsides him before he can get in the ring. Gacy then sits down for a conversation but is interrupted by Diamond Mine. 

07:37 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Melo cuts a promo before his match. He boasts about being a Champ five months into his NXT run while Gargano has bragged about being with NXT for five years. After that, we get a totally creepy promo from Joe Gacy before his match with Knight. He says some creepy stuff before laying his head on what is probably Harland's hand.

07:35 (IST)24 NOV 2021

After countering out of a submission move, Jade hits a Hurricanrana and a knee in the face to Rose. She gets a near fall before going to the top rope. She whiffs on a move before Kay Lee Ray comes out with a bat. She hits the ring post and then a ringside computer. Ray tosses the bat to the ref and he is confused. It distracts Rose so that Jade can roll her up for the win.
Result - Cora Jade defeats Kay Lee Ray by pin.

07:34 (IST)24 NOV 2021

07:33 (IST)24 NOV 2021

07:33 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Jade goes for a knee to Rose in the corner but Rose catches her and slams her. She gets a two-count before wailing on Jade in the corner. 

07:31 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Tony D'Angelo is taking bets on the main event for tonight. He says he's putting his money on Carmelo cuz "Petey Poppins" certainly isn't winning. Does that mean he's going to interfere?? Up next is Cora Jade vs. Mandy "Thank God There Aren't Any 4 Horsewomen of NXT in NXT" Rose.

07:25 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Raquel, Io, and Zoey go to try and talk to Cora Jade before her match with Mandy Rose. They start bickering but Jade says "let's not do the can they co-exist" thing. She tells them to go find a fourth since Stark is still out with an injury.

07:23 (IST)24 NOV 2021

07:22 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Elektra Lopez says that the family is complete with the return of Santos. She also says that they don't need Xyon Quinn. Kyle O'Reilly and Von Wagner come out to stake their claim for a tag title shot. Wagner shouldn't have a mic. Imperium interrupts both teams. 

07:20 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Blade gets a roll-up for a two count but Escobar hits an exploder suplex to the corner. He lands double knees in the corner before landing the Phantom Driver for the win.
Result - Santos Escobar defeats Malik Blade by pin.

07:19 (IST)24 NOV 2021

07:18 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Santos Escobar takes on Malik Blade in Escobar's return to the ring. Blade hits a cartwheel and a dropkick but gets pounded on in the corner after his brief offense.

07:12 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Indi tags in and lands a move but is stuck on her wedding ring. That allows Kayden to roll her up for a near fall. She kicks out but it allows the Lil Ladies to hit a tandem move off the top for a win.
Result - Kacy Catanzaro/Kayden Carter defeat Indi Hartwell/Persia Pirotta by pin.

07:10 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Persia starts off and owns the match. She tags Indi in and Indi could care less. The Lil Ladies take control of an aloof Indi. Indi finally wakes up a bit before tagging Persia in. Persia bullies Kacy and tags Indi in. Indi hits a clothesline but the pin attempt is broken up.

07:09 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Up next is Kacy and Kayden facing basically Persia Pirotta and a "not paying attention cuz she's worried about Dexter" Indi Hartwell. His hand is hurt. It's not like he's in a coma. Milennials.

07:07 (IST)24 NOV 2021

A brief vignette airs for Daddy's Girl Tiffany Stratton. She's going to be a hot, spoiled blonde chick.

07:00 (IST)24 NOV 2021

07:00 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Grimes calls Duke Hudson out and Hudson is getting himself a haircut. It all leads to a hair vs. hair match for WarGames. Hudson apparently kept the hair he cut. That's not too weird.

06:58 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Cameron Grimes comes out with noticeably shorter locks. He said that even after his early success in wrestling, he kept the beard and hair to remind him of where he came from.

06:56 (IST)24 NOV 2021

A clip from earlier shows Toxic Attraction entering the arena. They are their usual arrogant selves. They walk past Dakota Kai who gets up and joins them. She walks with them but is off in her own world. They show the ladies walking by what Jacy Jayne called "someone's rage room" and it appears it was Kay Lee Ray's. She has a bat. Could she be the fourth for the good gals?

06:53 (IST)24 NOV 2021

06:52 (IST)24 NOV 2021

06:48 (IST)24 NOV 2021

Pretty good showing from the brash Waller. He hung with the Champ for almost 10 minutes. McKenzie Mitchell interviews LA Knight, who had been watching the match. He is interuppted by Joe Gacy, who targets Knight for being "toxic". Knight looks disturbed and calls Gacy creepy, cuz he kinda is.
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