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WWE NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from TakeOver: Blackpool II (12th January 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 13, 2020 01:19 IST

Will Joe Coffey walk out of the event as the brand new WWE UK Champion?


01:09 (IST)13 JAN 2020

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01:08 (IST)13 JAN 2020

WALTER defeats Joe Coffey to retain the WWE United Kingdom Championship
Gallus retain their NXT UK Tag Team Championship
Tyler Bate defeats Jordan Devlin
Kay Lee Ray defeats Toni Storm and Piper Niven to retain her NXT UK Women's Championship
Eddie Dennis defeats Trent Seven

01:05 (IST)13 JAN 2020

So, OK! That was NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II, which was held live in... I forget what city... Cleveland? Anyway, let's look at the match results...

01:02 (IST)13 JAN 2020

4-on-1 beatdown on WALTER by The ERA! NXT chants throughout the crowd!

01:01 (IST)13 JAN 2020


01:00 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Well, that was certainly... a match.

01:00 (IST)13 JAN 2020

00:59 (IST)13 JAN 2020

WALTER is essentially manhandling Coffey at this point.

And a submission move later, Coffey has tapped out.

RESULT: WALTER defeats Joe Coffey.

00:56 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Coffey with a discus punch and goes for the pin! Gets a 2!

00:55 (IST)13 JAN 2020

WALTER with a flying splash! This should do it!

No! Coffey kicks out!

00:54 (IST)13 JAN 2020

00:53 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Coffey tosses WALTER from the top rope with a belly to belly suplex, but he's still hurt and can't follow up.

00:52 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Dragunov finally makes himself useful and forces Wolfe to the back.

00:52 (IST)13 JAN 2020

WALTER powerbombs Coffey onto the ring apron then throws him into the ring. Goes for the pin, still no ref.

Backup ref runs in, makes the count.... only a 2!

00:50 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Alexander Wolfe hits the ring and kicks Coffey in the face.

Ilja Dragunov hits the ring to make the save - but winds up kicking Wolfe right into Coffey's leg!

00:49 (IST)13 JAN 2020

WALTER accidentally hits the ref and knocks him right out of the ring. 

Coffey with a powerbomb and goes for the pin but, you know, no ref.

00:43 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Coffey goes for a flying dropkick off the top tope, but WALTER catches it and gets him in a Boston Crab.

Then, just for fun apparently, WALTER just throws him in a smorgasbord of submission moves. 

Coffey eventually muscles his way out, but he's hurt.

00:40 (IST)13 JAN 2020

00:39 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Big chop on Coffey sends him to the mat, and then WALTER flattens him with the Earthquake flying butt splash or whatever it's called. I like the flying butt splash, myself.

00:37 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Apparently, WALTER likes getting chopped in the chest.

00:36 (IST)13 JAN 2020

WALTER blocks a couple of suplex attempts by Coffey, so Coffey just punches him in the face a couple of times and that does the trick. THUNDEROUS suplex by Coffey.

00:35 (IST)13 JAN 2020

00:34 (IST)13 JAN 2020

"WALTER does not like being hit in the jaw..."

Does... does anybody?

00:32 (IST)13 JAN 2020

WALTER goes for a sleeper, then a side headlock but Coffey reverses it into a suplex.

00:31 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Bell rings and WALTER immediately goes for a big boot. Coffey dodges it and the match is on.

00:30 (IST)13 JAN 2020

00:28 (IST)13 JAN 2020

WALTER, the champ, makes his entrance, wearing his raincoat, but he always wears that, so it's OK.

00:28 (IST)13 JAN 2020

00:27 (IST)13 JAN 2020

It's MAIN EVENT time, ladies and germs!

Joe Coffey is making his way to the ring, wearing a very nice raincoat.

I mean, it is England. Can't be too careful.

00:23 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Ridge Holland is here. Man, he's really changed his look since playing Spider-Man.

00:19 (IST)13 JAN 2020

00:18 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Gallus grabs the belts! Still champs!

RESULT: Gallus retain the NXT UK Tag Team Championships

00:17 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Wolfgang spears Eichner RIGHT THROUGH THE LADDER

00:15 (IST)13 JAN 2020

00:14 (IST)13 JAN 2020

The two shortest guys in the match are using the shortest ladder in the room to get the belts.

00:11 (IST)13 JAN 2020


Nobody actually said that but Wolfie, indeed, got the tables.

00:11 (IST)13 JAN 2020

00:10 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Just noticed this - this is the first NXT UK TakeOver to NOT have a main roster talent on the card. 

00:08 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Marty Barty is now the meat in a ladder sammitch, thanks to Gallus,

00:07 (IST)13 JAN 2020

00:07 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Drake has a straight shot to get the belts, as everyone else is on the mat, so of course he decides to hit Mark Andrews with 450 splash instead

00:05 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Andrews is INCHES away from getting the belts, as there's a mass of humanity and steel on the mat.

00:04 (IST)13 JAN 2020

We now have all eight men and five ladders in the middle of the ring.

00:03 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Fabian hits the ropes, springs up and LIONSAULTS Webster - who just happens to be laying on a friggin' ladder! What did I just see?!

00:02 (IST)13 JAN 2020

00:00 (IST)13 JAN 2020

Imperium charge at Andrews with the ladder, but he SLIDES under it on his knees like he's in a friggin' action movie and then flips to his feet.

23:57 (IST)12 JAN 2020

23:55 (IST)12 JAN 2020

Flash Morgan Webster is an incredible talent and one of my favorite NXT UK performers, but he always perpetually looks like he has no idea how he ended up in the ring, like he was just having breakfast five seconds ago.
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