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WWE SmackDown Live Results: Friday Night SmackDown Updates & Highlights (7th May 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 08, 2021 02:29 GMT

Catch all the live results from this week's special throwback edition of SmackDown!


02:03 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Thanks for joining us for tonight, folks. We'll see you next week for Monday Night RAW.

02:02 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

01:59 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

01:58 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

01:58 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Jimmy refuses to step in line and leaves the ring. Roman, Jey, and Paul are all upset about the situation. Jey tries to talk some sense into Jimmy, but while they're bickering, Roman is attacked by Cesaro. The Swiss superman ends up laying out both Usos and the Universal Champion with ease. Will Cesaro walk out at WrestleMania: Backlash the new Universal Champion? 

01:56 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Roman says that it's all in the past. He and Jey have moved on, and Jey has prospered for it. Jimmy can as well if he just acknowledges Roman as the Tribal Chief. 

01:55 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

01:53 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Roman's in the ring with Jey and Paul to speak about Jimmy, before being interrupted by the recently returned Uso. Jimmy asks Jey where he truly stands. He reminds Jey of why he lost the I Quit match back in the fall. It was all to save Jimmy. We see footage of that night at Hell in a Cell, where Jey Uso nearly defeated Roman for the Universal Title.  

01:51 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

01:51 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

01:47 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Backstage, Roman is speaking to Jey Uso, reminding him of the respect and responsibility he's given him. He loves Jey, and he loves Jimmy. It's time, though, for Jimmy to go through the same trials that his brother did. It's baptism by fire. What does Roman have in store for Jimmy Uso?

01:45 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

01:45 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Back in the ring, Corbin is able to plant the King of Strong Style with the End of Days. 

King Corbin defeats Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall. 

01:44 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Back from the break, Sami is left in the ring for Shinsuke's sliding German suplex. The flying knee connects for near fall, only broken up by King Corbin. E slams Corbin with a belly-to-belly and is dropped with an enzuigiri from Apollo. KO responds with a stunner. Unfortunately for him, he's dumped on his head on the floor thanks to Alpha Academy. 

01:39 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

As a ten-man brawl makes its way to the floor, KO lands on Sami Zayn with a frog splash from the apron, squashing Sami like a bug. 

01:38 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

01:37 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Big E and King Corbin are in next, and the former Intercontinental Champion collides with the King of the Ring with shoulder tackles. Corbin rocks him with a clothesline but is hammered with a back elbow. 

01:35 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

When we come back, the tag match is already under way. Chad Gable and Angelo Dawkins kick it off. Dawkins drops Gable with a series of slams before tagging in Montez Ford. 

01:34 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

01:34 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

01:31 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Apollo Crews is backstage with King Corbin, Sami Zayn, Alpha Academy, and Commander Azeez. He states that this group is unbreakable, though he's not sure what Zayn brings to the table. Big E, Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, and the Street Profits are confident, and the Profits vow to win this one of the birthday boy, Kevin Owens. 

01:29 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Reginald avoids the superkick and a few other heavy shots by Tamina, but the 2nd generation superstar eventually catches him. Reginald escapes to the top of the ring post, then flips over Tamina. However, it's not enough to keep him away from that deadly superkick. Tamina then heads up for the Superfly Splash, but is sent to the mat by Shayna Baszler. 

Tamina defeats Reginald via DQ. 

After the match, Shayna and Nia attack their challengers. Nia holds her in place while Shayna stomps out her elbow. A Samoan Drop into the barricade finishes the job. 

01:26 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Reginald is out next and will take on Tamina in singles action. The WWE Women's Tag Team Champions ShayNia (coined by me) are at ringside. Tamina is, of course, accompanied by Natalya. 

01:25 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Roman Reigns beckons Paul Heyman and demands to see his cousin. Paul doesn't know which one, but when Roman stares him down, he gets the message. 

01:19 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

01:18 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Despite Ziggler dominating Dominik for the majority of the match, a surprise roll-up takes the former world champion down for the three count. 

Dominik Mysterio defeats Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. 

01:16 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Ziggler pulls Dom off the apron, slamming him on the floor. Back inside, a neckbreaker gives Ziggler a two-count. 

01:15 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Rey Mysterio was supposed to face Dolph Ziggler next up on SmackDown. However, Dolph ends up getting into Dominik's head claiming he doesn't belong in WWE. Dom demands to face Ziggler instead, leading to Dom sending Ziggler to the floor. 

01:07 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

01:07 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Jimmy and Jey are arguing about how Roman’s treating the family. Jimmy’s trying to talk sense into Jey,  but he can’t get it through his brother’s head. 

01:05 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

01:05 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Bayley drives the champ into the mat with the Rose Plant. Message received, loud and clear. 

01:04 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Bayley attempts a takedown, but is thwarted by Belair. The Est. of WWE lights up Bayley, but is tossed into the turnbuckle by her earring. 

01:02 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Bayley’s trash talk is interrupted by the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Belair claims she’s living her best life and that’s not stopping at WrestleMania: Backlash. 

01:00 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Bayley is out to pay tribute to the greatest women’s champions in WWE. She kicks it off with Alundra Blaze and Jacqueline Moore, before naming Lita, Beth Phoenix, and Molly Holly. 

Bayley even adds Bianca Belair to the list, but claims she may be a bit too naive. 

00:55 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

00:53 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

00:52 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Speaking of former champions, Bayley is out next. 

00:52 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

00:51 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Mella catches Ruby with a cheeky nandos kick in the corner, but can’t get the win. They trade pinfall attempts, leading to the Code of Silence. 

Carmella defeats Ruby Riott via submission.

00:50 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Ruby avoids the superkick and brings the former champion down with a legsweep  takedown. 

00:49 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

00:49 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Next up is a singles match featuring Ruby Riott and Carmella. Liv Morgan is, of course, supporting her friend on the floor. 

00:45 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

00:45 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

00:45 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

00:44 (GMT)8 MAY 2021

Roman is seen berating Jimmy Uso for his mistake, but Jimmy stands up for himself. Unlike Jey, he refuses to be spoken down to by Reigns. 
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