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  • WWE NXT Live Results (8th March 2022): Dolph Ziggler shockingly wins NXT Championship.

WWE NXT Live Results (8th March 2022): Dolph Ziggler shockingly wins NXT Championship.

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 09, 2022 08:41 IST

What will happen at WWE NXT?


08:41 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Ziggler pinned Ciampa after Roode pulled Bron out of the ring. That will mean that Breakker will have a case for a rematch.

08:40 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Full Results for NXT: Roadblock, 8 March 2022.
Wendy Choo and Dakota Kai defeat Cora Jade and Raquel Gonzalez by pin.
Fallon Henley defeats Tiffany Stratton by pin.
Grayson Waller defeats LA Knight when Knight can't answer the 10 count.
Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray defeat Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter by pin.
Imperium vs. MSK ends in a No Contest.
Dolph Ziggler defeats Tommaso Ciampa and Bron Breakker by pin to win NXT Championship.

08:38 (IST)9 MAR 2022

This puts a nice wrench into the NXT title scene, but it wasn't the title scene that needed a change. That belongs to the Universal and SmackDown Women's Championship scenes on SmackDown.

08:37 (IST)9 MAR 2022

08:36 (IST)9 MAR 2022

08:35 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Dolph goes for a Superkick but he's stopped by Bron. Ciampa kicks him and Bron drops Dolph. Bron dives at the feet of both men but misses. Weird. Ciampa goes for the Fairytale Ending but Bron drops him with a spear. Dolph hits a knee on Bron but Bron lands a spear on Dolph. Breakker picks Dolph up and he hits his finisher. He pins Dolph but Bobby Roode breaks up the pin. Breakker decks Roode and Ciampa lands Willow's Bell before hitting the Fairytale Ending. Dolph pushes him out of the ring and gets a two-count. Ciampa throws Dolph out of the ring and Roode pulls Bron out of the ring. Dolph hits a Superkick on Ciampa and gets the win!!
Result - Dolph Ziggler defeats Bron Breakker and Tommaso Ciampa by pin.

08:32 (IST)9 MAR 2022

All three men get up and exchange chops. Ziggler knocks Bron out of the ring and rolls Ciampa up for a near fall. He hits the ZigZag and then a Famouser for a two count.

08:31 (IST)9 MAR 2022

08:31 (IST)9 MAR 2022

To break the sleeper hold, Bron drops Dolph onto a prone Ciampa. 

08:30 (IST)9 MAR 2022

As we return from the break, Ziggler is on top of Ciampy in the corner. He hits 10 shots before Ciampa lands a knee. Breakker drops Ziggler and hits a pop-up face drop on Ciampa. Breakker locks Ciampa n the Steiner Recliner and Ziggler locks in a sleeper on Bron.

08:26 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Ciampa lands a slingshot on Ziggler and then a corkscrew plancha on Bron. If there aren't any DQs, why hasn't someone used a weapon or low blow??

08:25 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Dolph rolls out of the ring as the match starts. Ciampa decks Bron and Dolph rolls back in to break up the pin. Bron goes for a flying shoulder block but Ciampa ducks. Ciampa chops both opponents. Breakker hits a spinebuster on Dolph before hitting a double-suplex on both men. Ziggs landed awkwardly on his knee but looks okay. Bron goes to the top for a Frankensteiner but gets crotched by Ziggler. Ziggler rolls Ciampa up and gets two.

08:21 (IST)9 MAR 2022

08:20 (IST)9 MAR 2022

08:19 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Cameron Grimes takes on Santos Escobar in an NXT NA title qualifying match. Also, Indi and Persia square off next week.

08:19 (IST)9 MAR 2022

A vignette airs for A-Kid, the first winner of the Heritage Cup of NXT UK. Interesting. Jacket Time was watching the vignette, and Jiro is excited. Kusdhia says "he's good." Jiro says, "what do you think you are better??"

08:13 (IST)9 MAR 2022

08:13 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Joe Gacy and Harland come up to Draco Anthoney, who is working out alone. They approach him calmly, but Xyon Quinn shows up to back Anthoney up. He says "don't listen to them. They're just trying to get into your head." Gacy says he just wants Anthony to live his best life. After the creepsters leave, Anthony thanks Xyon Quinn. 

08:11 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Carter makes the tag to lee and he hits a load of offense off the hot tag. He hits a picture-perfect moonsault before tagging Carter back in. Carter hits a move on Barthel on the outside and Aichner catches Lee. The match is interrupted by the Goober Brothers, causing a DQ. They attack both teams.
Result - MSK vs. Imperium ends in a No Contest.

08:09 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Fabian continues to control Lee. He tags Marcel in as the crowd chants "we want Creeds." Is Vince telling the crowd what to chant again???

08:07 (IST)9 MAR 2022

MSK gets the first sense of control. Barthel turns the tides with a chop to Wes Lee's chest. He tags in Man Baby, and he catches Lee and slams him into the ropes.

08:07 (IST)9 MAR 2022

08:03 (IST)9 MAR 2022

07:58 (IST)9 MAR 2022

07:57 (IST)9 MAR 2022

As we head back to the lounge, Cora Jade attacks Mandy Rose. Malik and Edris break it up. After that segment, Indi is rewatching the film of their loss last week. She blames Persia for the loss because she's focusing more on her relationship with Duke Hudson. Persia says now you know what it was like when I was carrying the team. Indi takes exception, but Persia is 100% right. At least Persia showed up for the match.

07:56 (IST)9 MAR 2022

07:55 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Outside the ring, Io sends Kayden into the steel steps. She then sends Kacy into a kick from KLR. KLR hits the KLR Bomb and Io hits her moonsault for the win.
Result - Kay Lee Ray and Io Shirai defeat Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro by pin.

07:54 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Carter and KLR are in the ring. They go for their finisher on KLR but Io holds Kacy's leg. Io and KLR go for a double suplex, but Kayden kicks her out. Kacy hits a tower of doom poison rana that was pretty damn impressive. Io breaks up the pin atttempt.

07:53 (IST)9 MAR 2022

KLR tags in but Kacy runs in. KLR plants her with a face-first plant. Kayden lands a move off the ropes for a two-count. Since Gigi and Jacy aren't with Mandy, they'll interfere here.

07:52 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Io and Kayden are in the ring back from the break. Kayden lands a DDT on Io off a counter. Kayden makes it to Kacy. She hits a roll-up facebuster for a two-count. Team Lil Ladies hits a tandem move but Io gets her knees up. Shirai hits a missile dropkick but only gets two. 

07:47 (IST)9 MAR 2022

07:47 (IST)9 MAR 2022

07:46 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Kayden Carter hits a kick for a near fall. She tags Kacy in and after some tandem offense, Kacy lands a plancha. She says "I want you, Io," and Io tags in. Kacy gets a roll-up for a near fall and Io geest one of her own. The action spills outside the ring and Kacy and Kayden drop Io and KLR. Kacy hits another plancha.

07:44 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Kacy and Kayden come out with their shoulder pads that are hollow and not really shoulder pads. The camera pans to Mandy by herself on the couch. The male servers have been replaced by Malik Blade and Edris Enofe. Barrett and Joseph make some new-age sex comments but they sound way too forced.

07:42 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Tony D'Angelo shows up at his cousin's restaurant. As is required by all Italian dishes, he has tomato sauce and parmesan cheese at his table.

07:41 (IST)9 MAR 2022

07:36 (IST)9 MAR 2022

07:36 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Could this somehow lead to a "Loser leaves NXT" match at Stand and Deeleever???? Knight is more than ready for the main roster and it needs him.

07:35 (IST)9 MAR 2022

07:35 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Waller rolls into the ring, goes to the top, and hits his flying elbow on Knight. It leaves both men down. Waller climbs on Sanga's back and Sanga stands up so Waller can beat the 10 count. Knight does not.
Result - Grayson Waller defeats LA Knight by answering the 10 count.

07:33 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Knight grabs a chair and Waller pleads with him to stop. Knight drops it and kicks him instead. He then puts the trash can over Waller and bashes him with the chair about seven times. He then hits Sanga with it while the ref counts. Knight clears off the announce table but it looks like Sanga handed something to Waller. Waller decks him with a blackjack and puts him on the announce table.

07:31 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Knight hits a power slam as the crowd chants for a table. Knight goes for his finisher but Waller rakes his eyes. Grayson goes for his rolling move again, but Knight catches him and sends him through a table set up outside the ring. Waller gets up at 8.

07:30 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Sanga grabs Knight by the foot, but he slams Sanga into the ring post head first. He locks Sanga around the post with the handcuffs Waller introduced. Waller goes for a kick but Knight clotheslines him twice. 

07:28 (IST)9 MAR 2022

During the commercial break, the match has made its way to the random balcony in the arena. Knight decks Waller and he falls off the scaffolding into oblivion. Knight walks back down to the ring, but Sanga has appeared. He's carrying Waller to the ring. Knight hits Sanga with a chair, but he shrugs it off. Sanga then chokeslams Knight onto the ring apron. Waller has handcuffs.

07:25 (IST)9 MAR 2022

07:24 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Knight goes to grab Waller by the hair but Waller hits him with a trash can.

07:23 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Waller hits his "jump-into-the-ring rolling cutter, but Knight is up at 6. Knight counters a move into his finisher, but Waller counters out and hits an elbow to Knight's face. Waller goes to the top for his finisher, but Knight jumps up the turnbuckles and suplexes him off. Knight then hits the BFT (his finisher). Waller rolls out at 7. 

07:21 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Knight stomps on Waller in the corner for the first count of the match. Waller gets up at 3. Waller counters a move and sends Knight onto the top rope throat first. Grayson gets Knight in a cravat and lands a few knees before telling the ref to count. Knight gets up at 4.

07:19 (IST)9 MAR 2022

07:19 (IST)9 MAR 2022

Waller comes out without Sanga, but Knight runs up the ramp and decks him. The bell rings and Knight drops Waller throat first on a crowd barrier. He drops him on the ring apron before getting a trash can. Waller kicks him, causing him to drop the can. Knight reverses Waller into the steel steps.
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