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WWE RAW Live Results (April 29, 2024): Top faction implodes in final moments of main event

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 30, 2024 03:05 GMT

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03:05 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Thanks for following along with us, folks! We'll see you tomorrow night for WWE NXT Spring Breakin' Night 2!

Gunther defeats Xavier Woods via submission. 
Sami Zayn defeats Bronson Reed via DQ. 
Candice LeRae defeats Maxxine Dupri via pinfall. 
Awesome Truth defeats Alpha Academy via pinfall. 
Jey Uso, Ricochet, and Andrade defeat Judgment Day via pinfall. 

03:03 (GMT)30 APR 2024

It was at this moment that he knew....he screwed up!!

03:00 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Jey escapes a Razor's Edge and plants the champ with a Samoan Drop. Dom distracts the referee, allowing Priest to catch Jey at the top rope. JD attempts to help Priest, but saves Jey from South of Heaven. Balor tags in, and while Ricochet and Andrade handle the rest of the Judgment Day, Jey spears Balor. The Uso Splash finishes the job.

Jey Uso, Ricochet, and Andrade defeat Judgment Day via pinfall. 

02:59 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Priest gets in the ring and cleans up before dragging Balor to his corner and taking himself in. Ricochet eats an elevated Flatliner, and Priest decleates Jey with a clothesline. 

02:58 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Back from the break, Priest is pelting Ricochet with a series of strikes. The World Champion is impressive, shrugging off that fall earlier and completely dominating an athlete like Ricochet. JD asks for a tag and is immediately hit with Ricochet's Recoil, annoying Priest. Jey Uso and Finn Balor tag in. 

Yeet! Yeet! Yeet! Jey hits a series of rights and follows with a spinning heel kick, leaving Finn Balor in the corner for the Umaga-style running hip attack. Priest and Dirty Dom distract him, allowing Finn to escape. But Finn can't avoid the high-angle cross-body!

02:56 (GMT)30 APR 2024

You can still see that mark on JD's huge dome even with the strange lighting.

02:53 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Uso launched Priest over that table, sending the world champ tumbling and landing awkwardly on the other side. That was nasty. Hope he's alright.

02:51 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Finn Balor starts off with Andrade. These two former NXT Champions go back and forth, with Andrade hitting his Tranquilo pose in the ropes and sending Balor and McDonagh to the floor. 
Andrade tags out to Ricochet, and the two layout Balor and JD with a pair of dives. Jey targets Damian Priest on the other side, sending him over the table with a suicide dive!

02:48 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Jey Uso, Ricochet, and Andrade are out next for their Main Event match with The Judgment Day. Andrade was drafted to SmackDown, so this is his last match on the RAW brand.

02:38 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Backstage, Becky Lynch congratulates Liv Morgan on her victory. She'll get her title match. As Liv walks away, Becky is surrounded by Damage CTRL, one of RAW's latest additions. They warn Becky about some impending danger. Good Luck, Bex.

02:37 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Nick Aldis and Adam Pearce are out for the final round of RAW. 

RAW: Final Testament
SmackDown: #DIY
RAW: Bronson Reed
SmackDown: Blair Davenport

02:36 (GMT)30 APR 2024


02:34 (GMT)30 APR 2024

We see Judgment Day backstage, with Damian Priest chastizing them for letting WWE think they deserve to be a fourth-round draft pick. He tells them they need to handle business and that he doesn't need their help with Jey Uso. He attempts to get JD McDonagh's attention, who is covering half his face with a towel. When he removes it, it shocks Priest. "Wepa!!!"

02:32 (GMT)30 APR 2024

We miss most of the match due to commercials, and it doesn't take long before Awesome Truth plants Akira Tozawa with the Truth Crushing Finale.

Awesome Truth defeats Alpha Academy via pinfall. 

02:24 (GMT)30 APR 2024

The Awesome Truth are out next, as they defend against the abused Alpha Academy. 

02:24 (GMT)30 APR 2024

The Dudley Boyz are out next for the latest round of Draft Picks. Wasn't NXT supposed to get a few picks this year? Didn't their General Manager specifically say that? Oh well, anyway. 

RAW: The New Day
SmackDown: Pretty Deadly
RAW: Lyra Valkyria
SmackDown: Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell

02:19 (GMT)30 APR 2024

The Tour goes on!

02:17 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Adam Pearce is caught on his way to give out the latest picks in the draft. His suit was inspired by Jim Cornette, who was recently involved in controversy. On Twitter/X, Pearce initially stated his suit was inspired by Cornette but later changed his mind. 

02:11 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Nia lays out Liv in the ring again and looks for the Annihilator. Liv counters with a top-rope powerbomb. Nia Jax kicks out, and counters ObLIVion. We miss that, though, as Naomi has attacked Tiffany Stratton at ringside. 

02:06 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Liv goes for a baseball slide but it's countered by Jax, who lifts her up for a facebuster into the announcer's desk! That was brutal...

Tiffany Stratton is ringside, getting the attention of the camera like only she can. Michael Cole mentions she's scouting Nia Jax, SmackDown's most controversial pick from Friday night. 

02:04 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Liv Morgan takes Nia Jax off her feet with a series of kicks and dropkicks. The three-time champion is laid out, though, when Nia catches her with a big clothesline! Nia goes for the Annihilator, only for Liv to send her over the ropes. 

02:02 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Can Liv overcome the powerhouse that is Nia Jax?

02:02 (GMT)30 APR 2024

"Leave the memories alone!"

01:59 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Teddy Long and Alundra Blaze are out to announce the next draft picks.

RAW: Judgment Day
SmackDown: Naomi
RAW: Ilja Dragunov
SmackDown: Chelsea Green & Piper Niven

01:56 (GMT)30 APR 2024

At the end, CM Punk promises to make Drew McIntyre's life a living Hell when he returns. He turns his back on Drew, which is brave considering Drew is all the way up in a suite right now. 

01:55 (GMT)30 APR 2024

CM Punk left an autographed picture in his suite, a nice little gift for Drew McIntyre. As Drew finds it, Punk's music hits, and he hits the ring. Punk says he can eviscerate Drew in less time than Drew's latest title run lasted, 5:45. 

Punk explains why he was drafted before Drew McIntyre. He's the best in the world, in the ring, on the microphone, even at commentary. "Nobody can touch me, no offense Pat and Michael." He says losers hope and pray for things to happen, but winners make things happen. Drew prayed CM Punk to be injured. Punk injured Drew himself. 

01:48 (GMT)30 APR 2024

"Remember who runs things around here!"

01:48 (GMT)30 APR 2024

The Wicked Step Sister!!

01:47 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Backstage, the LWO is interviewed about their RAW transition and Carlito's disgusting acts. They have unfinished business with Carlito, and they're left wondering why he did what he did. They're interrupted by Dominik Mysterio, who attempts to remind them who runs RAW. Mysterio says it's tough for Dom to run anything with a broken arm before mocking his moustache. 

01:44 (GMT)30 APR 2024

I smell a banger!!

01:44 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Maxxine Dupri is all over Candice LeRae. A fisherman buster, a caterpillar elbow drop, and then an ankle lock! Maxxine is on fire! Indi Hartwell attacks Ivy Nile on the floor, allowing LeRae to take over. The Wicked StepMother connects for the win!

Candice LeRae defeats Maxxine Dupri via pinfall. 

01:41 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Candice LeRae is already in the ring with Indi Hartwell. LeRae will take on Maxxine Dupri next!

01:41 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Bron Breakker is being interviewed by Cathy Kelley when Sheamus interrupts. Sheam-O says he reminds him of a younger Sheamus, putting on banger after banger after banger. Drew McIntyre rushes past them, distracting Sheamus and letting Bron go free. 

01:39 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Alpha Academy is hyping up Maxxine Dupri ahead of her match tonight. She's excited after getting two eliminations in the Battle Royal last week and showing a lot of growth. Chad Gable comes in to ruin that excitement, demanding excellence or nothing tonight.

01:39 (GMT)30 APR 2024


01:39 (GMT)30 APR 2024

"What the hell, APA. Have you had them drunk since Friday? It's not funny!"

01:35 (GMT)30 APR 2024

McIntyre comes out and accuses APA of getting the RAW and SmackDown draft committees too drunk to properly draft him in the first round tonight. McIntyre blames Punk for injuring him and Punk's music hits. CM Punk is in the arena in a suite and calls McIntyre a "Little B****!"

01:31 (GMT)30 APR 2024

The APA is out next to announce the latest draft picks. 

RAW: LWO (Including Carlito, who was revealed as Dragon Lee's attacker last Friday)
SmackDown: Legado Del Fantasma (Ron Simmons stumbles through the pronunciation of their names)
RAW: Drew McIntyre
SmackDown: Shinsuke Nakamura

01:26 (GMT)30 APR 2024

It might not have happened tonight, but Reed will hold that title for real sometime this year

01:26 (GMT)30 APR 2024

So close he can taste it!

01:25 (GMT)30 APR 2024

After the match, Gable beats down Sami and holds the title above his head. Not to be outdone, Reed plants Gable with a Death Valley Driver and holds the title while Gable and Zayn are crushed beneath his feet.

01:24 (GMT)30 APR 2024

As he gets back in the ring, Sami surprises Reed with a Helluva Kick. Before he can pin him, Chad Gable enters and suplexes Sami, forcing a DQ. 

Sami Zayn defeats Bronson Reed via DQ. 

01:24 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Sami goes for another dive, for some reason, with Reed countering a diving axe handle with a uranage slam! A devastating spinning sit-out powerbomb plants Zayn, but he still kicks out. Reed moves to the floor for a flying shoulder tackle off the apron. 

01:17 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Sami has been flattened!

01:15 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Bronson Reed starts off strong, hammering the champion with massive clubbing blows. Sami responds by sending Reed to the floor and hits a beautiful Asai Moonsault. "Nothing Generic about that," states Michael Cole. 

Reed counters a flying crossbody with a running slam and a running senton, but it's not enough to pin the champ.

01:10 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Speaking of titles, it's time for the Intercontinental Championship! 330lb Bronson Reed takes on Sami Zayn!

01:10 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Booker T is interviewed backstage regarding the WWE Draft. He states that CM Punk is a huge get for RAW (even though he already is a RAW Superstar). Drew McIntyre appears, mocking Booker T's old catchphrase: "Tell me you did not just say that." Drew says he knows how the Hall of Famer really feels about Punk, and Booker explains why he hasn't gone in the draft yet. That title isn't around his waist. 

01:09 (GMT)30 APR 2024

Chad Gable tricks R-Truth into giving Alpha Academy a World Tag Team Title match, promising "one now for two later" whatever that means. Miz tells Gable off, and when he leaves, Sami Zayn clocks Gable and leaves him on the floor. Good for Sami Zayn!

01:08 (GMT)30 APR 2024

At this point, nearly every NFL fan became a Braun Strowman fan
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