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WWE SmackDown Live Results: June 26th 2018, Live Results & Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 27, 2018 07:41 IST

More storylines develop as the WWE Universe sets their sights on Extreme Rules.


07:41 (IST)27 JUN 2018

SmackDown ends with Team Hell No reuniting. Thanks for joining Sportskeeda's live coverage of SmackDown Live.

07:31 (IST)27 JUN 2018

07:30 (IST)27 JUN 2018

SmackDown GM Paige is out. She books it - Team Hell No vs The Bludgeon Brothers at Extreme Rules.

07:30 (IST)27 JUN 2018

07:30 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Kane and Daniel Bryan are hugging it out. Looks like Team Hell No are back in business.

07:28 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Kane goes after the Bludgeon Brothers and Bryan comes back in as they clear house. Kane and Bryan face off as the fans chant "Team Hell No".

07:26 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Bryan wills himself to his feet as the crowd roars. He hits Harper with the Yes Kicks but misses the last one. Harper catches Bryan with a superkick but Bryan brings Harper down and locks in the Yes Lock. Harper looks like he's about to tap out but Rowan interferes.

Daniel Bryan wins by DQ

Harper and Rowan attack Bryan after the bell. It's another 2 on 1 attack. Kane's music hits! Looks like a Team Hell No reunion!

07:24 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Harper hoists Bryan onto the top rope and goes for a superplex but Bryan counters and hits a Tornado DDT.

07:23 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Bryan tries to mount a comeback but Harper hits a dropkick, taking Bryan down again.

07:22 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Bryan hits Harper with a dropkick into the corner before and follows it up with another. Bryan goes for a third dropkick but Harper hits him with a Michinoku Driver. Bryan kicks out again.

07:21 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Harper has a headlock applied but Bryan makes it to his feet and hits a jawbreaker. Harper just applies another headlock and looks unaffected. Bryan gets back to his feet again and Harper slaps Bryan.

07:20 (IST)27 JUN 2018

We're back form the break as Harper hits Bryan with a spinning sideslam. He follows it up with a senton from the apron, showing surprising agility for a man his size.

07:15 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Daniel Bryan vs Luke Harper

Daniel Bryan does his best not to let the size difference get the better of him as the match begins. Harper finally gets Bryan where he wants him as he locks in a modified crossface. Bryan breaks free and dumps Harper out of the ring.Bryan goes for a suicide dive but Harper catches him and sends him face-first onto the commentary desk before booting him into the announcer's area.

07:06 (IST)27 JUN 2018

In a backstage segment, Zelina Vega says that the reason Andrade 'Cien' Almas wasn't getting a match was of what he did to Sin Cara. She then sent a warning to the rest of the SmackDown roster.

07:04 (IST)27 JUN 2018

SmackDon GM Paige comes out. She asks Ellsworth what he's doing. She says that Ellsworth knows Asuka is in Japan but makes an announcement - Carmella vs Asuka at Extreme Rules for the SmackDown Women's Championship.

Ellsworth replies that he sees the way Paige is looking at him and asks if she's out to ask him on a date. Paige asks him how next Tuesday sounds and makes a match between Ellsworth and Asuka.

07:01 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Ellsworth says that there were men who spoke about there feeling, and men like him who stood up for what they believed in. He warns Asuka that it was a man's world. He also assures the WWE Universe that he loves and respects women even though be doesn't respect Asuka. 

Ellsworth then adds that he's ready for Asuka and dares her to come down.

06:59 (IST)27 JUN 2018

James Ellsworth is out next. Carmella is currently in Australia so she won't be there to protect him today.

06:53 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Devillie looks to follow it up with a clothesline in the corner but Becky catches her with a knee. Becky gets on the middle rope but Rose distracts Becky and Deville pulls her down. 2-count. Deville charges at Becky again and collides with Mandy Rose on the apron. Becky takes advantage and locks in the Dis-Arm-Her and makes Deville tap out. Another week, another win for Becky.

Becky Lynch def. Sonya Deville

06:51 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Lynch is back on her feet and she hits a clothesline and follows it with a Bexploder. Mandy Rose looks concerned at ringside but Deville explodes out of the corner with a massive knee.

06:49 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Back from the break, Sonya tears into Becky with a series of kicks before applying a body lock.

06:44 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Becky Lynch vs Sonya Deville

Becky and Sonya dodge each others offence as we start off. They lock up nd Becky takes Sonya down before Sonya replies with a shoulder takedown.

06:35 (IST)27 JUN 2018

06:34 (IST)27 JUN 2018

The Usos hit Dain with about 4 Superkicks before one of the Usos wipe  him and Young out at ringisde with a suicide dive. Jeff Hardy tags himsef in and hits a Swanton Bomb to pin Alexander Wolfe.

Jeff Hardy and The Usos def. SAnitY

06:32 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Wolfe and Jimmy Uso tag themselves in. Uso is on fire as he hits Wolfe with a right hand followed by the Samoan Drop. He heads to the top rope and hits a crossbody for a 2-count.

06:31 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Jey Uso pushed Eric Young of of the ring and goes for the tag but Young pulls Hardy down from the apron. Young scrambles back in the ring and tags in the big man, Killian Dain. Uso sidesteps Dain and he goes shoulder-first into the ringpost.

06:28 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Jeff Hardy and The Usos vs SAnitY

After the fracas, GM Paige has turned the match into a 6-man tag. Killian Dain is legan and he takes out Jey Uso with a running crossbody. Wolfe tags himself in and he covers Uso for a 2-count. Young tags in again.

06:23 (IST)27 JUN 2018

The Usos are out. They come to blows with Wolfe and Dain to avenge their ambush last week. Jey Uso and Eric Young come to blows and the referee calls for the bell. The match ends in DQ. All 6 men are brawling inside the ring and Hardy and The Usos clear the ring.

Match ends in DQ

06:21 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Hardy rolls Young up for a 2-count but Young kicks out and takes Hardy out with a clothesline. Young locks in another chin lock but Hardy is back on his feet. He hits back with a few weak looking right hands followed by an Atomic Drop.

06:18 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Back from the break, Eric Young hits a double axe-handle from the middle rope. Young then grabs Hardy by the hair and honing in a chin lock.

06:13 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Jeff Hardy (C) vs Eric Young (for the WWE US CHampionship)

Eric Young answers the open challenge and he goes right after Hardy. These two have faced off in Impact Wrestling before but never in WWE.

06:06 (IST)27 JUN 2018

As we found out earlier, Shinsuke Nakamura won't be able to challenge Jeff Hardy tonight. Nakamura was reportedly bit by a police dog at a live event last night.

06:05 (IST)27 JUN 2018

06:01 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Rusev takes the mic after the match and says AJ Styles is scared of him and that AJ had proved it by punching English in the face last week. Rusev says it will be a great Rusev day when he beats AJ for the title.

06:00 (IST)27 JUN 2018

We return from the break to see Wodds hit a tornado DDT. Woods follows it with an insane show of strength as he deadlifts Rusev but can't follow through as Rusev counters with elbows.

Woods looks to follow up with an elbow drop from the top rope. Woods misses as Rusev gets up and dodges the elbow, replying with a kick to the head. Rusev follows it up with a Machka Kick followed by the Accolade.

Rusev def. Xavier Woods

05:52 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Rusev vs Xavier Woods

Woods starts off strong against the #1 contender for the WWE Championship. Woods is in control as we head to the break. During the break, Rusev wrests back control, locking in a headlock.

05:42 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Xavier Woods vs Rusev is next.

05:42 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Bryan asks the Bludegons which of them would fight him first. Harper replies that Bryan never learns his lesson as we cut backstage to the New Day.

05:40 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Miz asks Harper and Rowan if they want to be a part of the new Miztourage and Harper knocks the mic out of Miz's hand. Daniel Bryan's music hits.

05:39 (IST)27 JUN 2018

Miz shows footage from last week's show of the Blugeon Brothers wiping out Daniel Bryan.

05:37 (IST)27 JUN 2018

05:35 (IST)27 JUN 2018

SmackDown kicks off with Miz TV with special guests, The Bludgeon Brothers. Miz asks Harper and Rowan why they attacked Daniel Bryan last week. When the crowd boos, Miz asks them to shut up and respect the tag-team champions.

04:31 (IST)27 JUN 2018

This week’s SmackDown Live promises the dawning of several new storylines in the land of opportunity.

In fact, despite Rusev winning the Gauntlet Match and securing No.1 contender status for the WWE Championship last week, he looks to face off with an old foe this week.

Also on the show, fans may run into a couple of surprises, as Daniel Bryan lays coiled to strike after being unfairly removed from the Gauntlet Match last week by The Bludgeon Brothers and The Miz.

Furthermore, as promised by SmackDown Live General Manager Paige, the show will feature the United States Championship being defended in a dream matchup come to fruition. 

Accordingly, Jeff Hardy puts his US title on the line in an open challenge.In what comes as one of the most important SmackDown Live episodes of 2018, the WWE has several new angles planned for the fans
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