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WWE RAW Results, September 24th 2018, Live Commentary & Results

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 25, 2018 08:50 IST

What's going to happen on Monday Night RAW?


08:50 (IST)25 SEP 2018

08:38 (IST)25 SEP 2018

08:38 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Ambrose still looks flustered on the outside while Reigns and Rollins are in the ring.  He seems torn between the two factions but runs back in the ring and raises his fists in unison. He embraces Reigns and Rollins as The Shield stands tall once again! 

What a great note to end RAW!  This has been our live coverage, thank you for joining us! We'll see you again tomorrow night for SmackDown Live! 

08:36 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Ambrose heads to the top but gets his leg pulled from under by Rezar. He elbows Corbin to prevent the End of Days. He hits a neck breaker and almost pins Corbin but AoP break it up. It looks like it's all 3-on-1 but Reigns comes  out from nowhere and hits a Superman Punch. Rollins then hits the Curb Stomp on Corbin and hits suicide dive after suicide dive. Ambrose hits the Dirty Deeds, tags in Reigns and then hits a suicide dive himself. 

Reigns seals the match with a spear on Corbin! 

The Shield def. Baron Corbin & AoP! 

08:34 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Ambrose looks fired up. He lures Corbin in and clotheslines him outside before hitting all three men with a sliding underkick. Ambrose is ALL BY HIMSELF!

08:33 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Ambrose climbs to the apron and while Corbin first prevents it from tagging in, he succeeds in tagging in The Lunatic Fringe

08:32 (IST)25 SEP 2018

With Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose taken out, Rollins seems to be on lone island. AoP try to isolate Rollins but he sends Rezar out of the ring and then superkicks Akam! 

08:32 (IST)25 SEP 2018

The battle continues and Corbin has tried multiple times to pin Seth Rollins, ultimately failing. He hits a Deep Six but once again fails!

08:27 (IST)25 SEP 2018

08:27 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Acting RAW GM Corbin is tagged in and he drives Rollins into the barricade

08:26 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Reigns and Corbin are in the ring and they tag in Rollins and Akam. The crowd is urging The Architect to Burn.It.Down!

08:21 (IST)25 SEP 2018

The Dogs of War walk towards the ring, distracting The Shield. AoP & Corbin then attack them from behind

08:21 (IST)25 SEP 2018

08:20 (IST)25 SEP 2018

All six of them go face-to-face and they brawl inside the ring, with The Shield standing tall! 

08:20 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Rezar starts screaming at his face but the Universal Champion has a stern face. He strikes Rezar but the latter has a legit MMA background, hitting him with a series of strikes. The Big Dog strikes with a big right hand before jumping at him. Rezar gets RIGHT back up, much to Reigns' shock

08:19 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Akam and Seth Rollins are at it for a short while before Rezar and Ambrose are tagged in. Roman Reigns is then tagged in and he takes his time for a slow stare-down with Rezar! 

08:18 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Interetsting, Renee is insinuating on commentary that what Ziggler & McIntyre said wasn't fully wrong.

08:18 (IST)25 SEP 2018

08:17 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Dean Ambrose has Baron Corbin locked up.

08:16 (IST)25 SEP 2018

They open the chairs and take a seat on the ramp

08:16 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Strowman, Ziggler & McIntyre are out too and they have steel chairs in hand! 

08:15 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Baron Corbin's partners are the monstrous Authors Of Pain

08:12 (IST)25 SEP 2018

08:11 (IST)25 SEP 2018

It's time for the main event. The Shield are out. But who will Corbin's partners be?

08:10 (IST)25 SEP 2018

08:06 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Shawn Michaels returns for RAW next week! 

08:03 (IST)25 SEP 2018

08:03 (IST)25 SEP 2018

08:02 (IST)25 SEP 2018

A hype video is being shown of Triple H vs Undertaker's last-ever match at Super Show-Down

07:58 (IST)25 SEP 2018

It looks like there's a real mental warfare going on this RAW

07:57 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Drew McIntyre confronts Dean Ambrose, who appears confused as to why Seth Rollins tried to put ideas in his head. McIntyre makes a couple of conspiracy theories, saying that either Rollins wants a 4-man unstoppable Shield, or that he realizes whatever was said in the ring was true. He concludes by telling Ambrose "After all, it's not like he's ever stabbed you in the back"

07:55 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Alicia Fox begins a little trash talk of her own and runs right into Jax's fireman's carry position. One Samoan drop is all it takes. 


Nia Jax def. Alicia Fox

07:54 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Fox kicks Nia right in the head. Scary, considering what happened to Liv Morgan earlier

07:54 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Alicia Fox has Nia Jax in a headlock as the crowd rallies behind The Irresistible Force

07:54 (IST)25 SEP 2018

07:53 (IST)25 SEP 2018

The powerhouse Nia Jax starts strong, flinging Fox around. She escapes the ring and Ember Moon flips over and takes out Mickie James. Alicia Fox takes down Nia Jax and tries to pin her, only for the kickout to send her flying! 

07:52 (IST)25 SEP 2018

07:52 (IST)25 SEP 2018

It's Nia Jax vs Alicia Fox

07:45 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Seth Rollins confronts an exhausted Drew McIntyre. He tells him that since talking about the truth, he'll speak his mind too. He tells him that Ziggler is the weak link in their team and Braun Strowman is just using him and doesn't really care about him. It's food for thought for McIntyre. Ziggler asks him what that was all about and McIntyre tells him not to worry about it

07:42 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Lio Rush and Kevin Owens get into it outside. KO accidentally runs into Lashley, DQing Elias.

Lashley def. Elias by DQ

Elias and KO try to ambush Lio Rush and catch him inside the ring, but Lashley once again saves his hype man, driving him away

07:41 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Lashley is in complete control as he hits a vertical suplex. He hits a spear but goes outside the ring himself

07:36 (IST)25 SEP 2018

07:36 (IST)25 SEP 2018

07:36 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Elias once again strikes Lashley down, standing tall 

07:35 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Lashley's finally back to his feet, fighting back but limping. He sends Elias over the top rope while his lip is noticeably cut

07:34 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Elias implementing his game plan well, taking complete control after being dominated the whole match

07:33 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Elias finally gets the better of Lashley as he continues to take out his legs, slamming his left leg against the turnbuckles

07:32 (IST)25 SEP 2018

A crossbody from Lashley. It's been one sided so far as Lashley strikes him with a series of punches. He hits a side slam, naturally putting Elias away. Elias tries to jump on Lashley, only to get caught. Elias escapes his clutches and hits his legs from underneath

07:30 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Lashley LEAPS over Elias and shoulder tackles Elias down! He truly is a freak of nature

07:30 (IST)25 SEP 2018

Lashley slams Elias against the turbuckles and looks to go for a series of punches but Elias escapes, takes him down and has his head locked
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