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WWE RAW Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW after TLC (21st December 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 22, 2020 04:22 GMT

The road to Royal Rumble kickstarts on RAW tonight.


04:17 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

04:15 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Quick Match Results

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler defeated Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke
Angel Garza defeated Drew Gulak
T-Bar defeated Ricochet
MVP and Bobby Lashley defeated Jeff Hardy and Riddle
Jakson Ryker defeated Gran Metalik
Charlotte Flair and Asuka defeated Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans
Drew McIntyre, Sheamus and Keith Lee defeated The Miz, John Morrison and AJ Styles in a Holiday Street Fight

04:11 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Well, that does it. Just one more episode of RAW left in the year 2020. Thanks for joining us, this has been Divesh.

Stay tuned for the results, as well as live coverage for this week's AEW Dynamite, NXT, and the stacked Christmas episode of SmackDown.

04:09 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

04:07 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

04:05 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

04:04 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

04:03 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

McIntyre sets up for the Claymore, but Sheamus tags himself in. He sets up for the Brogue Kick, but Lee tags himself in. He launches Morrison into the waiting arms of Omos, who puts him through a table. Meanwhile, Lee hits The Miz with a Spirit Bomb to pick up the victory for his team.

RESULT: Drew McIntyre, Sheamus and Keith Lee defeat The Miz, John Morrison and AJ Styles

After the match, Sheamus Brogue kicks Keith Lee. RAW ends with McIntyre annoyed that his friend attacked his other friend.

03:59 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Sheamus is isolated but manages to hit the White Noise. He tags in Drew McIntyre, who comes in like a house of fire. He hits a Spinebuster, before the chaos truly begins. AJ Styles hits him with a candy can kendo stick, but gets launched into a Christmas tree and powerbombed through a table for his troubles. 

03:55 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

03:55 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Sheamus goes shoulder-first into the post, but the heels are unable to get an advantage. The Celtic Warrior goes to the top rope but gets sent through a table with Christmas goodies on it, by Morrison.

03:53 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Sheamus overpowers Styles, before he and McIntyre hit Ten Beats of the Bodhran on Miz and Morrison. Lee slams the two of them into some presents at the barricade.

03:51 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

03:51 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

03:47 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

McIntyre hits a Glasgow kiss, before he and Keith Lee suplex Morrison together. Lee is dominating, as he and Sheamus take out all three members of the heels together. However, the two of them are not yet on the same page.

03:45 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Sheamus and John Morrison start things off and fends off the double team of Miz and Morrison, before tagging Drew McIntyre in. Morrison takes a shot right at the kneecap of McIntyre.

03:43 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Drew McIntyre has a cookie from the spread around the ring. That is a lot of food that will be going to waste.The Miz, John Morrison, and AJ Styles are out next.

Now: Drew McIntyre, Sheamus and Keith Lee vs. The Miz, John Morrison and AJ Styles

03:35 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

03:34 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

03:33 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

The Miz is on the phone with his lawyer, trying to get his Money in the Bank contract back after John Morrison cashed in for him. AJ Styles cuts the call, with their match together coming up next.

Drew McIntyre comes out for the Holiday Street Fight and is followed by Sheamus and Keith Lee.

03:30 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

03:25 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

03:25 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

03:25 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

03:25 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Peyton nearly catches Charlotte in a roll-up, but is trapped in the Figure Eight again. She taps out.

RESULT: Charlotte Flair and Asuka defeat Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans

03:24 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Peyton and Lacet beat down Asuka, but are constantly tagging themselves in. This almost gives Asuka an opening to tag Charlotte in, which she re-establishes after a German suplex on Peyton. The Queen is in the match, hitting her signature offense, from chops to the big boot. She hits Lacey with a slam, but Peyton catches her in a single leg Crab. Asuka breaks up the submission and this allows Charlotte to lock in the Figure Eight Leglock. 

03:18 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

03:17 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Asuka and Peyton Royce start things off. The RAW Women's Champion goes for the Asuka Lock, but Lacey Evans tags in. Peyton and Lacey quickly corner Asuka.

03:15 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Now: Charlotte Flair and Asuka vs. Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans

03:15 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

03:15 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Charlotte Flair and Asuka are in action now. Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce are interviewed in the Gorilla position, but they aren't completely on the same page. At least from Peyton's side.

03:08 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

03:07 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

03:07 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

03:07 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

She speculates on where Bray Wyatt might be, making burning jokes. She says that The Fiend may have been absorbed into the ground and if he comes back, it will be like nothing Orton has ever seen before.

03:04 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Orton did not sleep because the voices in his head don't exist and the only sound he can hear is The Fiend gasping for his breath as the flames grew higher. He says The Fiend is no more and that he is the evil son of a b***h that took him out. However, the lights go off one by one. The lights are back on and Alexa Bliss is sitting on a swing in the ring.

03:04 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Orton says that he has been called many different things all his life and he proved last night that he is each of those things when he burned The Fiend. He says that he is not normal and that he enjoyed every second of watching The Fiend burn. He finds the exact spot in the ring where The Fiend was burnt. 

02:58 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

02:57 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Randy Orton makes his way out, one night removed from his outrageous actions at TLC. 

02:52 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Randy Orton is walking backstage. He is set to make his way out next on WWE RAW.

02:52 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

02:51 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

02:50 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Elias is playing his guitar while Ryker beats down Metalik and is taken out by the masked man, before the former Forgotten Son hits a Sit-out Choke bomb for the victory.

RESULT: Jaxson Ryker defeats Gran Metalik

02:48 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

Elias and Jaxson Ryker are in the ring. He talks about the whirlwind 2020 he has had, from winning at WrestleMania to getting hit by a car. Elias says that his music is life-changing. Gran Metalik interrupts and faces Ryker right now.

Now: Jaxson Ryker vs. Gran Metalik

02:43 (GMT)22 DEC 2020

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