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  • WWE NXT Deadline Live Results (December 11, 2022) Iron Survivor Waller attacks Bron Breakker after title defense

WWE NXT Deadline Live Results (December 11, 2022) Iron Survivor Waller attacks Bron Breakker after title defense

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 11, 2022 03:31 GMT

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03:31 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

03:31 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Full Results for NXT Deadline (10 December 2022).
-Roxanne Perez defeats Zoey Stark, Cora Jade, Kiana James, and India Hartwell to become Iron Survivor with 3 wins.
-Isla Dawn defeats Alba Fyre by pin.
-The New Day defeat Pretty Deadly by pin.
-Grayson Waller defeats Axiom, Joe Gacy, Carmelo Hayes, and JD McDonagh to become Iron Survivor with 3 wins.
-Bron Breakker defeats Apollo Crews by pin

03:28 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

03:27 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Bron celebrates after the win but Grayson Waller blindsided him by hitting his rolling cutter. He then holds the title up before mocking Bron.

03:25 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Both men start yelling at each other before trading strikes in the middle of the ring. Crews chops Bron's chest and Bron just yells "is that all you got" before they start trading back-and-forth. Crews hits an Enzuguiri and a pump kick but Bron counters another move and hits a spear to end the match.
Result - Bron Breakker defeats Apollo Crews by pin.

03:24 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Bron recovers and hits a series of moves. He gets a near fall on Crews before pulling down his straps. Bron goes for a move but Crews counters out of the Gorilla Slam. He hits his own Gorilla Press into a powerslam for a near fall. 

03:19 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Crews stops and the camera closes in on his eyes and face. He starts to pound on the Champ before hitting a slam for a near fall. He hits a trio of German Suplexes for another close call.

03:18 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Bron hits a suplex on Apollo, followed by his own standing Moonsault. And to cancel out my former comment, Bron hits a Tope Con Giro. He jumps off the top buckle for a move but gets hit with a jumping knee.

03:16 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

If this was an AEW match, we'd already have seen a few suicide dives or Tope Con Giros. Apollo hits a standing Moonsault for a near fall. Breakker rolls out of the ring and Apollo hits a Moonsault off the apron. He adds a Senton over the top rope for a near fall.

03:14 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Things start off with a test of strength followed by several feats of one-upsmanship.

03:02 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Drew Gulak as to why he visited NXT on Tuesday. He says he came here to better himself and to help anyone who can help him, or to anyone who can help him. He is interrupted by Damon Kemp. Kemp says he's going to "school" Duke Hudson on Tuesday. Gigi and Jacy will face Nile and Paxley on Tuesday.

02:59 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

02:58 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

02:57 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

02:56 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Melo and the other participants try to grab Waller but he keeps pulling people out of the ring so that they cannot be pinned. The time runs out and Waller wins.
Result - Grayson Waller defeats Axiom, JD McDonagh, Carmelo Hayes, and Joe Gacy with 3 pins.

02:55 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Melo and JD kick Gacy to break the submission. Axiom hits a springboard DDT off the top rope and Melo hits his leg drop on Axiom. Melo goes for the pin but Waller pulls him out. Waller gets hist 3rd pin.

02:53 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Melo hits a move on Gacy but Gacy counters into a submission. JD breaks it up and Gacy puts JD in the submission. Axiom breaks it up. Gacy puts Axiom in the submission. We're in the final 90 seconds.

02:51 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Gacy tries to overpower Axiom but Axiom switches submissions on Gacy. Gacy gets hit with a Scissor Kick by Melo. Axiom goes for a move off the apron but JD hits him with the Devil Inside. JD gets in and hits the Devil Inside on Melo and Gacy. Waller comes out of the box and gets hit with the Devil Inside from JD but the other three guys stop JD from getting his first pin.

02:49 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Melo kicks Gacy in the head right out of the box. He sends Waller into the ring and drops him with a move. He gets a near fall before transitioning into a Crossface. He gets Waller to tap. Carmelo Hayes has 2 pins.

02:48 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Gacy lands a crossbody on both JD and Waller. Axiom's time is up in the box but JD stands in front of the door so he can't get out. He climbs out through the top and waits on top to hit a moonsault on everyone except Melo.

02:47 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Waller decks Axiom as he tries to go to the penalty box. McDonagh then attacks Axiom, leaving him in the box. JD and Waller try to get into the ring but Gacy and Melo drop them off the apron. Gacy hits his springboard clothesline on Melo for a pin. Joe Gacy has two pins.

02:46 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Joe Gacy completes the field. He hits Melo with a pump kick before punishing Melo and Axiom in two corners. He hits Axiom with a thunderous clothesline but only gets a two-count. He then locks Xiom in a Crossface, getting a tap. Joe Gacy has 1 pin.

02:45 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Axiom then hits a Canadian Destroyer and the Golden Ratio on JD for a second fall. Axiom has 2 pins.

02:44 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Axiom takes advantage and pins Waller. Axiom has 1 pin.

02:44 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Hayes drops Axiom in the ring and gets a near fall. He goes for a move off the ropes but Waller pulls him down. They battle on the outside with Waller dropping Melo onto the announce table back-first. He then shouts at Booker "who's the top five now, b***h!"

02:42 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Waller and Hayes battle it out, trying to pin each other. Hayes lands a kick to Melo on the apron but Waller fights back with a cutter. JD and Axiom are allowed to come back into the match, but Axiom closes the door and attacks JD. He jumps on his back for a choke and slams the door on JD's face. Waller comes out and slams Axiom into the door.

02:40 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

All three men are left lying after a series of strikes. Grayson Waller is out next, hitting his rolling cutter on both Axiom and JD. He gets a pin on both men. Grayson Waller has 2 pins.

02:39 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

One minute until the fourth competitor enters. Axiom hits a Crossbody on both men as he exits the penalty box. He doesn't go for pin after it as Booker points out.

02:38 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

JD and Melo trade blows. Booker just loves saying "JD MacDonagh" during his matches.

02:37 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Axiom sends both men to the outside. He goes for a move to the top but JD pushes him down. Melo pushes JD off the top before getting hit with a double Superkick from Axiom and JD. JD hits a moonsault on top of Axiom but Melo hits a move on JD on top of Axom for the first fall. Carmelo Hayes has 1 pin.

02:36 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Carmelo gets a near fall right off the bat. He hits a legdrop on Axiom but JD breaks up the pin. Axiom hits a clothesline on Melo as he is hitting JD with a DDT. 

02:34 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

The third person out is Carmelo Hayes. 

02:34 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Axiom finally does go for the pin but gets a near fall. Vic and Booker keep arguing during the match as Booker likes JD McDonagh and Vic likes Axiom's "analytical" approach. Less than a minute before the next man comes out. JD hits a Clothesline but only gets a near fall.

02:32 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Axiom goes for a move off the top but JD hits him with a dropkick to stop his momentum. The two exchange strikes before JD drops Axiom. Axiom drops JD with a few kicks but doesn't go for the pin.

02:31 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

As Axiom is still entering the ring, McDonagh tries to blindside him. He whiffs but works on the leg he injured a few weeks ago. Axiom kicks him out of the ring before hitting a Suicide Dive that almost leaves him on his head. Both men are okay until Axiom sends JD into the penalty box head first.

02:29 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

02:29 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

JD McDonagh and his large head start off the match against Axiom and his masked head.

02:25 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

02:25 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

02:24 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

After the match, Katana and Kayden walk by Odyssey Jones, Malik Blade and Edris Enofe. They say they'll all party together after Jones faces Von Wagner on Tuesday. Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne come up after to confront the tag Champs because they offered a title match to Tatum and Ivy. As those two teams converse, Nile and Paxley come up from behind and attack Gigi and Jacy. Edris, Odyssey, and Malik break things up. Incoming Triple Threat.

02:19 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

As the ref tosses on belt out of the ring, Kit hits Xavier with the other belt for a near fall. Wilson tags Prince in and they go for Spilt Milk but Kofi pulls Kit out of the ring. He hits Trouble in Paradise on the outside as Prince tries to pin Xavier. Xavier tags Kofi in and they hit the Midnight Hour on Prince for the win.
Result - New Day defeats Pretty Deadly by pin.

02:17 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Woods and Prince exchange strikes in the middle of the ring with Prince getting the better of things with a clothesline to the back of Woods' head. Pretty Deadly hit a tandem move for a near fall. Kofi jumps into the ring, distracting the ref. Prince grabs the titles and tosses it to Kofi. Kofi tosses it to Elton, who tosses it to Woods as the ref tries to take the belts out of the ring.

02:15 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Woods hits a move on Prince in the ropes that sees him also kick Kit on the landing. He sends Prince back into the ring and hits a DDT for a near fall. Elton fights back with a strike and a clothesline for two.

02:14 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Woods and Prince tag in for their teams. Vic says that Xavier has been waiting to go "UpUpDownDown" on Pretty Deadly. Ugh. 

02:14 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

By the way, Pretty Deadly are dressed in all red, looking like Chippendale's ornaments on a Christmas Tree. The Champs try to keep Kofi away from his corner, but he hits a spinning DDT to even the odds.

02:12 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Kofi tags back in and gets a two-count on Kit. He sends Kit out of the ring. He goes for a Suicide Dive but Prince stands in his way. Kofi kicks him down and hits at Tope Con Giro on both men. He tosses Kit back into the ring but Elton Prince holds his foot to gain a moment of control. They drop Kofi neck-first on the top rope before sending him into the ring post. Pretty Deadly hits their signature pose on the outside after it.

02:10 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Kofi tags Xavier in and they hit a series of moves on Prince for two. Xavier lifts Prince for a back bodydrop but Kit pulls him down. He tags in but Xavier drops him with a front dropkick.

02:09 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Kofi and Prince then almost have a twerk-off. Hilarious.

02:08 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Prince hits a Monkey Flip on Kofi but he lands on his feet. Kofi then twerks in the middle of the ring. Prince pushes him away angrily before doing his own twerk. 

02:08 (GMT)11 DEC 2022

Woods trips Kit before hitting a Senton for two. He tags Kofi in. Prince distracts the ref as he enters the ring but holds the tag rope. The distraction allows Wilson to pull Kofi down by the hair. Prince gets the legal tag and the Champs take over. They hit a tandem move for a near fall.
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