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WWE SmackDown Live Results: Friday Night SmackDown Updates & Highlights (9th July 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 10, 2021 07:50 IST

Catch all the live results from this week's episode of Friday Night SmackDown!


07:32 (IST)10 JUL 2021

Thanks for joining us, folks. We'll see you for RAW next week!

07:31 (IST)10 JUL 2021

07:28 (IST)10 JUL 2021

07:27 (IST)10 JUL 2021

Roman continues to watch on while Edge locks his hold in on Jimmy Uso as well. Edge and the Mysterios torture the Usos as Reigns leaves his cousins to the wolves.  

07:26 (IST)10 JUL 2021

07:25 (IST)10 JUL 2021

07:25 (IST)10 JUL 2021

With Reigns backing up to the ramp, Rey and Dominik hold down Jey while Roman breaks a leg off a chair. We've seen this before. The crossface is locked in with the leg tearing at Jey's mouth. Jey eventually fades as Edge locks eyes with the Universal Champion. 

07:24 (IST)10 JUL 2021

Edge plants Roman with the Edgecution. However, his spear is interrupted by the Usos, allowing Reigns time to escape. The Mysterios take out Jimmy and Jey with a 619, and Edge cuts Jey in half with a spear. 

07:22 (IST)10 JUL 2021

The Usos get ready to intervene, but the Mysterios' music hits. The SmackDown Tag Champions attack the Usos with chairs while Edge tees off on Roman.

07:22 (IST)10 JUL 2021

The Usos' music hits and Roman Reigns is visibly upset. He berates them for trying to get involved, as Edge called him out one-on-one. Edge is ready for the showdown, and Reigns slowly makes his way on top of the apron. Edge invites him into the ring. Roman takes his sweet time, but when they come face to face it doesn't take long for the fists to fly. 

07:20 (IST)10 JUL 2021

The Usos feel that it's a trap, and against Roman's orders, leave the locker room. 

07:19 (IST)10 JUL 2021

07:18 (IST)10 JUL 2021

Edge says that while Roman Reigns is the Head of the Table, he's exposed some cracks in that table. He shows images of Jimmy Uso and Roman Reigns showing fear when Edge had them in the crossface. Edge says he'll be roaming in Roman's head until the job is done. Roman, The Usos, and Heyman are seen in his dressing room reacting. 

Roman leaves, telling The Usos to stay put as he'll handle this on his own. 

07:14 (IST)10 JUL 2021

07:13 (IST)10 JUL 2021

07:12 (IST)10 JUL 2021

07:12 (IST)10 JUL 2021

07:12 (IST)10 JUL 2021

07:11 (IST)10 JUL 2021

We get a hype package of Otis, someone that's been on a destructive run in recent months. Chad Gable says that Otis is his prized pupil, his number one guy, and he'll run through anyone. That includes the Universal Champion himself, Roman Reigns. Otis repeats Gable's claims, coldy staring into the camera while threatening the entire roster. 

07:10 (IST)10 JUL 2021

Seth Rollins celebrates backstage, and is interviewed by Kayla Braxton. He reminds her that the last time he won the Money in the Bank contract, he cashed in on the Tribal Chief. However, maybe he won't bide his time like he did all those years ago. Maybe he'll cash in at Money in the Bank. 

That being said, Rollins knows that he should be challenging Roman at Money in the Bank, but that opportunity was stolen by Edge. Speak of the devil, as Edge appears behind Rollins. Edge says that Rollins hasn't changed "since 2014" and unlike Rollins, he's capable of going out and taking a title opportunity. 

07:07 (IST)10 JUL 2021

The Usos are seen entering Edge's locker room, but he's not there. Edge dodged a bullet. 

07:05 (IST)10 JUL 2021

07:03 (IST)10 JUL 2021

07:03 (IST)10 JUL 2021

07:02 (IST)10 JUL 2021

Seth DDTs Cesaro on the ramp, and goes back inside assuming he'll get the count-out victory. Cesaro gets back in at nine, avoids the stomp and goes for a sharpshooter. A strong kick to the jaw connects, but Cesaro shakes it off and hits Seth with an uppercut. Unfortunately, Seth bounces off the ropes while Cesaro lands on the mat, allowing him to hit the Curb Stomp. 

Seth Rollins defeats Cesaro via pinfall. 

07:00 (IST)10 JUL 2021

07:00 (IST)10 JUL 2021

Cesaro rolls back in but is again sent to the floor with that elbow to the back of the head. 

06:59 (IST)10 JUL 2021

Rollins is pulled to his feet while tearing away the top turnbuckle pad in one of the corners. He avoids the Gotch Neutralizer and counters the springboard uppercut with a rolling elbow. A hurricanrana sends Cesaro into the turnbuckle, and he follows up with a nasty elbow to the back of the neck. Cesaro, busted open, kicks out at two and falls to the floor. 

06:57 (IST)10 JUL 2021

We come back just as Cesaro finishes twelve rotations of the Cesaro swing. A pop-up uppercut lays Rollins out for a two-count. 

06:56 (IST)10 JUL 2021

06:53 (IST)10 JUL 2021

Cesaro plants Seth Rollins with a slam and goes up top. Seth rushes to his feet, running up for the superplex. Cesaro takes it but counters the Falcon Arrow, leading to both men suplexing each other over the ropes down to the floor. 

06:51 (IST)10 JUL 2021

While Cesaro and Seth brawl in the ring, Kevin Owens reveals that he doesn't have issues with just Roman Reigns. Bobby Lashley injured him years ago, and he's got a lot of history with Kofi Kingston. No matter who walks away as a champion at Money in the Bank, there's history with Kevin Owens. 

Seth Rollins catches Cesaro with a back kick to the head, laying out the Swiss Superman. 

06:49 (IST)10 JUL 2021

06:45 (IST)10 JUL 2021

Cesaro bests Seth early on, forcing him to the floor. Seth tears apart the table and stomps on the top while Kevin Owens, who is out on commentary, taunts him. 

06:44 (IST)10 JUL 2021

06:44 (IST)10 JUL 2021

06:43 (IST)10 JUL 2021

It's time for the final men's Money in the Bank qualifier. It's Seth Rollins vs Cesaro. 

06:43 (IST)10 JUL 2021

Fingers crossed they don't just call her Toni. 

06:42 (IST)10 JUL 2021

Another NXT talent is on their way to SmackDown. We get a vignette of former NXT UK Women's Champion Toni Storm, who will be making her debut soon. 

06:36 (IST)10 JUL 2021

Paul Heyman tells Roman Reigns that Edge is going to call him out tonight, and is questioning his manhood. Roman does not look pleased. 

06:36 (IST)10 JUL 2021

06:36 (IST)10 JUL 2021

06:35 (IST)10 JUL 2021

SmackDown Women's Champion Bianca Belair comes out, addressing Bayley first. She says that she doesn't like Bayley but truly respects her ability, and can't wait to finish what they've started. As far as Carmella, she'll see her next week live in Texas. 

06:33 (IST)10 JUL 2021

Liv Morgan comes out, furious that she's been looked over once again. Carmella hasn't earned anything. Liv already beat her before, along with Zelina Vega last week. What does Liv have to do to earn a shot around here? Sonya shuts her down, saying that Liv Morgan is going to be in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match since Carmella is fighting for the belt the week before. 

Liv promises Carmella that when she wins Money in the Bank, she hopes she'll be able to cash in on Carmella. 

06:30 (IST)10 JUL 2021

Deville says that Bianca won't be defending her title at Money in the Bank. She will, however, be defending it next week on SmackDown in front of a live audience. She'll be defending against Carmella. 


06:28 (IST)10 JUL 2021

Sonya Deville is out next to reveal Bayley's replacement at Money in the Bank. She says that the Role Model will be out for nine months, but has a special video for the WWE Universe. Bayley is up on the couch with a knee brace on her left leg. She says that she knows the WWE Universe wanted to see her reclaim what was rightfully hers at the pay-per-view. 

On second thought, the fans don't care. They've never cared. It's the fans' fault she's hurt. It won't matter who replaces her, because nobody is better than Bayley.  

06:24 (IST)10 JUL 2021

06:23 (IST)10 JUL 2021

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