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  • WWE RAW Live Results (February 21st, 2022): Rollins and Owens defeat RK-Bro; Edge issues an open challenge for WrestleMania, and more

WWE RAW Live Results (February 21st, 2022): Rollins and Owens defeat RK-Bro; Edge issues an open challenge for WrestleMania, and more

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 22, 2022 10:19 IST

What will happen on the RAW after Elimination Chamber?


09:37 (IST)22 FEB 2022

That does it for RAW. A decent episode, although one must expect bigger surprises in the coming weeks as the WrestleMania card starts to take shape. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the full results of the show.

09:32 (IST)22 FEB 2022

09:32 (IST)22 FEB 2022

09:32 (IST)22 FEB 2022

09:32 (IST)22 FEB 2022

As a result, Alpha Academy will defend their RAW Tag Team Titles in a triple threat against RK-Bro and KO & Seth in two weeks.

09:31 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Rollins hits a buckle bomb on Riddle, KO hits a Stunner, and this is followed up by a stomp. Rollins pins Riddle for the win.

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens defeat RK-Bro

09:30 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Riddle is in and hits a standing Floating Bro. Meanwhile, Rollins hits a vicious Curb Stomp on Orton on the outside. 

09:29 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Riddle finds an opening to tag in Orton, who hits his signature comeback offense. He hits multiple powerslams before flooring KO with the rope-assisted DDT. Orton goes for RKO but Owens pushes him in the corner.

09:28 (IST)22 FEB 2022

09:27 (IST)22 FEB 2022

KO drives Riddle's neck across his knee and hits an enziguiri. He tags in Rollins, hits a senton, and Rollins hits a frog splash. Riddle somehow manages to kick out!

09:26 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Riddle goes for the Floating Bro but KO trips him. Rollins hits him with a double stomp to the heart.

09:26 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Riddle ducks the rolling elbow to hit a bridging German suplex but Rollins kicks out.

09:25 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Orton hits a back suplex on Owens and tags in Riddle, who lands a few strikes on Rollins. He is rolling.

09:24 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Orton rebounds off the turnbuckle and clotheslines Rollins but is thwarted by Owens. 

09:22 (IST)22 FEB 2022

09:21 (IST)22 FEB 2022

09:20 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Orton and Riddle nail a double-team move, as The Viper looks to dominate Rollins. He sends Seth outside the ring and hits KO with a back suplex on the commentary table. Rollins then surprises him with a suicide dive.

09:19 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Rollins is tagged in. He hits a slingblade but suffers a gutwrench throw from Riddle, who tags in Orton.

09:18 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Riddle and Owens kick things off. The two are at a stalemate until KO drops Riddle and hits a running senton on him.

09:17 (IST)22 FEB 2022

09:16 (IST)22 FEB 2022

09:15 (IST)22 FEB 2022

RK-Bro vs. Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins - If Seth and KO win, they will be added to RK-Bro's Tag Team Title match

09:14 (IST)22 FEB 2022

09:13 (IST)22 FEB 2022

09:08 (IST)22 FEB 2022

09:08 (IST)22 FEB 2022

09:07 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Edge issues an open challenge for anybody in the locker room for a match at WrestleMania. He says whoever fights him at 'Mania will live forever.

09:06 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Edge says he fought for ten years so he can have WrestleMania back. He brings up main eventing last year's show. Edge says he steps up to the challenge and he needs WrestleMania. As much as he needs it, WrestleMania needs Edge.

09:05 (IST)22 FEB 2022

09:05 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Edge speaks about how he stole the show at WrestleMania 17, alongside the two greatest tag teams in WWE history. He says he is thinking of D-Von. He brings up spearing Mick Foley through a flaming table, main-eventing with The Undertaker, and having his last match at WrestleMania 27.

09:03 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Edge says he can smell WrestleMania in the air. He speaks about his history with 'Mania, from listening to the results of WrestleMania 3 via radio to being brought to WrestleMania 14 as a talent.

09:00 (IST)22 FEB 2022

09:00 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Edge comes out and is fired up. The fans love him. There is a chair in the ring.

08:58 (IST)22 FEB 2022

08:58 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Edge returns to RAW next, where he might meet his WrestleMania opponent. He was last seen at the Royal Rumble.

08:56 (IST)22 FEB 2022

08:55 (IST)22 FEB 2022

08:54 (IST)22 FEB 2022

08:53 (IST)22 FEB 2022

08:53 (IST)22 FEB 2022

08:52 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Doudrop goes to the middle rope for a splash but Bianca powerbombs her. Bianca hits an incredible KOD to pick up a major win.

Bianca Belair defeats Doudrop

08:51 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Doudrop drops Bianca in the corner but misses the cannonball. Doudrop then hits a Michinoku Driver for a two-count.

08:50 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Bianca avoids Doudrop's offense and hits a suplex on her. Becky is distraught on commentary. That is the look of a woman who knows her days as champion are numbered.

08:49 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Doudrop hits a back suplex but as she runs towards the corner, Bianca hits a spinebuster. She hits a standing moonsault.

08:45 (IST)22 FEB 2022

08:45 (IST)22 FEB 2022

A headbutt from Doudrop allows an opening for her, but Bianca dumps her out of the ring. She hits a crossbody to the outside. Bianca stares down Becky Lynch, who is at commentary. Meanwhile, Doudrop floors her with a running crossbody.

08:43 (IST)22 FEB 2022

Bianca has Doudrop cornered but the tables turn. Doudrop is on top.
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