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WWE RAW Live Results (May 27th, 2024): World Title match RUINED by Dominik Mysterio

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 28, 2024 03:12 GMT

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03:12 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

I've been informed by those outside the United States who don't get the show cut off at 11 PM ET on the dot that Liv Morgan planted a kiss on Dirty Dom, though he didn't reciprocate it. 

03:08 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Thanks for joining us for Monday Night RAW, folks! We'll be back tomorrow night for NXT and Friday for SmackDown! If you missed any of the matches, check the full results below!

Braun Strowman defeated JD McDonagh via pinfall.
Ricochet defeated Ilja Dragunov via DQ.
AOP defeats The Creeds via pinfall.
Lyra Valkyria defeats Kairi Sane via pinfall.
Rey Mysterio defeats Carlito via pinfall.
Bronson Reed defeats Otis via pinfall.
Liv Morgan defeats Becky Lynch via escaping the cage. 

03:03 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Was it...was it all part of a plan?!

03:03 (GMT)28 MAY 2024


03:02 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Becky counters ObLivion and traps Liv in the Dis-Arm-Her in the ropes. Liv bounces her off the cage, and just as Becky plants her with the slam, Dominik rushes to the cage and opens the door. Judgment Day tries to stop him from "ruining things," but that's when Braun Strowman's music hits!!

Braun chases Dirty Dom around and slams him into the open door, accidentally sending it into Becky, bashing her skull, and knocking her out!! In all the chaos, Liv Morgan escapes as Braun chases JD McDonagh and Finn Balor out of the arena!!

Liv Morgan defeats Becky Lynch via escape.

02:57 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Liv responds with the springboard Codebreaker, but still can't put her away. The frustration is showing in the champion, as Liv can't believe that didn't put Lynch down for three. They both climb to the top of the cage, teetering and brawling. Liv drags Lynch back in before she can get to the floor and plants her with a powerbomb! Again, Becky kicks out. 

02:55 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Back from, for real this time, the final commercial break, and Liv is attempting to escape the cage. Lynch catches her and takes her down to the mat with a top rope superplex!

02:51 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Liv flapjacks Becky into the cage and OH WOW ANOTHER COMMERCIAL BREAK!! We just came back from one...but okay.

02:50 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

This is brutal

02:50 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Becky looks to go up top for a dive, but Liv knocks her off and squashes her head between Liv's boot and the cage. Becky falls to the apron but finally gets back in it when she grabs the blonde bombshell and bashes it against the cage. A missile dropkick off the top gives her a two-count over the champion. 

02:48 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

When we come back from the final commercial break, Liv is dragging Becky's face across the steel cage while screaming, "Hi Rhea!" Liv Morgan is an all-time hater. 

02:46 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Becky Lynch's contract is reportedly up this weekend. With The Man still not signing another deal, this very well may be her final WWE match for quite some time.

02:44 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Is she kissing Becky goodbye? Or perhaps her title?

02:42 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Backstage, Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark are asked about their WWE Women's Tag Title opportunity against Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair. Sonya Deville attempts to join them again, but the duo walks away as she tells them nobody respects their accomplishments. They run into Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn, two RAW draft picks who want a piece of the #1 contenders. 

02:31 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

When Otis finally snaps, the fans are going to go mental

02:29 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

While Sami is trying to talk some sense into Otis, Chad attacks him and spikes him with a German suplex. The fans are begging Otis or Tozawa to do something at this point, but they're both just...frozen in fear. A "Let's go, Otis" chant breaks out, but Otis eventually leaves with Gable, falling in line once again. 

02:27 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Kick his butt, Maxxine!!

02:26 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

This is what happens when you fail Alpha Academy...

02:26 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Zayn says that Gable's been blaming everyone else for his failures over the Intercontinental Championship. Gable says if it wasn't for the idiot Otis, he'd be champion, so Otis needs discipline. He goes to strike Otis with the belt, but Sami pulls it out of his hand. Gable demands Otis stand between him and Zayn, and Sami attempts to break Otis free from this little creep. 

02:24 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Chad Gable goes to strike Otis's back, but Maxxine Dupri stops him! She demands she leave the ring, and she does. Before Tozawa and Otis can take their punishment, Sami Zayn makes his way to the ring!

02:21 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Gable says Otis lacks discipline, and he's going to show him what true discipline is. "Otis, I don't wanna do this. You made me do this." Chad Gable takes off his belt and demands Otis grab the rope. He's gonna give the big man lashes!!

02:18 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

After the match, Chad Gable grabs a mic and tells Otis to get back in the ring. He calls for the rest of Alpha Academy to come to the ring. It's time for an Alpha Academy meeting! Gable's taken over RAW, what's he got planned here?!

02:16 (GMT)28 MAY 2024


02:15 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Otis mollywhops Reed with a series of punches and follows with a running crossbody!! Otis is on fire!! He flattens Reed in the corner with a big body splash, and though Chad Gable demands him not to do it, Otis sets up for the Caterpillar.
Gable gets on the apron and demands he stop, distracting him long enough for Reed to recover and rock him with a superkick/senton combo.

The Tsunami finishes the night for Reed.

Bronson Reed defeats Otis via pinfall. 

02:13 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Bronson Reed is dominating Otis early and sends him to the floor while Chad Gable mocks him for not listening to him. As Otis tries to get back in the ring, a running dropkick rocks him. He finally gets some offense in when he takes Reed off his feet with a clothesline. 

02:12 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Next up is the Colossal One Bronson Reed taking on Alpha Academy's Otis. 

02:09 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Once again, Damian Priest more or less handles an entire group all on his own.

02:04 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

After the match, Rey attacks Balor and places him on the table. Before Dragon Lee can hit a splash, Rey is attacked by Damian Priest. He goes into the ring and plants Lee with the Razor's Edge. 
Rey tries to attack him, but after fighting off a returning Balor, he's rocked with a superkick by the World Champion. Priest finishes the fight with South of Heaven before staring daggers into Balor and Carlito's direction. 

02:01 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Rey gets to the apron and goes for a springboard, but Carlito times a counter perfectly, hitting a standing dropkick. Rey escapes Carlito's grasp on the apron. As Rey looks to get the better of Carlito, Finn Balor jumps the barricade and attacks Dragon Lee. 

Rey responds with a diving seated senton to Balor and rocks Carlito with the 619 before finishing with a slingshot splash!

Rey Mysterio defeats Carlito via pinfall. 

01:59 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Rey responds with a diving seated senton and follows with a springboard moonsault. Carlito responds with a TKO, but it's not enough to finish the multi-time world champion. 

01:58 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Back from the break, Carlito nearly tuns Rey inside out with a running forearm smash. Rey goes for a rolling sunset flip, but Carlito counters into an alley-oop facebuster! A superplex from the apron to the inside sends Mysterio crashing to the mat! 

01:55 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Ever wondered how applesauce was made?

01:53 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

After avoiding Rey for a while, Carlito catches the WWE Hall of Famer with a cheap shot to take over. He places Rey in the Tree of Woe and hits a standing basement dropkick. When he runs across the ring for a baseball slide, Rey lifts himself up with some incredible core strength, sending Carlito's apples into the ring post!!

01:52 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

The Genius of the Sky is furious!

01:51 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

It's time for the grudge match! Rey Mysterio vs. Carlito! And unlike Rey, Carlito has no backup!

01:51 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Backstage, we see IYO SKY pouting in a private dressing room for Damage CTRL. When Dakota Kai and Kairi Sane walk in, she throws a tantrum, smashing a lamp on the floor and breaking a coffee table with her foot. She's...not too happy.

01:48 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Priest asks what Dom was thinking, and he swears he was trying to "do right" by Mami. The World Champ asks if he's spoken to Rhea Ripley since, and he says she understands what he was trying to do. Priest warns him to fix it tonight. "If not, I wouldn't wanna be in your shoes."

01:47 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

"Have you talked to Rhea? I wouldn't wanna be in your shoes."

01:47 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

"Why is he in our locker room? You're not in the Judgment Day!"

01:46 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

What an INSANE counter!

01:46 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Backstage, Damian Priest admonishes Carlito for being in their locker room. "You're not in Judgment Day." Well, WHICH IS IT, PRIEST?! In or out?!

Carlito leaves for his match, and Priest digs into JD McDonagh for talking to Liv Morgan, which was caught on camera earlier tonight. That's when Dirty Dom steps in, and Priest demands Finn Balor and JD leave so they can have a heart-to-heart.

01:42 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Kairi rocks Lyra with a sliding elbow to the ribs and follows with a slingshot stomp to the gut. Lyra's in some serious trouble. Kairi hits the double stomp to Lyra while she's trapped in the Tree of Woe. Somehow, she kicks out and manages to counter the Insane Elbow! She rolls her up for a surprising win!

Lyra Valkyria defeats Kairi Sane via pinfall.

01:39 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Despite a hellacious Annihilator from Nia Jax at King and Queen of the Ring, Lyra Valkyria is out here with damaged ribs. Despite that, she manages to plant Kairi Sane with a northern lights suplex, with a bridge!

01:35 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Backstage, Becky Lynch attempts to give Lyra Valkyria a pep talk. Both of them are frustrated after their losses at King and Queen of the Ring, but Becky tells her that it's time to bounce back. Lyra's in action next against Kairi Sane. 

Speaking of Kairi, the Pirate Princess has a new theme!

01:30 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Sheamus cuts him off, telling him to shut his mouth, and goes backstage to find him. Ludwig blindsides him, but Sheamus gets the better of him as their fight breaks out back on the stage! 

01:28 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Sheamus says he's not bitter about the way he lost, with Ludwig interfering in the match. It's the name of the game. What's annoyed him is that Ludwig has kept his name in his mouth while Sheamus has been gone. The former World Champion wants to shut Ludwig up for good. Kaiser appears on screen to mock Sheamus, calling him a "keyboard warrior." 

01:27 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

It's Fight Night babyyyyyyyy!

01:26 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

Sheamus is finally back!! The Celtic Warrior enters the arena, and the crowd in Georgia is on fire for the big guy!! We haven't seen Sheam-O since his loss to Gunther in the opening round of the King of the Ring tournament, though Ludwig Kaiser has continued to trash the man in his absence. 

01:21 (GMT)28 MAY 2024

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