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  • WWE NXT Live Results (22nd November, 2022) Dijak attacks Wes Lee after title defense

WWE NXT Live Results (22nd November, 2022) Dijak attacks Wes Lee after title defense

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 23, 2022 03:11 GMT

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03:11 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

03:10 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

03:09 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Full Results for NXT for 22 November 2022.
Cora Jade defeats Wendy Choo by pin.
Ivy Nile defeats Kiana James by submission.
Scrypts defeats Guru Raaj by pin.
Zoey Stark defeats Sol Ruca by pin.
Pretty Deadly defeats Chase U (Andre Chase and Duke Hudson) by pin.
Wes Kee defeats Carnelo Hayes by pin.

03:08 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Lee celebrates in the ring, but when looking at the Titantron, a steel cage locks up the logo. He turns around to reveal Dijak, wearing a black leather coat and shades. He hits Feast Your Eyes on Lee as the show goes off the air.

03:05 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Lee hits two backflips into a kick before hitting a Phantom Driver for the hard-fought win.
Result - Wes Lee defeats Carmelo Hayes by pin.

03:05 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Melo hits a Codebreaker and climbs to the top buckle. He misses his legdrop off the top. Lee then hits Meteora off the top for a close call. Lee then hits a flipping kick on Melo that sends the former Champ out of the ring. Trick Williams then comes down to check on Melo. Lee then hits Williams with a Tope Con Giro. Melo sends Lee back into the ring and heads to the top rope. Lee pulls him down but gets sent into the buckle head first.

03:03 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Lee recovers to send Melo into the middle buckle face first. He adds a German Suplex to even the odds. Wes lands a punch in the corner and an uppercut off the ropes. He adds a modified DDT and a Hurrianrana for a near fall. Lee goes for a 450 Splash but Melo moves out of the way. He lands a tilt-a-whirl slam for a close call.

03:00 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Melo has Lee in a rest hold as the show comes back from a commercial. Melo hits a springboard clothesline off the middle rope for a near fall. Hayes sends Lee into the ring buckle and Lee falls down. Melo then kicks Lee in the head a few times.

02:55 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

The action quickly spills outside and around the ringside barricade. They both roll back into the ring and trade strikes and near falls and simultaneous pump kicks that drop both men.

02:50 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Next week, Shawn Michaels will announce the participants in both of the Iron Survivor Matches at Deadline. Who will they be??

02:49 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

02:44 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

02:42 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

02:40 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Duke Hudson comes in off the hot tag and cleans house. He bodyslams Andre Chase on top of Pretty Deadly. He lands an elbow and attempts a pin but Prince breaks it up. Chase looks dead in the corner but Hudson tags him in. Hudson sets him up for a move but he accidentally kicks Chase instead. They toss Duke into the steel steps before hitting Spilt Milk on Chase for the win.
Result - Pretty Deadly defeats Chase U (Andre Chase and Duke Hudson) by pin.

02:32 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Kit calms things down with a dropkick on Chase. Chase fights back and drops both Champs. Andre hits the Chase U Stomp before heading off to a commercial break.

02:29 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Elton Prince tries to blindside Andre Chase but Duke cuts him off. Prince tags Kit in and Duke hits a Sidewalk Slam for a near fall. He tags Andre in and they hit a tandem move for one. Kit makes a blind tag to Elton and he gets a two-count off a roll-up. Chase gets his own near fall.

02:27 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Before the tag title match, a vignette plays for Charlie Dempsey. He mocks how today's wrestlers are more concerned about their outfits and Instagram pictures instead of seriously training. He makes some good points.

02:22 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

02:21 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Stark picks Ruca up to do some more damage but Nikkita Lyons comes out and makes the save. She almost hits a kick but Zoey rolls out of the ring. After the match, we go back to the parking lot where Malik and Edris are trying to talk Von Wagner into going out and partying with them and Odyssey Jones. He plays along before saying that he will never be mediocre like them. He then Bashes on them as Jones walks up. If they were being attacked, why didn't he run up to help them?

02:19 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Sol goes to the top for a move but Zoey kicks her off the top. She tries for a Sunset Flip pin but Zoey kicks out. Ruca adds a handstand into a strike followed by a power slam for another near fall. She goes for a dropkick off the top rope but Zoey moves out of the way and hits a Shining Wizard kick for the win.
Result - Zoey Stark defeats Sol Ruca by pin.

02:17 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Ruca uses her athleticism to evade some moves. Stark fakes an injury to distract the ref and Ruca before hitting a superkick. Stark lands a basement dropkick to Ruca on the outside for a near fall. Ruca tries to fight out of a headlock but Zoey pounds on her back. Sol attempts a roll-up but Stark bounces out. She then goes on a flurry of moves, including a dropkick and a back body drop for two.

02:08 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

02:08 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

02:06 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Wes Lee tricks Trick Williams into saying that Melo doesn't need him to beat Lee tonight, so Trick won't be out for the match. We shall see.

02:03 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

They mock how families don't really enjoy their time because they are dysfunctional but the Schism is a functional family. They bash gluttony and Black Friday traditions. They bring some random guy from the crowd into the ring for their "new traditions". Gacy calls the day "Schism Invictus" to refuse anyone who is not the Schism. Ava hugs him and Gacy thanks him for his sacrifice before sending him through the table with a Uranage. 

01:56 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Scrypts literally leaves a card with his name on Raaj's chest before departing.

01:53 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Scrypts debuts against Guru Raaj. After walking around the entrance area, he somersaults into the ring. He hits some flips and some strikes on Raaj. He goes to the top and hits a somersault Thesz Press for the win.
Result - Scrypts defeats Guru Raaj by pin.

01:46 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

01:45 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

A vignette for Isla Dawn airs where she plays with an ouija board. She laughs and challenges Alba Fyre.

01:43 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

The Creeds hit the ring with mics for some reason. They use her win to take a shot at Indus Sher for blindsiding them. They say they have been battling dudes bigger than them all of their lives. Against pleas from Nile, they challenge Indus Sher for a match at Deadline.

01:42 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

James hits another backbreaker for a near fall. She then locks in a knee lock but Nile uses the position to counter into a headlock. James hits a side suplex from the move for another two-count. Nile locks in a standing Rings of Saturn variant but James gets out. NIle then hits a few kicks and a Hurricanrana. Ivy hits a gut-wrench suplex and a kick in the corner, sending James out of the ring. James tries to retreat but Fallon Henley shows up to walk her back into the ring. Ivy locks in a submission for the win.
Result - Ivy Nile defeats Kiana James by submission. 

01:39 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Pretty Deadly does the same thing as Waller, saying that they're waiting for the turn. He takes exception and a brawl ensues. In the ring, James and Nile battle it out. Nile breaks out of a Full Nelson but James lands a strike to the back o her head. She goes for a backbreaker on her shoulder.

01:32 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Kiana James before her match with Ivy Nile. After that, Javier Bernal comes by to hand Mitchell a bucket list of people he has beef with. Number 1 is again Axiom, who Mac reminds him is injured. He also has Elon Musk and Drake on the list. He says he doesn't want to pay $8 bucks for a verification mark so his 2000 hundred followers can see him. Not gonna lie - these back-and-forths are pretty funny. 

01:30 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Choo cries in the ring while Jade mocks her in the entrance area. After the match, we get another Apollo Crews vignette. He goes to a diner and talks about a title shot at Deadline. 

01:26 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

After some control during the break, Jade goes for an elbow to Choo's back with Choo in the ropes. She misses, allowing Choo to gain control. She hits a handstand strike and her nap drop for a near fall. Jade gets a two-count but Choo hits a brainbuster. She goes to the top but Jade moves out of the way. She kicks Choo in the gut and grabs her Kendo Stick. She misses and Choo kicks her in the face. She picks up the stick but Jade grabs Wendy's Cup and throws it in her face. Jade hits a DDT for the win.
Result - Cora Jade defeats Wendy Choo by pin.

01:22 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

01:20 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Choo works Jade over early on but gets caught up in the ropes. Jade takes advantage and pounds on Choo's back. Choo counters into a roll-up for a near fall. She adds a kick in the corner to Jade. She goes for her nap drop but Jade moves. Jade goes for a stomp but Choo moves. The two exchange punches on the outside until Choo flips Jade onto her back.

01:16 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Before the first match, Grayson Waller encounters Duke Hudson, who is reading the Chase U playbook. Waller says that he loves how Hudson is "playing" the part and wonders when he'll eventually turn on Chase because he's "known Hudson for years." Hudson says he bleeds black and red.

01:12 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

01:10 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Before the main event, Wes Lee is shown in the vaunted parking lot. Tony D rolls up and says he doesn't forget what Lee did to him (the freak leg injury). Lee says that he's easy to find once he's done with Carmelo Hayes tonight.

01:09 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Jacy calls them "munchkins" because they are barely five feet tall. The little ladies rush the ring despite the numbers game. Toxic Attraction leaves them down on the mat to end the segment.

01:08 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Jacy says that now she and Gigi will focus on becoming 3-time women's tag Champs. They call out the Champs by name and they come out. Katana mentions that she is a liar because Isla Dawn is the reason she won last week. They then say that Gigi and Jacy lose respect because Mandy is their meal ticket. 

01:05 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Rose says that without any help last week, she was the last woman standing. Except for the whole "Isla Dawn pushes Alba Fyre off a ladder onto a table" thing. 

01:03 (GMT)23 NOV 2022

Toxic Attraction kicks off the show. Hopefully, the woman who dethrones Mandy shows up. It's time for someone else to run with the title.
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