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WWE RAW Reunion Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Monday Night RAW (22nd July 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 23, 2019 03:36 GMT

What will be in store for the WWE Universe at RAW Reunion?


03:36 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Here are all the results from tonight's RAW Reunion!

03:02 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

03:01 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Austin's music plays and that ends the night! Nice episode! Thank you and good night!

03:00 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

It looks like we're getting a moment in the ring between the legends. Austin has a toast and gets out all the beers. The legends toast and Austin tells a story about Gerald Briscoe 

02:57 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Austin is now talking Sushi, pancakes and all of that.

02:56 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Austin says it's good to be back in Tampa. He tells the crowd not to expect him to be sentimental. He tells them to look at the stage and says that everybody has cried and talks about the blood, sweat and tears in the WWE family. So he IS being sentimental!

02:54 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

02:52 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Stone Cold Steve Austin is out and the reaction remains the same! It's insane.

02:50 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

02:50 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

02:50 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

It's time for the RAW reunion!

Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan are out!

02:42 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Braun Strowman vs Randy Rowe

Strowman tells us not to blink, because it won't last long. Of course, it doesn't.

Braun Strowman def. Randy Rowe

02:41 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Maverick is finally reunited with Renee Michelle and holds her hand as they get ready to go. R-Truth tries to pin him from behind but Carmella kicks Renee Michelle's hands. R-Truth wins the title!

8 title changes so far! R-Truth gets into the car and it drives away with Renee Michelle in it! He only realizes after when Carmella stares at him that his wife is gone too

02:39 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Natalya is backstage and is talking faster than usual. She calls it delusional of her to think that the Women's Evolution was created by her.

02:33 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

They start exchanging words and tempers flair, with the two getting into a brawl. The referees seperate them and Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross look on with amusement as they sip their coffee.

02:31 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

A Moment of Bliss w/Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is introduced by Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Bliss mentions that she's facing Natalya at Canada and right on cue, Natalya comes along. She says anything Becky says, she can say it to her face.

02:27 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

02:26 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

02:26 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

02:25 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

IT's BRAY WYATT! Here and now? HE'S HERE! He grabs Foley and shoves his glove into his mouth, similar to what Foley did with Mr. Socko. Foley passes out and Wyatt stands tall...

02:25 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Mick Foley is in the ring and the 24/7 chaos chases him there. Foley vows to win the title before the night is through but can't catch up to the line. He's talking about the greatest moment of his career and goes to January of 1999 when he won the WWE title. The clip stops quickly and it fades away. The lights start fading. Oh no...

02:22 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Maverick is ready to consumate the marriage now but the usual line of superstars chase him!

02:21 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase is laughing and walking with the 24/7 championship. He goes into his limo and a loud thud is heard. DRAKE MAVERICK HAS WON IT BACK! 

02:16 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Backstage, Mark Henry is talking to Mick Foley. Foley is out next, but boy do they look old!

02:15 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

The numbers game have caught up and The Club retreats. AJ Styles tells Shawn Michaels he'll get to him. They let Rollins do the "We got two words for ya" line.

02:13 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

The OCs get ready to attack the trio with steel chairs, but they have back-up! It's Road Dogg, X-Pac and Razor Ramon and Kevin Nash!

02:12 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

AJ Styles offer a sign of peace to DX, saying "we're just like you too". He goes for the "Too sweet" and Triple H and they raise their hands, only to attack them and send them out

02:11 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Back after the break, Rollins and Styles are going at it. He's got some new backup. Rollins strikes him with a knee and then hits a superkick. He looks right at Anderson and stomps the ground. He's getting ready for a finish but Anderson interjects and attacks Rollins, DQing Styles.

Seth Rollins def. AJ Styles by DQ.

02:09 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

02:09 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

02:06 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

A small distraction from the other two members of the OCs. They start walking towards Rollins and Triple H and Shawn Michaels  come out and stand by Rollins' side. It's 3 and 3!

02:05 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

AJ Styles and Seth Rollins start quick and Rollins shoulder tackles him down. Styles takes a breather and gets back up. Rollins puts the pressure on him and Styles is crumbling under it. 

02:00 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

It's time for a big match!

Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles

01:55 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Madusa comes out with the 24/7 championship and threatens to throw it in the trash like she did with the Women's Championship. The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase offers money and BUYS the 24/7 title changes. We're keeping count and that's SEVEN title changes so far tonight!!

01:54 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

The Street Profits' Montez Ford is searching for Angelo Dawkins and finds him putting eyedrops. He seems a bit hazy and says it was from RVD, referring to the fact that he was smoking weed with him. He says The Godfather, Mark Henry, Ric Flair and even The Boogeyman was there too! Corey Graves seems puzzled over what he's saying but Renee Young gets it.

01:46 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Sami Zayn enters the ring again and Mysterio gets him in the position. Mysterio hits the 619 and the FIVE-STAR FROG SPLASH as a tribute to RVD. Mysterio wins!

Rey Mysterio def. Sami Zayn

01:44 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Rey Mysterio and Sami Zayn have quite a back and forth and Mysterio has him in position for the 619. Sami Zayn rolls out and looks to leave, but it's ROB VAN DAM to stop him! Then Sgt. Slaughter comes out and then the Hurricane. To top it off - it's KURT ANGLE!

01:42 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Jonathan Coachman is on commentary for Rey Mysterio vs Sami Zayn

Mysterio starts off strong but Zayn hits back immediately. He takes control and slows him down it.

01:39 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Kelly Kelly is backstage and shows off her new 24/7 title to Naomo ,Melina and Candice Michelle. Melina is talking about her license and Candice Michelle attacks Kelly from behind, winning the title. Alundra Blayze/Madusa steps in  and wins it, calling it the "24 champion"

01:34 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Sami Zayn interferes Charly Caruso in the party hall and insults the legends, saying that it's like watching the Attitude Era through the FaceApp. He says that they're not even legends - they were just THERE at the time. Rey Mysterio interrupts and says that he needs to show some respect. Kurt Angle interferes and in a suit (for some reason) says that when he was GM, they'd settle it in the ring. Looks like we're getting Zayn vs Mysterio next!

01:31 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Seth Rollins vows to make Brock Lesnar lose at SummerSlam. He tells The Miz that he wants to talk about his match tonight against AJ Styles.

01:31 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Seth Rollins and Paul Heyman get into a verbal confrontation. Rollins tells Heyman that if he wants to talk the talk for Lesnar, he needs to WALK THE WALK like he does. He threatens to stomp Heyman's head in and the advocate runs away when Rollins teases coming down

01:29 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Seth Rollins says that Brock Lesnar is a Brock Lesnar wannabe

01:27 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

The Miz praises Rollins for his win and recaps what led to the predicament. The crowd boos at the clip of Lesnar's Universal title win

01:24 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

The Miz TV w/Seth Rollins

The Miz plugs in the new season of Miz & Mrs. He introduces Seth Rollins

01:18 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

01:17 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Reigns gets a spear out of nowhere and wins!

Roman Reigns def. Samoa Joe

01:16 (GMT)23 JUL 2019

Joe gets back to his feet and an inverted atomic drop takes Reigns down. A senton sees a 2-count but what a combo!
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