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  • WWE NXT Live Results (29th March, 2022) - Who will be added to NXT North American Ladder match?

WWE NXT Live Results (29th March, 2022) - Who will be added to NXT North American Ladder match?

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 30, 2022 02:08 GMT

What will happen at NXT?


02:08 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Thanks for following along with Sportskeeda for the go-home edition of NXT 2.0! Tune in this Saturday for Stand & Deliver!

02:08 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Full results for NXT 2.0 for 29 March 2022.
Imperium defeats LA Knight and MSK by pin.
Ivy Nile defeats Tiffany Stratton by submission.
Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs defeat Legado Del Fantasma by pin.
Joe Gacy defeats Draco Anthony by pin.
Nikkita Lyons defeats Sloane Jacobs by pin.
Cameron Grimes defeats Roderick Strong and A-Kid by pin.

02:06 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

All of the competitors get in the ring and brawl as the show goes off the air. Wow.  A chaotic main event followed by a chaotic ending.

02:05 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Carmelo Hayes jumps up on the apron and says Pop would be proud but there is no way he (Grimes) is walking out with the title. Santos and Grayson, and Solo add their own two cents. 

02:03 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

A-Kid goes for a springboard move but Roddy hits a devastating knee on A-Kid. He turns around and Grimes hits the Cave-In to pick up the chaotic win.
Result - Cameron Grimes defeats Roderick Strong, A-Kid by pin.

02:03 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

A-Kid drops Roddy before grounding Grimes with a thunderous DDT. All three men make it to their feet before a triangle of offense breaks down. Roddy gets control and hits both men in the face. A=Kid gets back in with a chop to Roddy's chest, but Roddy hits a backbreaker on A-Kid. He then drops Grimes and sends A-Kid into Grimes. Roddy hits a gutbuster on Grimes and then drops A-Kid onto his back. Phew.

02:00 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Roddy attempts a double Stronghold but Grimes goes on a run after getting out of it. He lands strikes on both men. Grimes hits a splash on Strong and a spinning Uranage on A-Kid for a near fall. 

01:59 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Wow. Hayes says he would like to see A-Kid win but he doesn't want to get blamed for beating a Mayan. He does know that he's Spanish and not Mexican, right?

01:58 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

As we return from the commercial, both Grimes and Hayes hit splashes to even things out. Santos Escobar has also made his way into the crowd, as has Grayson Waller.

01:55 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

A-Kid hits a stereo head-scissors/arm drag before landing a suicide dive. Roddy Drops both men, including Grimes onto the ring apron. Solo Sikoa has also made his way to the ring.

01:55 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

All three men go for German suplexes. After a lot of back and forth, Grimes goes for the Cave In on Strong but Strong moves out of the way. It resets everything. A-Kid hits a dropkick on both opponents. Roddy hits a chop on Grimes before Grimes flips A-Kid into a Hurricanrana on Roddy. They then hit a tandem move to knock Roddy down. Carmelo Hayes finally makes it out to commentary.

01:47 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Malcolm Bivens hypes Diamon Mine up before Stand & Deliver. He says Roddy and the Creeds will walk out with gold. As they walk out for the main event, Smaller Creed gets a text from an unknown number. It says "good luck this weekend and we'll be watching." It takes him a moment to realize that it was the team that jumped them a few weeks ago. Taller Creed says to focus on Stand & Deliver and then worry about the unknown assailants.

01:45 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

01:45 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

01:44 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Lash Legend shows up on the big screen to say that the win was as impressive as a goldfish blowing bubbles. She claims that she's better than Lyons in every way, including being a bigger Superstar. Debatable.

01:43 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Lyons takes on a wrestler named Sloane Jacobs.  Lyons hits a few moves before hitting a spinning heel kick. Jacobs kicks out at two. Lyons hoists her on her shoulders but Jacobs works on her arm. Jacobs goes for a kick but Lyons evades it. Sheh hits a Samoan Drop, two kicks, and another spinning kick before landing the split for the pin.
Result - Nikkita Lyons defeats Sloane Jacobs by pin.

01:40 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Dakota Kai/Raquel Gonzalez vs. Jacy Jayne/Gigi Dolin added to the Stand & Deliver pre-show.

01:38 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Bron says that WrestleMania weekend is a big weekend for his family as it was announced yesterday that the Steiners are being inducted into the WWE HOF. He says he'll walk out of Dallas with the title. "The culture of this place means too much to me to let Dolph Ziggler walk around with my title."

01:34 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

01:31 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

01:31 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Anthony goes for a suplex, but Gacy counters out. He rolls Anthony up for two but then counters and hits his handstand springboard clothesline for the win.
Result - Joe Gacy defeats Draco Anthony by pin.

01:30 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Some random big dude shows up behind Harland. Apparently, his name is Quincy. Gacy locks in a submission on Anthony but Anthony breaks out of it. He hits a few strikes before dropping Gacy with a shoulder block. He hits a weird suplex for a near fall.

01:29 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Anthony sends Gacy into the corner, but he does a headstand on a turnbuckle. He then hits a move to gain control.  Gacy says that he can be Anthony's friend before hitting a Uranage for a near fall. 

01:27 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Sorry, it's Gacy taking on Anthony, not Harland.

01:23 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

01:20 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

The way Cromwell looked back at Wagner reminded me of the dead eyes of Billie Eilish.

01:20 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

01:19 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

After the match, Wagner goes out and wrecks Jacket Time. He hits his finisher on Jiro in the ring. He rips Jiro's jacket off and then rips it in half. How. Dare. He. Wagner looks at Cromwell before departing and she looks back at him with literally no emotion. I guess she's going to be the female equivalent of him?? I don't know . . .

01:18 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Hayward works himself back into the match, hitting a shoulder block off the ropes. Wagner retakes control, shoving Hayward into the middle buckle face first. He lands an Angle Slam variant for the win.
Result - Von Wagner defeats Bodhi Hayward by pin.

01:16 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Chase U needs a female rep. I mean, there are plenty of recruits at the PC. Hayward goes for a move but Wagner catches him and hits a fallaway slam. Jiro is still distracted by the random lady showing up. How can she and Tiffany Stratton co-exist on NXT???!??

01:15 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Jiro and Kushida are announced as guest commentators for the "match" between Wagner and Hayward. Bodhi hits a single-leg pickup on Wagner, leading both men to fall out of the ring. He pushes Wagner into the steel steps before heading back into the ring. Wagner kicks Bodhi down. A random woman who is totally not a plant shows up next to Jiro/Kushida. It's Sofia Cromwell, who has a "business relationship" with Bobby Stone.

01:09 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Carmelo Hayes says that he'll be out for commentary during the main event. Grayson Waller interrupts him and they argue over who is better. Waller walks off by saying "mine's bigger than yours," referring to Sanga being bigger than Trick Williams.

01:08 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

01:08 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

01:07 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Dakota Kai comes out to avenge Choo but the Darned Numbers Game takes over. After a few moments of beating on Kai, Raquel Gonzalez returns to even the odds. After a few seconds of hesitation, Gonzo and Kai appear to reconcile. One of the belts got left in the ring and Kai and Gonzo hold them both to piss off Toxic Attraction.

01:03 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Lots of black pants in the ring. Rose says she'll cement her spot as the greatest Women's Champion of all time when she beats KLR, Shirai, and Jade this Sunday. Rose then addresses Wendy Choo and Dakota Kai. Rose says they didn't get the job done against Io/KLR so they took care of Choo. They unpack Gigi's backpack to reveal stuffing from Wendy's backpack.

01:01 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Mandy claims that her "words were twisted" when she said she'd fight any "woman" not women. 

00:58 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

They keep going back to the promise he made to his father before he died. That has to be so that Grimey can qualify and win Saturday.

00:58 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews Cameron Grimes before his last-chance match to qualify. He has to win, right??

00:55 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

00:53 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Persia and Indi are still arguing over who is the hotter couple. I couldn't care less. Just wrestle please. We have enough relationship drama on TV.

00:51 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Welp, that sucks for LDF. They really brought out some innovative moves, but that doesn't matter much for a particular Chairman.

00:51 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Jensen makes the tag to Briggs and he houses Wilde and Mendoza. He hits a butterfly backbreaker to WIlde on his knee. He goes for a move but Lopez gets on the ring apron to distract him. Mendoza lands a tightrope walking dropkick. On the outside, Fallon Henley attacks Lopez. Wilde goes for a 450 Splash but Briggs catches him. He hits a chokeslam before he and Jensen land a High/Low for the win.
Result - Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen defeat Legado Del Fantasma by pin.

00:49 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

LDF hits a flurry of tags and moves in the corner on Jensen. They land a double suplex for a near fall. 

00:48 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Jensen lands a slam and tags in Briggs. Correction - it was Wilde that started. He tags Mendoza in and he hits a kick on Briggs. He goes for another move but Briggs catches him in a Bear Hug. He tags Jensen in quickly. Jensen and Briggs roll out of the ring and Jensen walks in front of Elektra Lopez. Mendoza hits a kick, knocking Jensen down outside. He tags Wilde and Wilde hits a plank splash off the ring post. That was cool, but Wilde has been doing that stuff for years.

00:46 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Jensen and Mendoza start off. Geez the second Will Smith reference on NXT. Enough. We get it. He slapped a dude.

00:39 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Time for Legado Del Fantasma taking on 15-year-olds in 25 year olds bodies, aka Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen.

00:34 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

Tommaso Ciampa cuts what could be his final promo in NXT. He recaps his highs and lows since signing with NXT. He ends the promo by standing the chair up against the garage door rather than throwing it as usual. On the chair, he has the start and end dates of his NXT career. Is he on RAW or SD following 'Mania??

00:32 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

00:28 (GMT)30 MAR 2022

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