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WWE RAW Results, December 10th 2018, Live Commentary & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 11, 2018 04:03 GMT

It's the go-home RAW to TLC!


04:03 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

As Rollins celebrated in front of a electric crowd in San Diego, Dean Ambrose appeared on the entrance ramp to face off with his opponent at WWE TLC.

04:02 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Seth follows it up with a Curbstomp to Corbin before climbing the ladder and pulling off the belt to win the match.

Seth Rollins def. Baron Corbin

04:01 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Corbin almost reach the title belt but Rollins came back in the nick of time and hit Corbin with a Buckle-Bomb through the table set up in the corner. Rollins then hit Slater with a Superkick for his part.

03:59 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Rollins then started climbing the ladder . As he reached the top, Heath Slater pushed Rollins off the ladder and pulled GM Corbin back into the ring.

03:58 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Corbin set up the ladder and and started climbing. Rollins ran in just in time and hit Corbin with a steel chair.  He then accidentally hit Slater with the chair. The action spilled out to ringside and Rollins sidestepped Corbin who charged into the steel steps. Rollins followed it up with a superkick and set Corbin up on a table. He then headed to the top rope and hit a Frog Splash through the table.

03:58 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

03:56 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Rollins finally managed to catch a break as he grabbed a steel chair and started smashing Corbin with it. Corbin rolled out of the ring and Rollins went for a suicide dive. Corbin caught him in midair and chokeslammed him through a table at ringside.

03:53 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Both men continue going back and forth. Corbin continues pounding Rollins with right hands as referee Heath Slater looks on.

03:49 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

03:48 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

03:47 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Corbin threw Rollins out of the ring and set up the ladder inside the ring and started to climb. Rollins leapt onto the ladder from the apron and pushed Corbin off. He connected with a superkick to the gut but then went face-first into the ladder.

03:46 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Baron Corbin brought a ladder into the ring and set it up in the corner. He then hit Rollins with a vertical suplex onto the ladder. Rollins then set up a chair in the corner and went to throw Rollins face-first into it. Rollins countered but Corbin rolled out of the ring and hit Rollins with a clothesline.

03:43 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

03:42 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

We came back from commercial to see Corbin smashing Rollins across the back with a steel chair. Corbin continued unloading on Rollins who rolled out to the ring.

03:38 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin

Rollins and Corbin threw out strikes as the match began. Rollins took a chair from ringside early but couldn't use it as Corbin knocked him down with a right hand.

03:36 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

The main-event of RAW is next. Seth Rollins defends his IC Championship against Baron Corbin in a TLC match.

03:26 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Baron Corbin is backstage with Charly Caruso. He says that since Strowman won't show up at WWE TLC, he doesn't want anyone to think he will skate by which is why he's agreed to face Rollins tonight.

03:20 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Ember Moon then hit Tamina with a Stun Gun on the apron before hitting The Eclipse for the win.

Ember Moon def. Tamina

03:17 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

03:17 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Tamina continued to dominate Ember Moon as the match continued until Ember found an opening. Nia Jax panicked at ringside and went to get involved but Rousey clotheslined her over the barricade. 

03:12 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Ember Moon vs Tamina

Ember Moon tried rolling up Tamina early on but the Samoan kicked up. Ember tried to follow it up with a springboard crossbody but was caught by a Superkick and rolled out of the ring to avoid getting pinned.

03:06 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

03:06 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Nia Jax was out first. She called out Ronda Rousey, saying taking too many punches in the UFC had damaged her logic. She then went on to describe what she would do to Rousey at TLC, saying she would continue punching Rousey in the face until she tapped out just to stop getting punched.

03:05 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

03:04 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Alexa Bliss was out next for the pre-TLC press conference between Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax.

03:04 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

03:04 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Backstage, Heath Slater seems upset and Corbin asks him what the matter and that he did a great job. He says that he's not done yet, because he has another match tonight. He'll be refereeing the TLC match tonight!

02:56 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

02:53 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

02:52 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Lashley got involved again and attacked Elias from behind. With Slater not wanting to get fired, he couldn't call the match a DQ. Lio Rush went and took Elias' guitar and came back to smash Elias with it. Rush then pinned Elias as a reluctant Slater did the count.

Lio Rush def. Elias

02:51 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

02:49 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Lashley got involved soon enough. Lio Rush used the distraction to hit Elias with a spin kick to the face. It didn't keep Elias down for too and he replied with a Powerbomb.

02:46 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Lio Rush vs Elias

Lio Rush makes his RAW in-ring debut tonight. He showed incredible agility early on but Elias planted him on his face. Heath Slater is refereeing his first match.

02:45 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

02:44 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

02:38 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Elias is out next. He says that if San Diego had their way, they wouldn't let Bobby Lashley perform in front of them.

02:33 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

02:31 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Dean Ambrose tells Charly Caruso that he doesn't want to be called the "Lunatic Fringe" anymore.

02:31 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

02:30 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

So what we've learnt from the match is that Apollo Crews has replaced Finn Balor as Bayley's partner in the Mixed Match Challenge

02:26 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

02:25 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Meanwhile, in the ring, Bayley hit Sasha Banks with a Bayley-to-bell and pinned her.
Bayley def. Alicia Fox

02:24 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

It was a very short match. Bayley had most of the offence and this led the Singh Brothers to try and distract Bayley from ringside. Bayley's new MMC partner Apollo Crews came out and attacked Jinder and The Singh Bros. Apollo then picked up Sasha and tossed her into Jinder and the Singh Bros.

02:22 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

Bayley vs Alicia Fox
Bayley had Sasha Banks with her while Alicia Fox had Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers. 

02:13 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

02:11 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

02:08 (GMT)11 DEC 2018

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