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WWE NXT The Great American Bash Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Great American Bash Night 2 (8th July 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 09, 2020 02:27 GMT

Who will walk out with all the gold at The Great American Bash?


02:05 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

I hope you guys enjoyed tonight's Great American Bash - I know *I* did!

We'll have a full show recap for you shortly! Have a great night everybody.

02:04 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Keith Lee defeated Adam Cole to become NXT Champion
Mercedes Martinez defeated Satana Garrett
Legado del Fantasma defeats Breezango and Drake Maverick
Johnny Gargano defeats Isiah "Swerve" Scott
Bronson Reed defeats Tony Neese|
Candice Larae defeated Mia Yim

02:00 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Oh, wait.... Karrion Kross and Scarlett are in a skybox, laughing sinisterly 

02:00 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

OK... let me grab your match results and we'll wrap things up for the night.

01:59 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Wow. Just wow. I know that might have been spoiled earlier in the week but that was still an amazing match,

01:58 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise but Lee catches him and nails him with a Spirit Bomb! And then a Big Bang Catastrophe!


Result: Keith Lee defeats Adam Cole for the NXT Championship

01:57 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Another Last Shot by Cole! But he's not finished! He's going to the top!

01:56 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Cole with a series of superkicks and STILL can't put Lee away!

01:55 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

01:55 (GMT)9 JUL 2020



01:54 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Cole goes for another Last Shot but Lee just CLOBBERS him with a lariat!

01:53 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

01:53 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Last Shot by Cole! Still only gets a two count!

01:53 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Lee goes for his Big Bang Catastrophe, but Cole slips out and hits him with a superkick

01:51 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Lee nails Cole with a second rope moonsault but COLE STAYS ALIVE!

01:50 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Lee with the SPIRIT BOMB on Cole! But, Cole grabs the bottom rope with ONE FINGER

01:49 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

01:49 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Lee with a Superplex on Cole - with Cole ON THE RING APRON - and still only gets a 2 count!

01:48 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Oh, that's kind of neat. According to Mauro, Keith Lee is also an avid tennis player, which helps him with his conditioning.

01:46 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Cole starts trash talking and begins to pull away his kneepad, setting up for the Last Shot... but Lee grabs his hand and brings the fight back to Cole.

Powerslam by Lee!

01:44 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

01:44 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Cole with a gorgeous neckbreaker and goes for the pin, but Keither still manages to kick out at 1.

01:42 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

01:42 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Cole is on the floor, next to the security rail. Lee charges at him... and Cole dodges and sends Lee into the plexiglass!

01:40 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

I've been asked not to make any more All Detergent references. Sorry, All Detergent fans.

01:39 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

01:38 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

01:36 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

01:35 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Cole makes his entrance following Lee's, and Adam's by himself... no Undisputed ERA with him.

01:34 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

And now we're getting our MAIN EVENT! NXT North American Champion Keith Lee vs NXT Champion Adam Cole in a WINNER TAKE.... BOTH TITLES match!

01:29 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

We're getting Cameron Grimes vs Damien Priest next week!

01:28 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

01:28 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Garrett's trying to make a comeback, though, gets some offense in, but Martinez grabs her by the hair and tosses her to the mat. A Fisherman's Buster later and...

Result: Mercedes Martinez defeats Santana Garrett

01:26 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

01:25 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

I hope you guys like racquetball because I'm thinking this is going to be a squash.

01:23 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Santana Garrett makes her way to the ring, dressed as a magician - Zatanna, perhaps? - and it seems she's going to be taking on Mercedes Martinez.

01:21 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

01:21 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

01:20 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Gargano and Larae and being interviewed backstage, celebrating Candice's win tonight. Johnny Wrestling seems to be calling out Finn Balor again.

01:19 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

01:17 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Santos Escobar with a Phantom Driver on Drake Maverick and gets the win!

Result: Legado del Fantasma defeats Breezango and Drake Maverick

01:16 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

After a hot tag to Drake, all six men are in the ring and fighting it out!

01:15 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

01:13 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

The unmasked luchadores are keeping the punishment on Fandango.

01:12 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

01:11 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Fandango gets shoved right into the ring stairs, knee first... that's probably the turning point of this match.

01:06 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

01:05 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Breezango make their entrance Conquistador-style, and Drake Maverick makes his own and he's all business.

01:04 (GMT)9 JUL 2020

Legado del Fantasma makes their way to the ring for their match against Drake Maverick and Breezango
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