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WWE NXT Results, LIVE Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT (30th December 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 31, 2020 04:24 GMT

Can Gargano break his title defense curse?


03:10 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

This is Matt Serocki singing off for this week!!!  Tune in next week for a stacked episode of NXT New Year's Evil!!!!

03:09 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Full Results for December 30, 2020.
Bronson Reed defeats Isaiah "Swerve" Scott by pin.
Grizzled Young Veterans defeat Breezango by pin.
Mercedes Martinez defeats Valentina Feroz by pin.
Pete Dunne defeats Roderick Strong by pin.
Lucha House Party defeats Legado del Fantasma by pin.
Johnny Gargano retains NXT North American title over Leon Ruff by pin.

03:07 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Man, Lumis never shuts up.

03:07 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

The lights flicker to land on the "always too talkative" Dexter Lumis. He provides a sketch showing that Escobar will in fact defend the NXT Cruiserweight title at New Year's Evil against Gran Metalik.

03:05 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Ruff certainly brought it and looked great in defeat. Surprised the Way wasn't more involved with chicanery. Yes, I like the word chincanery.

03:05 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

03:04 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

The men are in one corner of the ring with Gargano on the top rope. Gargs knocks Ruff down on to the top of the turnbuckle. He hits the One Final Beat for the win.
Result - Johnny Gargano defeats Leon Ruff by pin to retain NXT North American title.

03:03 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

He hits a Frog Splash and gets a two count on Gargano.

03:03 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Gargano tosses Ruff to the outside and he attempts a Lawn Dart into the staging. Ruff escapes and hits a cutter off of the ring apron. He tosses Johnny back in the ring.

03:02 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Ruff gets a rope break.

03:01 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Two count. He goes outside for One Final Beat. Ruff counters but Gargano hits a Power Bomb for another two count. He locks in the GarganNO Escape.

03:01 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

The Champ hits a stunning kick on Ruff and hits the Lawn Dart to the corner. He goes for another Superkick but Ruff ducks. Gargano hits it anyways the second time.

03:00 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Ruff gets a two count but he's fighting an uphill battle with The Way all at ringside.

02:58 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Johnny Wrestling continues to have the upper hand until Ruff gets out from under and lands some strikes of his own.

02:55 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Gargano continues to toss Ruff into every obstacle ringside, but it's strange that there hasn't been a count out yet.

02:53 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

The action spills outside and Gargano lands some loud strikes. He tosses Ruff into the barricades.

02:52 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Ruff shows off some athleticism while trying to fend off the members of The Way at ringside.

02:50 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Up next is the main event between Johnny Wrestling defending his NXT North American Championship against Leon Ruff Ruff.

02:48 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Overall Competitor of 2020 is Io Shirai!

02:47 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:47 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Looks like Gran Metalik may be the next challenger for Santos Escobar.

02:45 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Gotta admit - Gargano Way segments are really funny.

02:45 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

As Theory accepts his award, he says that Gargano will break the curse! Being totally superstitious, Gargano yells at Theory and throws the Gargano Whey bottle that is now attached to Theory's hands, into a mirror. Bad luck, sir. Bad luck! Is it all misdirection?

02:43 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Future Star of the Year nominees - Austin Theory, Jake Atlas, Leon Ruff, Kacy Catanzaro, kayden Carter, Indi Hartwell, Xia Li, A-Kid, Aoife Valkyrie, Pretty Deadly.
Winner - Austin Theory.

02:42 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Dorado hits a top-rope Hurricanrana and gets a two-count. Wilde gets sent outside the ring Dorado hits a reverse Hurricanrana on Mendoza. He hits a flying elbow drop off the top rope for the win.
Result - Lucha House Party defeat Legado del Fantasma by pin.

02:40 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:40 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Dorado gets out and hits a Cross Body off the top rope and tags in Metalik. Metalik walks all over the ropes and hits a bevvy of moves on Mendoza.

02:39 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Legado gets the upper hand and hits a series of clothelines in the corner. They go for a pin on Dorado but only get a two count.

02:38 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Metalik tags in Dorado but takes too much time to set up a tandem move. Wilde stands there waiting for the LHP to hit their move.

02:33 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

After a quick attempt at some Lucha Chicanery, a ref comes out to make a tag match between Legado and Lucha House Party.

02:32 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:31 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

And then we get Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado to break things up!

02:31 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Escobar says that GM Regal can't find anyone that belongs in the ring with him and with the Legado del Fantasma.

02:30 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Escobar - I'm not here to be popular, I'm here to dominate, and that's exactly what I've done.

02:29 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

After the video package for Ripley/Gonzalez, Legado de Fantasma is in the ring. Escobar is looking very shiny in his suit.

02:28 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

I've always said that sometimes your best friends can eventually become your greatest enemies. It looks like that's the case with Ripley and Raquel.

02:27 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:26 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

The music in the promo certainly sounds way too soft for Ripley.

02:26 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Back from the break and we get a segment featuring Rhea Ripley and Raquel Gonzalez' bond before they decided to rip each other's heads off.

02:24 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

It certainly seems like Priest/Kross could have a stipulation added to it . . .

02:22 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

02:21 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

The fights spill on top of a gear box before the two men go through ANOTHER gear box ringside. Scarlett sits on another box sultrily laughing at the carnage.

02:20 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Priest gets in a few shots before Kross throws him back first into some of the staging. He throws Priest through some of the plexiglass ringside and they continue bashing each other.

02:19 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Annnnnnd then Damian Priest shows up to tell Kross how to "step up like a man." Enjoy your spot before your beatdown next week.

02:19 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Scarlett - it doesn't matter who comes out of the match next week with the belt. Kross - Doomsday is already here.

02:18 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Uh oh . . . out comes Scarlett and Karrion Kross to shake things up.

02:17 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

O'Reilly cutting a great promo. 

02:16 (GMT)31 DEC 2020

Sounding heelish. O'Reilly says it means something to him because it is proof that he belongs atop of NXT.
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