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WWE SmackDown Live Results (June 2, 2023): Roman Reigns' 1000 day title celebration, New title belt unveiled

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 03, 2023 01:59 GMT

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01:59 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

01:59 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

01:58 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

What a way to end WWE SmackDown! The Bloodline storyline is definitely heating up again! Join us again for WWE RAW this Monday.

01:57 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Jimmy Uso and Roman Reigns hug in the middle of the ring. Roman then says "No" into the mic. He now looks at Solo, who spikes Jimmy Uso. 

Jey can't believe it! Jey helps Jimmy as Roman walks out of the ring. Solo follows the Tribal Chief.

01:55 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Jey Uso wants his brothers to stop fighting after Jimmy gets into Roman's face. Jimmy says Jey and Solo are his brothers, and so is Roman Reigns as he has always been. He wants to run WWE together as The Bloodline.

01:52 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Roman wants Jimmy to stop speaking for Solo and hands Solo the mic. Solo seems to be mulling this over. He says he acknowledges his Tribal Chief... but The Usos are his brothers.

01:51 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Jimmy Uso now says that Roman Reigns has gone crazy. He warns Solo that when Roman was done using him, he will betray and kick him to the curb.

01:50 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Roman wants Jey to kick Jimmy in the face and fix this but Jey doesn't budge. Jimmy says that the only one who needs fixing is Roman Reigns. He says he kicked Roman in the face as his brother. He says Roman hasn't been a good brother lately and what kind of brother maniupulates and hurts his own family.

01:49 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Jimmy Uso and Roman Reigns are staring each other down. Roman wants Jey Uso to kick Jimmy in the face. He says Jimmy kicked him in the face first and took away his shot at tag team gold.

01:44 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

The Usos' music hits! They are in the building!

01:43 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

01:42 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

HHH confirms it. WWE is presenting him with a new title belt. Roman seems pretty happy with it.

01:42 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

There's a new belt from the looks of it. Roman and his entourage join Triple H in the ring. The Game congratulates Roman Reigns for his historic 1000-day title reign, something that hasn't happened in WWE for over three decades.

01:40 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

01:40 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

01:40 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Triple H introduces Roman Reigns and the Tribal Chief makes his way down to the ring flanked by Solo SIkoa and Paul Heyman.

01:32 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Triple H's music hits! The Game is coming out to the ring!

01:30 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Ford tries to head up to the top rope again. LA Knight leaps up and joins him, but Ford pushes him over. LA Knight now rolls Ford over and grabs the middle rope for some leverage... 1-2-3!

LA Knight steals the win! The megastar is heading to London for Money in the Bank.

LA Knight def. Montez Ford

01:28 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

We're back from the break. Ford and LA Knight exchange right hands. Ford with a series of shoulder charges to take control. Ford goes for a standing moonsault, but LA Knight sidesteps. 

He goes for a moonsault but almost lands on his own face. Ford capitalizes and hits a Rock Bottom for a nearfall.

01:23 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Montez Ford vs LA Knight

Things get heated between the two superstars early on. Ford sends LA Knight down with a shoulder charge and follows it up with a dropkick. Knight sends Ford crashing out of the ring as we cut to another commercial break.

01:21 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

We have another MITB qualification match next with Montez Ford taking on LA Knight.

01:13 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Zelina boots Evans in the face and backs into the turnbuckle to break up the chokehold. She takes Evans down and hits a Code Red!

She stacks Evans up and pins her! Zelina Vega qualifies for the Women's Money in the Bank ladder match.

Zelina Vega def. Lacey Evans

01:11 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Lacey Evans vs Zelina Vega

Lacey has the upper hand after a cheapshot she hit Vega with during the commercial break. Vega fights her way back but gets her head smashed into the mat. Lacey continues to boot Vega and locks in a chokehold.

01:04 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Asuka is making her way back up the ramp. She says, "No one is ready for Asuka," moments before Bianca Belair blindsides her, and it's a brawl! A number of referees are out to try and separate them.

01:02 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Shotzi says she's made for the chaos of the MITB ladder match and gets interrupted by Lacey Evans. Evans says she has to beat Zelina Vega to qualify for the match. Zelina comes out next, and she says everyone can underestimate her at their own peril.

01:00 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Asuka and SKY go back and forth cutting promos in Japanese. Bayley's music hits, and she comes down to the ring next. Bayley says that a member of Damage CTRL will win the MITB contract. Shotzi is out next.

00:59 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Grayson Waller asks Asuka what would happen if Bianca comes back for her title. Waller praises Asuka for her creative use of the blue mist. IYO SKY's music hits, and she makes her way down to the ring.

00:55 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

It's time for The Grayson Waller Effect next, and our guest this week is the new RAW Women's Champion, Asuka.

00:54 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

00:50 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Paul Heyman is backstage with Adam Pearce. Pearce says that The Usos' travel has been canceled, and they will not be in the building tonight.

00:49 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Ashante Adonis has a chokehold locked in on Karl Anderson. Anderson hits back with a patented Spinebuster. Gallows tags in, and he bulldozes through Adonis. Anderson tags back in. The O.C. nail Adonis with the Magic Killer, and that's a routine win for the Good Brothers.

The O.C. def. Hit Row

Top Dolla blindsides Karl Anderson and Gallows after the bell. AJ Styles takes out Top Dolla with a Phenomenal Forearm.

00:46 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

The O.C. vs Hit Row

The Good Brothers take on Ashante Adonis and Top Dolla. Karl Anderson and Ashante start things off after Ashante attacks him from behind. Top Dolla now tags in and briefly works Karl Anderson over. Ashante tags back in as B-Fab clocks Anderson from ringside while the referee's back was turned.

00:41 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

00:40 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

00:38 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Solo is backstage with Paul Heyman. Heyman says he will talk to Adam Pearce and make sure The Usos won't be in the building for Roman Reigns' 1000-day celebration.

00:30 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Ridge Holland tags in. He gets isolated, and Pretty Deadly nails him with the Spilt Milk. Theory now pins Holland for the win.

Pretty Deadly and Austin Theory def. Brawling Brutes

00:28 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Theory tags in. Sheamus with a knee to the jaw but it's only a nearfall.

00:26 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Back from the break, Brawling Brutes are still in control. Sheamus is all over Prince, but he tags Wilson in.

00:22 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Sheamus is all over Pretty Deadly after tagging in. He heads up top and dives out to ringside, wiping out Prince and Wilson. The Brawling Brutes are dominating as we cut to another commercial.

00:19 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

We're back from the break, and Elton Prince is in control. He tags out, and Theory takes his turn at laying into Butch. Pretty Deadly and Theory keep trading tags and working Butch over. Butch hits back and plants Prince with a tornado DDT. 

00:14 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Brawling Brutes vs Austin Theory and Pretty Deadly

Elton Prince starts off against Ridge Holland. Butch tags in after Holland takes control. Pretty Deadly quickly isolate Butch. Kit Wilson is the legal tag, but Butch forces him to tag out. Theory tags in and, surprisingly, says he wants Sheamus. Sheamus tags in as we cut to a commercial.

00:11 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Pretty Deadly are out next and join Theory in the ring. They're followed out by Brawling Brutes and it's time for fight night!

00:10 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Theory says together, he and Roman Reigns have a combined title reign of over 1200 days. He says that if WWE gives him more opponents like Sheamus, he could also have a 1000-day reign himself.

00:07 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Austin Theory is in the ring as we kick off SmackDown. Theory is set to team up with Pretty Deadly tonight and take on Brawlling Brutes.

00:04 (GMT)3 JUN 2023

Welcome to Sportskeeda Wrestling's live coverage for WWE SmackDown. We kick off with a Roman Reigns video package narrated by Paul Heyman.
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