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WWE NXT Live Results (June 20, 2023): Chase U Pep Rally, Seth Rollins faces Bron Breakker, and more.

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02:12 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

02:10 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Full Results for NXT Goldrush, Week 1 (June 20, 2023)
Wes Lee defeats Tyler Bate by pin.
Edris Enofe and Malik Blade defeat Josh Briggs and Brook Jensen and Hank Walker and Tank Ledger by pin.
Cora Jade defeats Dana Brooke by referee stoppage.
Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson defeat Yulisa Leon and Valentina Ferroz by pin.
Seth Rollins defeats Bron Breakker by pin.

02:08 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

02:08 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

The show is about to go off the air, but if you followed RAW last night, you knew another potential attack from Finn Balor could happen. That's exactly what went down as Rollins was holding the title up in the entrance area. Balor jumps him from behind again, hitting him in the ribs with a chair. He goes to the top for a Double Stomp, but Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams make the save.

02:05 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Good match to end a strange episode of NXT. A few good matches, heavy storytelling, and a few awkward contests.

02:04 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Bron goes to the top but is blasted by a Rollins' superkick. Rollins then lands two Curb Stomps for the win.

Result - Seth Rollins defeats Bron Breakker by pin.

02:03 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Bron hits a Frankensteiner off the top and a Power Slam for a near three count. Bron goes for a spear but is hit with a knee. Rollins then lands a Pedigree but Bron kicks out. Seth goes for a stomp but is hit with a spear from Breakker. He gets another near fall. 

02:01 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Rollins gets two near falls quickly off the ad break. He lands a kick on Bron on his knees. He then goes for a Frog Splash, but Bron rolls out of the way. Breakker locks in the Steiner Recliner, but it's broken up when Rollins gets to the ropes.

01:57 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Rollins fights back with some offense, including a clothesline. Bron goes for a suplex but Rollins knees him on the head to break it up. He then hits three Suicide Dives. Seth lines up the Stomp but Bron rolls out of the ring. He then empties the announce table but Bron stops him and tries to bodyslam him. Rollins falls off and superkicks Bron. He lands on the announce table, and Rollins hits him with a Frog Splash off the turnbuckle.

01:54 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Bron is on top after the commercial break. He suplexes the Champ but only gets a one-count. He lands a German Suplex on Rollins, but he breaks out of the pin to do some push-ups like his uncle Scott Steiner. Bron goes for the Spear, but Rollins moves, sending Breakker shoulder-first into the buckle.

01:51 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

01:45 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

01:44 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

01:43 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Gigi Dolin vs. Kiana James and Nathan Frazer vs. Dragon Lee for Heritage Cup announced for next week.

01:41 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Leon makes the tag to a fired-up Ferroz. She hits a Meteora and a top-rope Hurricanrana on Legend. She hits another Meteora before Mensah tries to trip her.
She jumps on him and Leon hits him with a Tope Con Giro. Feroz gets back in the ring but is blasted by a big boot from Lash Legend.

Result - Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson defeat Valentina Ferroz and Yulisa Leon by pin.

01:39 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Man, people should avoid the NXT parking lot. As Gallus is leaving to get drunk, the tag Champs drive off as Stacks drives by and tosses Joe Coffey into the trunk. Leon may have hurt her knee on a move to the outside. 
Legend Hits a kick and a splash on Leon for a near fall. Lola Vice and Elektra Lopez then come out during the match. Booker can't control his manly feelings, but Queen Sharmell is sitting behind him in the crowd.

01:35 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

01:32 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Valentina Ferroz and Yulisa Leon are getting ready for their match with Legend and Jackson. Dragon Lee comes by to pump them up, as does Nathan Frazer. He thanks them for helping last week after Legend and Jackson constantly interfered. They head out but Frazer says since Seth Rollins said to "help those who helped you," he wants to give Dragon Lee the first shot at the Heritage Cup.

01:27 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Melo then mocks Happy Corbin, but Corbin says that gimmick bought him a $1.8 million house. Corbin adds that he's also been a main-event player on the main roster for almost a decade.
Melo says "what happened since then." Melo says he successfully cashed in his ticket for a title while when Corbin was 26, he was getting cut by the Arizona Cardinals.

01:25 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

01:24 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Corbin mocks Carmelo Hayes, saying he didn't make the title and that he dresses nicely. He adds that they're not in Melo's hometown anymore.

01:22 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Eddy Thorpe is watching tapes of RAW Underground with Reggie and Axiom. He says he has two weeks to put together a fight camp. Axiom asks who could mimic Kemp's style, and then Kemp's real-life brother, Gable Steveson, shows up to offer his help.

01:17 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

01:15 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Von says his dad worked his b*tt off to pay the medical bills while his mother was always by his side. When he was a 5-year-old, other kids called him a monster.

01:14 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Von Wagner and Mr. Stone have the conversation about the picture. Bron said he had a serious brain condition where the skull doesn't keep growing as the brain does. He says it took a 14-hour surgery as a 1-and-a-half-year-old.

01:13 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

01:11 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Brooke goes for a Vader Bomb but Jade moves out of the way. She rushes to slam the damaged knee into the mat before locking in a Single Leg Boston Crab. She drags Dana back to the middle of the ring as she is very close to the ropes. She doesn't tap but the ref stops the bout.

Result - Cora Jade defeats Dana Brooke by referee stoppage.

01:10 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

The doctors put Brooke on a stretcher and started taking her to the back, but Jade mocked her the whole way. She somehow jumped off the stretcher and resumed the match. Jade then targets the "injury" until Dana gets in some offense.

01:04 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Brooke goes for a move on the apron but Jade evades it. Brooke tries to re-enter the ring but gets caught up in the ropes. Jade lands a running knee on her. She goes for a DDT but Brooke counters it. She goes for a handstand move but she buckles under the move. The ref calls for doctors to come out and they check on Dana.

01:02 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Dana Brooke sends Jade into the corner for some shoulder blocks to the guy. Jade tries to land offense but does her usual point and laugh. She runs off but Brooke catches her. Brooke bodyslams Jade and hits a handstand elbow for a two-count.

01:00 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Seth Rollins is in his locker room with his ribs taped. He is greeted by his protege, Nathan Frazer. The two congratulate each other and Rollins tells Frazer to pay it forward. 
Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams then pay their respects. Rollins tricks them by not smiling, but they all get along.

00:57 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

00:54 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

00:54 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Backstage, Damon Kemp says he's picked a match for himself and Eddy Thorpe. He says he's bringing RAW Underground back to NXT in two weeks. 
As Thorpe accepts the challenge, Roxanne Perez storms by. She apparently attacked Blair Davenport, who is on the ground just some feet away.

00:51 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Briggs and Jensen hit their sliding punches on both teams, followed by a pop-up slug. In the ring, Enofe hits a stomp into a dropkick but Briggs decks him. Tank comes in and hits a fallaway slam. Jensen tags in and drops Tank.
Jensen suplexes Blade on top of Tank. Briggs and Jensen hit a Hart Attack but the pin is broken up by Enofe. Malik hits a Frog Splash from the opposite corner to get the win.

Result - Edris Enofe and Malik Blade defeat Tank Ledger and Hank Walker and Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen.

00:46 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

00:44 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Blade and Enofe single out Josh Briggs early on but he tags Brooks Jensen in. Hank and Tank recover and send Briggs to the outside. They land a tandem slam on Edris in the corner. 

Jensen tags in and then all three teams square off. Briggs and Jensen go for their slide-to-the-outside punch but Edris and Malik hit tandem Tope Con Giros. Hank and Tank then hit tandem Vader Bombs. Hank pins Malik but Briggs breaks up the pin.

00:40 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

NXT Anonymous has a video of Jacy Jayne and Lyra Valkyria having a confrontation.

00:36 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

00:35 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

The Schism is arguing backstage after losing last week. Jagger Reid says that Gacy's losses are affecting the entire group. Gacy agrees with Jagger but the group is heading for a break-up. We then see Diamond Mine watching the tape of the meeting.

00:33 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Dempsey shakes his head in agreement.

00:32 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

After Stratton's mean words, Duke Hudson hypes Hail up, saying that everyone believes in Thea Hail. Stratton then gets in Hail's face and says she won't win next week and she won't tap her out. Hail jumps her and locks in a Kimura before grabbing the title and running around the ring like a mad person.

00:30 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Thea thanks Mr. Chase and Duke Hudson as well as Dempsey and Gulak. Tiffany Stratton and her annoying voice come out next. She mocks the pep rally and Thea winning next week. Standard stuff.

00:28 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak are also in the ring for the rally. Hail says she was intimidated because a lot of the other women have degrees and college athletics to fall back on. Well, that's because you graduated high school and didn't apply for college.

00:27 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Thea comes out in a Chase U singlet with some cheerleaders. I wonder if they are going to blatantly name drop the Cavinder twins again.

00:26 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Hudson says it's "to celebrate Chase U's star pupil, Thea Hail." Isn't she like one of only two pupils???

00:23 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Ali was acting really weird throughout that match. At first it seemed he was mocking them but then he was trying to motivate them to continue. Just strange.

00:21 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

00:20 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Gigi Dolin is in a vignette about her upbringing and how her art helped her express herself when she was rejected at times in her lift. Mac Mitchell interviews Kiana James after the vignette and she says she grew up after she did dumb things as a kid. She also mocks Gigi's art and her situation.

00:18 (GMT)21 JUN 2023

Ali seems to mockingly celebrate with both competitors. Bate and Lee are confused.
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