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WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results: NXT 2.0 Updates & Highlights (7th december 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 08, 2021 03:36 GMT

Will Kyle O'Reilly score a big win tonight?


03:10 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

03:09 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Full Results for NXT 2.0 December 7th, 2021.
Von Wagner defeats Kyle O'Reilly by pin.
Brooks Jensen/Josh Briggs defeat the Creeds by pin.
Dexter Lumis defeats Carmelo Hayes by DQ.
Toxic Attraction defeats Yulisa Leon/Valentina Feroz by pin.
Santos Escobar defeats Xyon Quinn by pin.

03:08 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Gargano says his immediate future is up in the air, but in February, he'll be starting the most important job of his life - being a father. As he tries to finish his promo, Grayson Waller hits him in the back with a chair. He sends Gargano throat-first into the steel steps with a chair around his next. Waller then powerbombs him through the announce table.

03:04 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

He says he's still the shy, chubby 8-year old wrestling fan kid. He says NXT is like his family.

03:02 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Gargano has the mic and is holding back tears. He shakes some hands before getting into the ring. He says Heartbreak said he has all the time he wants. He says he wanted to give the fans wrestling they could be proud of and if his match was good enough or if his promos were good enough. He also says he was told he wouldn't be a part of NXT in 2015 but Willy Regal went to bat for him.

03:00 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

02:59 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Candice was also backstage.

02:58 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Boa cuts a quick promo saying that once he masters his Mei Ying powers, he will send Edris Enofe out of NXT as fast as he came in. Time for Gargano's speech.

02:51 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

With both men still atop the ropes, Escobar hits a flying Hurricanrana on Quinn. As Quinn rolls to the side of the ring where Lopez is, she puts some brass knuckles in his hand. The ref admonishes him as Wilde distracts everyone. It allows Escobar to hit a flying knee and the Phantom Driver for the win.
Result - Santos Escobar defeats Xyon Quinn by pin.

02:49 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Escobar works over Quinn's arm in the middle of the ring as Legado looks on. Quinn fights back, tossing Escobar across the ring. Escobar gets back into it with a step-up enzuguri and double knees to the chest. Santos goes for his finisher but Quinn counters with a spinning Samoan Drop. Quinn locks eyes with Lopez again but manages to keep control. He puts Santos on the top and climbs up.

02:44 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

02:44 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Quinn slams Escobar by the ropes. He goes onto the ring apron but gets distracted by Wilde and Mendoza. Escobar hits a flying knee to knock Quinn off of the apron, but he regains himself and heads back into the ring. Escobar slides out as the commercial break hits.

02:42 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

The main-event match for this week is Xyon Quinn taking on Santos Escobar. Quinn keeps eyeballing Elektra Lopez before Santos lands a loud chop to his chest. Santos goes for a move but Xyon stonewalls him. He hits a Snake Eyes before smashing his back.

02:39 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Cora Jade and Raquel talk about who gets the next shot at Mandy. They both say they want a shot before Kay Lee Ray shows up. She hands Cora a bat and says "you'll need this more than me" and that she has more.

02:35 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

02:35 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

After the Tiffany Stratton piece, Tony D'Angelo shows his "prize" from WarGames - the mouthpiece of Petey Poppins, aka Pete Dunne. Andre Chase confronts him and says D'Angelo coulda been the star had he taken his advice. Tony says he'll see him next week.

02:34 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Tiffany Stratton has another vignette where she brags about always winning in her gymnastics events. She even "made" Team USA but her father said to forget that since it wasn't singles gold. Her voice is annoying so these vignettes are hard to listen to.

02:32 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Mandy Rose cuts a post-match promo to say even though they lost at WarGames, they still have all the gold. They lay out an open challenge for anyone, and that brings out Cora Jade. Jade reminds TA of the recent history and two wins over the girls in the ring. Rose says Jade isn't the one before daring her to come in the ring. As she does, Raquel Gonzalez comes out with a chair to help out.

02:29 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Dolin lands a boot in the corner to Leon before tagging Jayne in. She hits a cannonball for another near fall. Leon breaks out of a headlock by hitting a spinning Samoan Drop. She tags Feroz in but Dolin tags in also. Feroz hits a flying crossbody for two but Dolin tags in Jayne. After some back and forth, Jayne ends it with a spinning pump kick.
Result - Toxic Attraction defeats Yulisa Leon/Valentina Feroz by pin.

02:26 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne take on Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz in the next match. Feroz and Jayne start things off. Feroz gets a quick pin attempt and tags Leon in. Gigi hits a blind tag to get the advantage for her team. 

02:23 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Indi and Persia are backstage and Persia says she needs to focus on the action when they're at the arena and leave the love at home. Indi says she's focused on the titles but the second Dexter walks into the room, she jumps into his arms. Johnny Wrestling comes in too and says the family is back together.

02:19 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

02:18 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

02:17 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

MSK say that they thought they would have to start at the bottom of the totem pole but they won the Dusty Cup and then titles so quick in their NXT tenure. Riddle says it reminds him of his time in NXT alongside Stallion Pete. They ask him if they need to get more serious and he says they should keep doing what they're doing. He says he'll be around for their journey before they partake in the goodies in the fannybag.

02:14 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

MSK finds the Shaman, and it's revealed to be Riddle. 

02:13 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

After the match, Lumis grabs Williams and locks him in his submission. Hayes pulls his friend out of harm's way.

02:13 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Hayes has control of Lumis in the middle of the ring, working the injured hand. After more control, Hayes goes for a suplex but Lumis counters. Lumis lands some offense, including a side suplex, for a near fall. Lumis tries to plant Hayes and go for his finisher, but he does so too close to the ropes. Williams comes by and decks him, causing a disqualification.
Result - Dexter Lumis defeats Carmelo Hayes by DQ.

02:09 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

02:06 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

After tossing Hayes out of the ring, Lumis locks eyes with Williams again. He crawls towards him to freak him out, but Hayes kicks him in the face before the ad break.

02:04 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Carmelo stomps on Dexter's hand and then tries to wrench the fingers out of place. Pete Dunne would be proud. Lumis hits the Thesz Press and a sledgehammer off the ropes.

02:03 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Lumis bodyslams Hayes before locking eyes with Williams. He exits the ring and Williams runs off. Hayes gets out to confront Lumis but ol Loomy decks him a few times. Lumis drives Hayes into the corner and hits him a few times, but Hayes evades the offense.

02:01 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Up next is Carmelo Hayes taking on Dexter Lumis. Trick Williams has bandages around his forehead for some reason. 

02:00 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Grayson Waller is hitting on a lady outside the arena. She says she already has plans and Grayson says who could she possibly have plans with that's more important than him. She points to LA Knight, who is waiting by a car. The woman gets in the car. Knight says "I know you're all about likes and views, so how do you like this view??"

01:56 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

As the fight is taken off-screen, we see the sleeping person from last week. She pulls up her eyemask and drinks a drink. It's Karen Q, folks.

01:55 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

01:54 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Briggs and Jensen celebrate their win and get congratulated by Jacket Time. They are interrupted by GYV before Kacy and Kayden walk by saying they have two extra concert tickets. Briggs and Jensen seem to want them and walk off. GYV then attacks Kushida and Ikemen before the refs break it up.

01:52 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Ol Grimey comes out to break things up. Hudson puts on headgear as Grimes comes to the ring. Hudson says that Grimes cheated and pulled his trunks. Grimes challenges Hudson to a No Holds Barred match so there can't be any complaints of cheating.

01:49 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Duke Hudson comes out with a wig that makes him look like Jake or Logan Paul. They're the same to me. 

01:47 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

01:44 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Von Wagner has a quick interview with Mac Mitchell and he says his WarGames "has just begun."

01:43 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

GYV took the tag rope from the turnbuckle, disabling any chance Briggs would have to tag in. Jensen manages to roll Brutus up for the win after a bit of chicanery.
Result - Brooks Jensen/Josh Briggs defeat the Creeds by pin.

01:42 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

The Creeds hit a few throws and Firemen Carries before Brutus clotheslines Jensen over the ropes. Julius hits another throw on the outside. In the background, as Briggs goes to check on his partner, GYV undoes the turnbuckle pad in Briggs' corner. Gibby and Drake are doing commentary, hence why they are ringside. Julius locks Brooks in a Stretch Muffler sub but he breaks out of it.

01:39 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Before the match gets underway, Imperium's music hits, and they appear on that weird balcony. Brutus Creed gets on Brooks' back and motions like he's a cowboy. Jensen then decks him and he falls over. Jensen tags Briggs in. Julius tags in next and keeps going for takedowns. It doesn't work because Briggs just pounds on him to stop the attempt.

01:35 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

01:34 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

01:32 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Next up is four goofballs fighting as the Creeds take on Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs. A lot of celebrating during moves in this one . . .

01:32 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Bivens calls Breakker "LeBron" before saying that Roddy has waived the weight limits for his title. Bron says he'll toss Bivens in the fifth row if he doesn't get to the point. Bivens calls Roddy the top Champ in NXT 2.0. Breakker looks for Roddy who is not present. Bron says he doesn't care who he has to run through to get back to Ciampa.  He accepts the challenge for next week.

01:30 (GMT)8 DEC 2021

Breakker says that he has nothing but respect for Team Black and Gold since they were tough as nails. He also respects them for laying the foundation of NXT. He challenges Ciampa for another title match but is interrupted by Malcolm Bivens and the Diamond Mine. 
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