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  • WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (13th April 2021)

WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (13th April 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 14, 2021 02:52 GMT

Catch all the live results from NXT's debut on Tuesday Nights!


02:13 (GMT)14 APR 2021

This is Matt Serocki, signing off!!! Thanks for joining us this week. Tune in next week for the return of Kyle O'Reilly and the debut of Sarray (probably against Aliyah). Also, probably a match between Zoey Stark and Mercedes Martinez.

02:12 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Full Results for April 13, 2021
MSK defeats Dain/Maverick by pin.
Mercedes Martinez defeats Jessi Kamea by pin.
Kushida defeats Santos Escobar by pin to win NXT Cruiserweight Championship.
Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeats Leon Ruff by pin.
Reed, Lumis, Moon and Blackheart defeat the Way by pin.

02:10 (GMT)14 APR 2021

02:10 (GMT)14 APR 2021

02:04 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Reed holds up the Women's Champs on his shoulders as the Way argues atop the entrance ramp.

02:03 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Solid mixed-tag match to end the first night of NXT on Tuesdays.

02:03 (GMT)14 APR 2021

The remaining members of the Way try to stop Reed from doing work off the top. LeRae goes up and tries to suplex Reed. Hilarious. Instead, Shotzi comes in and suplexes her on to a prone Theory. Reed hits the Tsunami off the top for the win.
Result: Shotzi, Ember, Reed and Lumis defeat the Way by pin.

02:02 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Moon comes in an hits an Eclipse on Theory off of Reed's shoulders.

02:01 (GMT)14 APR 2021

She lays down again and Dexter picks her up and carries her to the backstage (giving a thumbs up of course).

02:01 (GMT)14 APR 2021

She lays down as if she's a princess waiting for a kiss. Theory kicks Lumis before she gets her smooch but then Indi tosses Theory out of the ring for stopping her romance.

02:00 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Reed goes to jump outside but gets kicked by Gargs. Gargs gets caught in the Lumis' finisher before Indi comes in to distract him.

02:00 (GMT)14 APR 2021

01:59 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Ember hits a dive on Johnny, Candice hits a move on Lumis. Shotzi tells Bronson to Gorilla Press her over the ropes on to everyone.

01:58 (GMT)14 APR 2021

The women come in the ring and trade moves.

01:58 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Back from the break and Bronson Reed is doing work against Theory. Gargano comes in and gets trucked for his efforts. The big man splashes both men in the corner. He then stacks up Austin and Johnny on his shoulder like chord wood before hitting a Samoan drop for a near fall.

01:55 (GMT)14 APR 2021

We go to ad break with Lumis and Austin Theory in the ring.

01:54 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Indi Hartwell puckers up for a kiss after the Way is knocked off the ring apron but Candice pulls her down before a kiss can be had.

01:54 (GMT)14 APR 2021

The Champs hit some tandem offense on Johnny Gargs before tagging in Lumis.

01:53 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Lumis and Austin start the match but Lumis gets the better of Theory. Indi Hartwell tries to tag in to get to Lumis, but LeRae tags in instead. In comes Ember and then Shotzi.

01:52 (GMT)14 APR 2021

01:50 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Up next is the Way vs. Shotzi, Ember, Bronson and the ever talkative Dexter Lumis.

01:49 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Ruff attacks Swerve backstage as he tries to talk to Mitchell. Didn't Swerve win fair and square?? 

01:49 (GMT)14 APR 2021

A quick promo from WALTER says that Imperium will grow. Imperium will expand. Hmmmmmm . . . .

01:47 (GMT)14 APR 2021

01:43 (GMT)14 APR 2021

We go backstage to McKenzie Mitchell interviewing a happy Zoey Stark. She stakes her claim for a title shot but Mercedes Martinez interrupts and calls her a rookie. Match next week?

01:42 (GMT)14 APR 2021

01:42 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Swerve goes for a move but Ruff flips it and almost gets the win. Swerve drops Ruff's head on a turnbuckle and hits a finisher for the win.
Result: Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeats Leon Ruff by pin.

01:40 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Both men go to the top rope and Ruff lands a top-rope Hurricanrana. Gets a two count.

01:39 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Ruff hits a cutter variant and Swerve falls outside. Ruff hits a plancha on Swerve. He tosses Scott back into the ring and gets a near fall.

01:38 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Ruff storms back and chops Swerve a lot. Gets in some more offense. Swerve locks in a submission as Ruff attempts a top-rope move.

01:37 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Back from the break and Swerve remains in control. Trash talking and chopping Ruff in the corner.

01:36 (GMT)14 APR 2021

01:33 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Ruff attack Swerve before the bell. The action is back and forth until Swerve tosses Ruff outside and kicks him in the face.

01:32 (GMT)14 APR 2021

01:30 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Up next is Leon Ruff taking on Swerve!

01:29 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Looks like Roddy Strong is moving on from NXT. Does that mean a move to SD or RAW is in order?

01:28 (GMT)14 APR 2021

William Regal hypes next week's debut of Sarray. Who shall it be against?

01:22 (GMT)14 APR 2021

All three champs celebrate together in the ring. It's a new day, yes it is!!!

01:21 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Rhea Ripley shows up to congratulate Raquel. Not to be outdone, Bianca Belair shows up as well!!

01:19 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Monet says Raquel will see more of her since she' on top of "her" division. Raquel does the unthinkable and threatens El Poocho Loco!!! How dare she!!!

01:17 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Apparently Wade Barrett is afraid of Monet's dog. Why??? It's freaking adorable!!!

01:16 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Here's Franky Monet Valkyrie!!!!

01:16 (GMT)14 APR 2021

The lights go black . . . ..

01:13 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Before we cut to Kai in the ring, Jordan Devlin interrupts Kushida speaking with Willy Regal. He essentially says he's going home and wants a shot at the new Champ when he returns. Kushida's answer is simple: Any time.

01:11 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Up next is new NXT Women's Champ, Raquel Gonzalez, flanked by Dakota Kai. Who will come out to ruin the festivities?

01:08 (GMT)14 APR 2021

01:07 (GMT)14 APR 2021

Ciampa and Thatcher are clearly targeting new Tag Champs MSK.

01:06 (GMT)14 APR 2021

After the win, we get the return of Tim Thatcher alongside Tommaso Ciampa.
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