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WWE SmackDown Live Results (April 21, 2023): Two title matches, No DQ main event

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 22, 2023 07:27 IST

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07:27 (IST)22 APR 2023

The Usos and Solo Sikoa set up a table in the ring after the match. The Usos hit Riddle with the 1D!

07:27 (IST)22 APR 2023

No Sami Zayn or KO in the building tonight. Riddle has no backup, but he manages to take out both Usos. However, unbelievably, Solo Sikoa is back up. He hit a Uranage on the apron. The action heads back into the ring and Solo goes for the Samoan Spike. He can't hit it the first time but nails it on the rebound! 1-2-3. Solo Sikoa picks up the win.

Solo Sikoa def. Riddle

07:25 (IST)22 APR 2023

Solo and Riddle battle on the announcer's desk. Riddle catches Solo with a knee to the head and buries him under the desk. The Usos now show up and attack Riddle! It's no DQ!

07:24 (IST)22 APR 2023

Riddle now sets up two chairs in the middle of the ring and suplexes Solo through them. However, it isn't enough for the three-count as Solo kicks out again. Solo rolls out of the ring and Riddle follows. Sikoa sends Riddle crashing into the apron and then tosses him over the table.

07:22 (IST)22 APR 2023

We're back from the break and Solo Sikoa has a steel chair in hand. He sets it up against Riddle in the corner and goes for the running hip attack. Solo charges and Riddle smashes him with the chair. He now sends Solo into another chair set up in the corner. Riddle grabs a kendo stick and continues to unload on Solo Sikoa. He goes for the cover but Solo kicks out.

07:19 (IST)22 APR 2023

07:17 (IST)22 APR 2023

Riddle fights back, unloading on Solo Sikoa with a kendo stick. He follows it up with a running knee from the apron before sending Sikoa crashing into the steel steps. Riddle follows it up with a Broton at ringside as we cut to a commercial break.

07:14 (IST)22 APR 2023

Solo Sikoa vs Matt Riddle (No DQ)

Riddle surprises Sikoa by coming out through the crowd and attacking Solo from behind. Solo takes only a few moments to recover and takes Riddle down. He now chokes Riddle against the top rope.

07:07 (IST)22 APR 2023

07:07 (IST)22 APR 2023

The Usos also send a warning to Riddle ahead of tonight's main event, saying that Solo Sikoa will brutalize him tonight.

07:05 (IST)22 APR 2023

The Usos are out next. Jimmy says people have been asking them since WrestleMania about how they feel since losing the tag titles. Jey says they don't know but they are ready for the six-man match at WWE Backlash.

06:54 (IST)22 APR 2023

06:53 (IST)22 APR 2023

Gunther locks in a sleeper hold but can't hit the Last Symphony. Woods goes for the pin again, but it's only a nearfall.

Gunther has the sleeper locked in properly this time, and Woods is done! That was a nasty hold from the champion!

Gunther def. Xavier Woods

06:52 (IST)22 APR 2023

Gunther is reeling at ringside as Woods launches himself over the top rope. Woods hits Gunther with a kick to the head and heads to the top rope. Woods hits a flying legdrop but Gunther kicks out at the last second.

06:51 (IST)22 APR 2023

Woods fights back again and goes after Gunther's left leg. The champion and Woods are now trading strikes. This might not be the best idea from Woods. But... he wins the exchange! Woods has rocked Gunther.

06:50 (IST)22 APR 2023

We're back from the break and Woods is still fighting. However, Gunther smashes him with a chop across the chest and covers him for a two-count. More chops from Gunther but Woods fights back with right hands of his own. Gunther cuts Woods off and hits a butterfly suplex for a nearfall.

06:45 (IST)22 APR 2023

06:45 (IST)22 APR 2023

06:44 (IST)22 APR 2023

Gunther (C) vs Xavier Woods [for the IC Championship]

Gunther goes for the chops right away but Woods tries to go after Gunther's leg and ground him. Gunther with a shot across the back but Woods has him trapped in a headlock. Gunther takes Woods down with a chop as we cut to an early commercial break.

06:40 (IST)22 APR 2023

We have another title match coming up next as Xavier Woods gets a shot at Gunther's Intercontinental Championship.

06:36 (IST)22 APR 2023

06:34 (IST)22 APR 2023

Rodriguez tags back in and hits Green with a corkscrew elbow from the middle rope. Deville breaks up the pin. Rodriguez slams Deville with a superplex. Liv Morgan now takes Chelsea Green down with a dropkick. She follows it up with a backstabber.

Morgan now pours water all over Green... REVENGE! She then rolls Green up to retain the titles!

Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan def. Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville

06:32 (IST)22 APR 2023

Green and Deville are dominating Liv Morgan and nail her with a double-delayed suplex. Deville goes for the cover, but the referee sees her leveraging the pin against the bottom rope.

06:30 (IST)22 APR 2023

Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan vs Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green [For WWE Women's Tag Team Championship]

Rodriguez and Deville start things off. Confident start from Rodriguez as she forces Deville to tag out. Morgan tags in. Green is in a spot of bother at ringside but Deville backs her up and takes Rodriguez down with a knee strike. Liv Morgan now takes out both Deville and Green at ringside.

06:22 (IST)22 APR 2023

We have a title match next! Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez defend their WWE Women's Tag Team Championship against Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville.

06:18 (IST)22 APR 2023

Ricochet tags back in and is all over Ivar. He has Ivar reeling and tags Strowman back in. Strowman boots Erik off the apron, and Ricochet hits Ivar with a Swanton Bomb off Strowman's shoulder...1-2-3!!

Braun Strowman and Ricochet def. Viking Raiders

06:16 (IST)22 APR 2023

Valhalla now distracts Strowman, giving Erik the chance to blindside Strowman. Ivar heads to the top rope and hits a splash, but Strowman kicks out.

06:15 (IST)22 APR 2023

We're back from the break and Erik has Ricochet in a headlock, trapped in his corner. Ricochet manages to break free and tags Strowman back in. The Monster Among Men hits a running dropkick in the corner. He now rolls out of the ring  and its time for the Strowman Express. He takes out both Erik and Ivar at ringside.

06:14 (IST)22 APR 2023

06:10 (IST)22 APR 2023

Ricochet flies over the top rope and takes out both Erik and Ivar as we cut to a commercial break.

06:09 (IST)22 APR 2023

Braun Strowman and Ricochet vs Viking Raiders

Ivar and Braun Strowman start things off. Strowman sends Ivar crashing into the turnbuckle and clubs him with a blow to the back. Both men trade shoulder charges before Braun takes Ivar down again. Ivar lays into Strowman with right hands but is taken down for a third time. Erik tags in.

06:07 (IST)22 APR 2023

We're back from the break, and we have more tag team action coming up. Braun Strowman and Ricochet taking on Viking Raiders.

05:58 (IST)22 APR 2023

We are backstage with Adam Pearce. Zelina Vega walks up to him. Zelina says that with everything going on between LWO and Judgment Day, she wants a title shot against Rhea Ripley at Backlash. As the only female WWE star of Puerto Rican descent, she feels the WWE Universe also needs this match, even though she knows the odds are stacked against us.

05:51 (IST)22 APR 2023

We see The Bloodline entering the arena ahead of tonight's No DQ main-event between Solo Sikoa and Riddle.

05:48 (IST)22 APR 2023

Rey Mysterio takes Balor down and goes for the 619. Priest tags in and stops Rey in his tracks. Rey sends Priest crashing out of the ring and nails the 619 to Balor.

Escobar tags in and tries to cover Balor, but he's not the legal man. Priest is back in and hits Santos Escobar with the South of Heaven and pins him.

Judgment Day def. Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar

05:46 (IST)22 APR 2023

We're back from the break and Damian Priest is dominating for his team. He charges at Escobar but gets taken down with a dropkick. Mysterio tags in and picks up the pace. He's all over Finn Balor here. Mysterio hits a senton and follows it up with a springboard crossbody. Nearfall!

05:42 (IST)22 APR 2023

05:41 (IST)22 APR 2023

Balor has Mysterio in the electric chair position but Mysterio counters with a bulldog and tags out. Santos Escobar is all over both Priest and Balor. He takes on both men and sends Balor crashing out of the ring. He follows it up with a running knee to Priest. Escobar is looking for a top suicida but Balor stops him in his tracks.

05:39 (IST)22 APR 2023

Judgment Day vs Rey Mysterio and Finn Balor

Rey Mysterio and Damian Priest start things off. Priest takes total control of the match early on, using his power advantage to dominate Rey early on in the match. Balor tags in but Rey boots him across the face,

05:35 (IST)22 APR 2023

Facing Judgment Day will be Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar.

05:34 (IST)22 APR 2023

SmackDown kicks off with Finn Balor and Damian Priest of Judgment Day coming down to the ring. SmackDown kicks off with tag team action.

05:32 (IST)22 APR 2023

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