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  • WWE SmackDown Live Results (December 2, 2022): Huge return, Sami Zayn wrestles former WWE Champion, World Cup final

WWE SmackDown Live Results (December 2, 2022): Huge return, Sami Zayn wrestles former WWE Champion, World Cup final

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 03, 2022 08:34 IST

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08:34 (IST)3 DEC 2022

08:33 (IST)3 DEC 2022

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08:32 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Thanks for joining our live coverage of SmackDown this week. We'll see you guys for RAW on Monday!

08:31 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Gunther is out after the match and faces off against Ricochet. Doesn't look like the world cup winner is backing down.

08:30 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Ricochet is pulling out all the stops! Reverse hurricanrana from the top rope followed by a series of vicious kicks! Ricochet heads up top again and hits the 630 Splash. That's enough to pick up the win! Ricochet wins the SmackDown world cup!

Ricochet def. Santos Escobar

08:28 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Ricochet heads up top once more! He goes for the Shooting Star but Santos gets the knees up! Santos goes for a Phantom Driver but is rolled up but can't get the win.

08:26 (IST)3 DEC 2022

This final has been a little underwhelming so far if I'm being completely honest. Things pick up as Santos goes for a hurricanrana off the top but Ricochet lands on his feet. He follows it up with a double vertical suplex followed by a springboard moonsault for a 2-count.

08:23 (IST)3 DEC 2022

We're back from the break and this match has been pretty even. Both men are slowly rising back to their feet and it's Escobar who rolls out and gets up first.

08:17 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Ricochet takes back control of the match and ends up hitting a running swanton bomb from the apron to the floor. Both men go down as we head to one last commercial break!

08:14 (IST)3 DEC 2022

We're back from the break and it's now 1 on 1 with the rest of Legado being sent to the back. Ricochet is on top and hits Santos with a dropkick in the corner. Ricochet goes for another high flying move but Escobar shoves him out to the floor before hitting a dive through the ropes, sending Ricochet crashing into the announcer's desk.

08:11 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Santos Escobar vs Ricochet (SmackDown world cup final)

Ricochet makes a great start to this match. He has Santos Escobar reeling from early in the ring. Cruz and Wilde try to get involved early on but can't really have any effect. Ricochet goes for a springboard off the top rope but Wilde pushes him off. There referee sees it and ejects them all including Zelina Vega. Wilde is totally losing it at ringside, doing a Valverde from last night.

08:06 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Uncle Howdy is back and sends a cryptic message about Bray Wyatt. The vignette ends with him saying "Revel In What You Are".

08:03 (IST)3 DEC 2022

We get a backstage vignette with Karrion Kross and Scarlett. It indicates that the time is up for WWE legend Rey Mysterio.

07:57 (IST)3 DEC 2022

The SmackDown world cup final is up next and it's Mexico vs USA!

07:55 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Tegan Nox's music hits and she runs down to the ring! She takes the fight to Damage CTRL but the numbers game catches up with her. Liv Morgan comes in with an equalizer, a kendo stick, and takes out Damage CTRL. Tegan follows it up with the Shiniest Wizard to Bayley.

07:54 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Bayley says Damage CTRL deserve for credit for their performance inside WarGames. She then says nobody on SmackDown stepped up to face them and that is something that disappointed her. Liv Morgan's music hits and she runs down to the ring only to be swarmed!

07:51 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Damage CTRL are out next. Bayley has the mic and she's in good form tonight. She tells a fan in a hat to shut up and sit down before putting over her crew's performance at Survivor Series.

07:46 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Sami is backstage with The Bloodline. He goes off with Solo as The Usos discuss what went down at Survivor Series. They get blindsided by Sheamus who takes them out and leaves them laying.

07:45 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Kofi Kingston leaps off the top rope but gets smashed by Gunther. The big man then hits Kofi with a running boot. The Ring General follows it up with The Last Symphony to pick up the win.

Gunther def. Kofi Kingston

07:40 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Braun's brutal attack has cleared the ringside area. Kaiser and Vinci are nowhere to be seen as we return from the break to see Kofi in control of the match.

07:36 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Gunther is all over Kofi when Braun Strowman's music hit. Braun is decimating Vinci and Kaiser at ringside. Kofi hits the SOS  but only gets a nearfall.

07:33 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Kofi Kingston vs Gunther

Kofi is all over Gunther in the opening moments but it lasts about 30 seconds. Gunther catches him in a backbreaker and takes control. Kofi tries to fight back with rights and lefts but it's all Gunther.

07:32 (IST)3 DEC 2022

It's Kofi Kingston versus WWE IC Champion Gunther next!

07:29 (IST)3 DEC 2022

07:24 (IST)3 DEC 2022

We get a Lacey Evans vignette next and it's looks like she's about to undergo another character change.

07:23 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Shayna is about to break Shotzi's arm but Raquel Rodriguez runs down to the ring despite her injured arm. This was enough to make Shayna back off and leave the ring.

07:22 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Baszler isn't done after the match and goes after Emma's arm. Shotzi comes down to the ring to make the save but is taken out almost immediately.

07:21 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Emma catches Shayna Baszler with a neckbreaker but can't put her away. Shayna goes for a rising knee in the corner but misses. Emma heads to the top rope but it turns out to be a big mistake. Baszler catches her arm and sends her crashing into the mat before locking in a Kirafuta Clutch for the win.

Shayna Baszler def. Emma

07:18 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Shayna Baszler vs Emma

Emma is in action next again Shayna Baszler. We got a brief backstage segment before the match with Emma and Madcap Moss. As the match starts, it's all Baszler. She has Emma's arm wrenched in a hold.

07:10 (IST)3 DEC 2022

07:09 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Bray Wyatt is backstage and he has another cryptic message. He says he is not the person who attacked LA Knight.

07:07 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Kofi Kingston is backstage and announces that he's the first WWE star to announce that he will be in the Royal Rumble. Imperium walk up and take shots at Kofi and his lack of respect for the ring. Kofi says Woods is not there tonight but he's ready to face either of them in singles action. Gunther walks up and accepts the challenge.

07:01 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Santos Escobar and Legado on on-screen next. Santos is setting his sights on the SmackDown world cup to bring IC title gold to Legado del Phantasma.

06:59 (IST)3 DEC 2022

The Usos and the Brawling Brutes start brawling at ringside. Solo Sikoa enters the fray and clears house. Sheamus hits Sami with a Brogue Kick but Jimmy Uso has the referee distracted. Jey Uso blindsides Sheamus and hits him with a superkick. Sami rolls up Sheamus for the win.

Sami Zayn def. Sheamus

06:56 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Sami goes to hit the Helluva Kick but Sheamus stops him and hits a White Noise. Sheamus then hits Sami with 20 beats and Sami looks like he's about to pass out.

06:54 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Back from commercial, Sheamus tries to join Sami on the top rope but gets knocked off. Sheamus catches Sami with a knee strike on the way down. Sheamus has Sami in position and carries him to the middle rope. Zayn breaks free and hits a sunset flip powerbomb for a nearfall.

06:49 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Zayn is trying to deliver Sheamus' trademark 10 chops to the chest. Bad move. Sheamus blocks Sami''s hand and takes him down with a bodyslam. Sheamus goes to hit the chops but Sami catches him with a Guillotine and heads to the top rope. Sami leaps off but Sheamus catches him in midair and hits a backbreaker.

06:46 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Back from the break, Sami Zayn has taken back control of the match thanks to a distraction from The Usos. Sami hits a dropkick and follows it up with a series of double axe-handles before getting in a chokehold.

06:41 (IST)3 DEC 2022

06:41 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Sami Zayn vs Sheamus

Sheamus dominates the opening stages of this match. He's all over Sami. Sami tries to hit a hip toss but Sheamus mows him down with a clothesline. The match spills to the outside, Sheamus follows Sami out and tosses him into the barricade.

06:39 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Sami and The Usos do their special handshake as they are interrupted by the Brawling Brutes. Sheamus says he'd hate to beat up a fellow ginger, adding that it was now time to fight.

06:37 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Jey Uso says Sami earned his respect at WarGames and says they won the match thanks to Sami. Jimmy asks Sami how he's feeling and the fans chant "Ucey".

06:37 (IST)3 DEC 2022

Jey Uso is all smiles. Sami praises The Bloodline and says they levelled up at WarGames. Jimmy Uso stops him in his tracks and tells him that tonight is about him. The fans start to chant Sami Uso.

06:35 (IST)3 DEC 2022

06:33 (IST)3 DEC 2022

SmackDown kicks off with Sami Zayn. The Usos and Solo Sikoa are accompanying the Honorary Uce down to the ring.
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