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WWE SmackDown Live Results (June 30, 2023):Two massive title matches

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 01, 2023 02:06 GMT

What happened at the last SmackDown before Money in the Bank? Check it out here.


02:06 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

02:00 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

01:59 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Roman is going after security now. Jey Uso dives over the ropes and wipes out Roman and Solo as we go off-air! 

We're now just a matter of hours away from the start of Money in the Bank. Don't forget to join us later tonight for Money in the Bank!

01:58 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Jimmy Uso superkicks Roman Reigns and it's on. Jey pounds Roman in the middle of the ring as Jimmy and Solo brawl at ringside. 

The security is out. Roman uses the confusion to hit Jey with a Superman Punch.

01:56 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

The Usos say that after they beat Roman Reigns tomorrow night, he will be the only one out of The Bloodline. The Usos now try to sow discord in The Bloodline by saying Solo has their vote to be the next Tribal Chief. 

Roman starts laughing, and Solo Sikoa isn't happy. Roman panics and wants The Usos to shut their mouth.

01:54 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

The Usos' music hits and they are making their way down to the ring. Jimmy has a mic, and he doesn't agree with Roman Reigns. He says they aren't trying to get back in The Bloodline.

01:53 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Roman says he's ready to give The Usos a second chance, like a good Tribal Chief. But for that, he wants The Usos to come out, bow down and apologize before they can move on.

01:52 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Roman says he's allowed The Usos to say "We the ones" for a long time while in reality, he's the one. He says he's the only one who loves and cares about his cousins. 

He says he's lifted them to the promised land, but the fans aren't happy.

01:50 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Roman Reigns has the mic, and he wants fans in The O2 Arena to acknowledge him.

01:41 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

The Bloodline is out next. Roman Reigns is set to address The Usos ahead of their match tomorrow night.

01:34 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Bianca smashes Charlotte with a right hand. The Queen hits back with a right hand of her own. Charlotte charges at Bianca and crashes into the steel steps. 

Bianca follows it up with a KOD to Asuka on the announcer's table. She now hits Charlotte with a KOD onto the table.

01:33 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Charlotte hits Asuka with a Spear, forcing the champ to roll out to ringside. Charlotte now hits Asuka with a moonsault out to ringside. Bianca Belair, who is in the crowd, drags Bianca in front of her as Charlotte charges in with a big boot.

Charlotte plants Asuka on the apron, and Bianca Belair gets involved. She throws her right hand at Asuka. The referee calls for the DQ, and Charlotte Flair isn't happy, and you can't blame her.

Asuka wins via DQ

01:31 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Back from the break, Charlotte Flair heads up to the top rope. She goes for a moonsault but Asuka gets her knees up. Asuka moments away from locking in an arm bar, goes for a cover instead. Nearfall!

01:26 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Asuka (C) vs Charlotte Flair [for the WWE Women's Championship]

A strong start from Charlotte Flair, but Asuka catches her with the double-knee and rolls up The Queen. Kick out, and it's followed by a Big Boot. Charlotte now goes for the cover, getting a two-count.

01:18 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

01:16 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Logan Paul tries to climb the ladder after the match, but Butch drags him down and clotheslines him out of the ring.

01:15 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

LA Knight takes control again after hitting Santos Escobar with a slam. Logan Paul seems to be enjoying what he sees from the ringside. LA Knight confronts Logan Paul at ringside again. Santos Escobar with a dive.

LA Knight sidesteps, and Escobar takes out LA Knight. Butch now nails Santos Escobar with the Bitter End and picks up the win.

Butch def. Santos Escobar and LA Knight

01:13 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Butch vs Santos Escobar vs LA Knight

LA Knight takes control of the match early. He plants Butch with a high-angle suplex and gets a nearfall. Santos Escobar comes in and takes LA Knight out. He now hits a double knee strike in the corner.

01:07 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Santos Escobar is out next, and he makes his way down to the ring. He's joined in the ring by Butch, who charges at Logan Paul and takes him out right away. 

Escobar now goes after LA Knight as we cut to a commercial.

01:06 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

LA Knight says Logan Paul has been given every opportunity possible while he has been given the opposite. Knight says Logan Paul may have been successful in social media, but he's stepping inside LA Knight's zone now. 

The fans in London are firmly behind LA Knight. Logan Paul tells the fans they're drunk and tells them to go home.

01:04 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Logan Paul isn't happy with the fans in London for booing him. Paul says his dream will continue till he puts the WWE Championship around his waist. He says if he wins, he might not even cash in and just smack LA Knight with it. Speaking of LA Knight, his music hits, and he's making his way down to the ring.

01:00 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

UP NEXT: Logan Paul will be a guest on Grayson Waller Effect.

01:00 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Shotzi confronts Bayley and IYO SKY in the back. She gets suplexed onto a table. Bayley then takes a pair of scissors and chops off some of Shotzi's hair.

00:53 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Bayley uses the commotion to nail Shotzi with a Rose Plant. 1-2-3! Bayley retains her spot at Money in the Bank!

Bayley def. Shotzi

00:52 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Bayley vs Shotzi

Bayley nails Shotzi with a Bayley-To- Belly early on. She gets rolled up on the cover. Shotzi is fighting back and rocks Bayley with a knee strike in the corner. 

Shotzi follows it up with a running kick in the corner. She goes for the cover, but IYO SKY puts Bayley's leg on the rope.

00:50 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Up next, it's Bayley vs Shotzi. If Shotzi wins, she gets the spot in the women's MITB Ladder match.

00:38 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

00:38 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

00:31 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Holland nails Theory with a series of suplexes as the WWE fans in London get behind him. Holland goes for a powerslam, but Theory slides over to the apron.

Theory now sends Ridge throat-first into the ropes. He followed up with his patented dropkick and pins Holland.

Austin Theory def. Ridge Holland

00:30 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Austin Theory vs Ridge Holland

Ridge Holland has the physical advantage here and he's capitalizing to the best of his ability. He's used his size and power advantage to take control of the match early.

00:22 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

We have a championship contender's match up next. If Ridge Holland can beat Austin Theory, he'll get a future title shot.

00:19 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Kevin Owens nails Elton Prince with a German Suplex, and both men go down. They both end up tagging out. Zayn nails Kit Wilson with a Blue Thunder Bomb.
Elton Prince rolls into the ring and sneakily takes Wilson's place. Wilson tries to roll Zayn up but can't. Sami now nails Kit Wilson with the Helluva Kick and pins him. Sami and KO retain.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn def. Pretty Deadly

00:16 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Back in the ring, KO nails Prince with a superkick but can't pick up the win. Pretty Deadly soon turn the tides and hit KO with their finisher. Sami Zayn manages to break it up just in time.

00:14 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Back from the break, Kit Wilson is still all over Sami Zayn. Zayn finds an opening after hitting a jawbreaker, and both men tag out. 
KO is all over Elton Prince as he stomps a mudhole in him. He now clotheslines Wilson out of the ring. KO heads to ringside and inflicts further punishment on Wilson and Prince.

00:11 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

00:10 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Pretty Deadly has Sami Zayn isolated at ringside as we cut to a commercial break.

00:10 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn (C) vs Pretty Deadly - for the WWE Tag Team Championships

Sami Zayn and Kit Wilson start things off. Sami has control early on, but it's still pretty even. Elton Prince changes the tide with a cheap shot from behind. The match spills out to ringside as Pretty Deadly takes control.

00:08 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

00:05 (GMT)1 JUL 2023

Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of WWE SmackDown. The show kicks off with the WWE Tag Team Championship on the line as KO and Sami Zayn face Pretty Deadly.
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