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WWE NXT Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT on USA Network (25th December 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 26, 2019 03:15 GMT

Who will step up to the NXT North American Champion?


03:15 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

That's all from me tonight, my friends. Thank you very much for following along and I will see you all later on! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

03:13 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Keith Lee and Lio Rush defeat Damien Priest and Tony Nese
Bianca Belair defeats Shotzi Blackheart
Dominik Dijakovic defeats Bronson Reed
Candice LaRae defeats Taynara
Isiah "Swerve" Scott defeats Gentleman Jack Gallagher
Roderick Strong defeats Austin Theory to retain his North American Championship

03:10 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

For a pre-taped show, that was a lot of fun. Not that pre-taped shows can't be fun. No offense to pre-taped show. Oh, man, I'm gonna get so many tweets and emails from fans of pre-taped shows.

Anyway, let me gather up the match results before I head out and enjoy an after-Christmas good night's sleep...

03:07 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Oh, Keith Lee wore a Santa hat the entire match.

03:07 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Tag into Rush.... he gets on the top rope... then onto Lee's shoulders! Lee walks forward a bit and Rush with a GORGEOUS frog splash on Nese! They get the win!

RESULT: Keith Lee and Lio Rush defeat Damien Priest and Tony Nese

03:06 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Lee with a Jackhammer on Nese!

03:05 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Priest chokeslams Lio onto the "hardest part of the ring" and goes for his finisher.

Lee rises up like he did against Finn Balor and tosses Priest throat first out of the ring.

03:03 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Priest escapes from a Spirit Bomb attempt and tags in Nese (aw, man, those names rhyme) and Nese attacks Lee from behind as Keith goes after Priest.

03:01 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

03:01 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

With Rush in a body scissors, Nese screams "You're goin' NOWHERE!", doing his best Bob Marley from Boondock Saints impression (not the singer)

03:00 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

We're back from break and Priest has Rush at his mercy, then tags in Nese who is pretty mad that Rush and Lee threw Christmas cookies (and the carbs they're loaded with) at him,

02:54 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Nese tags in to Priest and tells the smaller wrestler to tag in Lee, but Rush is having none of that.

Priest grabs Rush by the throat, but Lio manages to fight his way out. A toss into the corner later, and Lio gives Damien what he wants and tags in the Limitless One.

02:53 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Nese and Rush start the match off. Flips will probably ensue.

02:53 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Lee comes to the ring with a plate of Christmas cookies. Unlike the New Day and their pancakes, Keith Lee respects local health codes and merely just shares the cookies with Lio instead.

02:51 (GMT)26 DEC 2019


02:51 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Lio Rush, dressed like an elf, heads down to the ring.

02:50 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

02:49 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Damian Priest heads to the ring, as he prepares for his tag team match with Tony Nese against Lio Rush and Keith Lee.

02:47 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

02:47 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

The NXT Year End Awards will be announced next Wednesday.

02:46 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Pat McAfee just called Sam Roberts a "very stupid little man."

I like Sam but that made me laugh.

02:46 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

02:45 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

In the end, though, Bianca pulls off the win...

RESULT: Bianca Belair defeats Shotzi Blackheart

02:43 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Mauro: "Blackheart really hanging tough against Belair here!" as she hit Bianca with a bulldog.

Me: "(in my head) Hangin' tough..... hangin' tough.... hangin' tough.... ROUGH!"


02:40 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

ACK! Picture in Picture! They got me again!

Anyway, Belair has the upper hand on Blackheart and, as I'm typing this, has her in a headlock.

02:37 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

02:37 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Belair is both being very arrogant and chewing gum in the ring.

I've never understood wrestlers who chew gum in the ring. I mean, I like gum. Big League Chew is my jam. But, like, what if you get hit in the mouth and it ends up in your throat? That just seems like an unnecessary risk.

02:34 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

And she's talking on Bianca Belair who, you know, is pretty good, too.

02:33 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Shoizi Blackheart.



02:30 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

02:27 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

02:25 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Reed eventually gets a hand on his throat, chokeslam powerbomb by Dijakovic and he gets the three.

RESULT: Dominick Dijakovic defeats Bronson Reed

Aw. No handshake.

02:23 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

02:23 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Dijakovic tries to grab Reed by the throat, but Reed grabs his wrist and HEADBUTTS HIS HAND.


02:22 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Big boot by Dijakovic and he goes for the pin, but only gets a 2. 

Dijakovic heads to the top rope and nails a really good looking moonsault, but still only gets a 2.

02:20 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Dijakovic is trying to suplex Reed and the two seem to be making a whole Merchant-Ivory drama of it.

But, eventually, he does it.

02:20 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

This is a pretty dang good hoss fight. 

Also, I never thought I'd say this a few months ago, but Dijakovic is kind of underrated. 

Reed goes for a charge into the corner, but Dijakovic dodges and attacks with some elbows.

02:18 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

I keep forgetting NXT has these commercials-and-match picture-in-picture things and when the ads come on, I turn away and do some other work and check my notes and get ready for the break to end and oh hey there's still technically a match going on, dang it.

02:15 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

02:15 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Whoever wins, I hope this match ends with both dudes fist-bumping or shaking hands or something.

That's not a joke. I love seeing that stuff.

02:13 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Dijakovic has Reed in a headlock and.... that's been the match so far.

02:13 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

02:11 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

And he's fighting Bronson Reed.

02:10 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

If they have a pirate themed WrestleMania and Paul Burchill isn't involved, well... I won't actually do anything. But, you know, come on guys.

Speaking of guys whose names I have trouble spelling, here comes Dominick Dijakovic.

02:06 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

02:06 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Oh, here we go...

02:06 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

I missed the dude's name in that video package but he looked awesome.

Survivor of the troubles in Lebanon, master of basically every martial art you can think of, looks like he can cut a good promo. What the heck's his name? ARRRRRRRGH! I have the worst short-term memory...

02:03 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

02:03 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Oh, yeah...

RESULT: Candice LaRae defeats Taynara

02:02 (GMT)26 DEC 2019

Candice gets wild and nails Taynara for a series of flurry punches into the corner.

Meanwhile, Mauro makes another "proverbial Christmas tree" mention.

I'm not making fun of Mauro. He's way better at his job than I could ever dream of being at mine and he's probably my favorite announcer. I just find stuff like that amusing.

Like, how Candice just won this match with a step-up back senton and a lionsault and gets the wins and Mauro shouts "hip hip LaRae!" and I love it
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